Fan Theory: Ewoks Ate The Stormtroopers In Return Of The Jedi

Believe it or not, the Ewoks of the forest moon of Endor are some of the most complex characters in all of Star Wars lore.

Some fans find the cuddly little furry forest dwellers to be a toy marketeer’s dream come true.

Some fans despise the arrival of the Ewoks on the big screen as it marks the exact moment Star Wars turned from gritty space opera to campy silliness.

But something that no Star Wars fans can deny: The Ewoks are fierce fighters who did not shy away from combat.

But were Imperial Stormtroopers a staple protein of the Endorian diet?

Let’s Explore Today’s Fan Theory: Did The Ewoks Eat Stormtroopers At The End Of Return Of The Jedi?

Here are for things to consider when examining this theory:

1 Ewoks Are At The Top Of Their Food Chain

Unlike the Porgs from the sequel trilogy (See our Favorite Porg Recipes HERE), The Ewoks were at the top of the Forest Moon of Endor’s food chain.

We know this because throughout the film, even though we see no other large wildlife on screen, we see Ewoks using animal bones that appear to large to be part of an Ewok skeleton as weapons or tools.

We even see them using animal hides as wings in some Leonardo Da Vinci inspired flight machines.

The assumption that larger animals live in the forest is also re-enforced by the size of the net the Ewoks used to capture Luke, Han and the rest of the rebels.

The first time we meet Wicket, he appeared to have been on a ‘hunting and gathering’ mission looking for a meal.

2 The Ewoks Were Prepared to Skewer Han and Luke

After capturing our rebel heroes in the net and tying them onto long poles, we see them preparing a fire underneath Han. Stick an apple in his mouth, and the Ewoks would have had a classic Han Solo Pig Roast on their hands.

Threepio even acknowledged that his friends were to be “the main course in a banquet in his honor.” This means that we have confirmed that the Ewoks are meat eating carnivores. What do you want on your Han-burger?

“Yum Yum”

And just how in the hell did they just happen to have a human sized dress that fit Leia sitting around? Either Ewoks are the universe’s fastest seamstresses, there was once humans on Endor that the Ewoks hunted into extinction or they devoured Carrie Fisher’s stunt double off camera…

3 No Mass Graves After The Battle

The climatic battle on the Forest Moon of Endor would have resulted in substantial casualties and loss of life. We see multiple imperial bodies littered around the forest floor in multiple shots of the battle.

We even see one crafty Ewok recycle a number of Stormtrooper helmets into a rather festive steel drum set!

But where are the bodies? And why do none of the victors look hungry after such an exhausting battle?

4 Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Sorta Confirms This…

In the episode “An Imperial Feast” of the animated series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, we see the Ewoks at least planned on serving an entree of Stormtrooper Slabs at their celebration.

Leia intervenes after Han Solo employs his own version of the ‘Prime Directive’ non-interference (I love mixing Star Wars and Star Trek trivia in the same articles). But were these really the only set of Ewoks prepping their kitchen for some Imperial cooking?

That would imply that from the entire battle, the rebels only took around a half dozen POWs. Or that this was the first time the Ewoks ever tried to BBQ their enemy. That is a stretch to believe…



The Forces of Destiny animated series was produced by Disney which means that it is included in the New Star Wars Canon! Combine this with the fact that none of the victors’ appeared hungry at the celebration, and I’m sold.

But this confirmation that Stormtrooper meat was served results in us needing the bigger question answered: Did Han, Leia and Luke partake in the main course? Are they cannibals!?!

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But, they are still so damn cute…

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What do you think? Did the Ewoks eat the enemy after the Battle of Endor?

Let me know in the comments below?

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