Fan Theory Friday: Nick Fury Suspected Captain America Was A Skrull!

One of the most pivotal scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is when Captain America woke up from his Arctic slumber to find himself in the year 2011.

But something about this scene never sat right with me.

SHIELD went through all the smoke and mirrors efforts to deceive Steve Rogers (AKA Captain America, AKA The Sentinel Of Liberty, AKA The Guy Who’s Physic My Wife Wishes I Had) that he was actually waking up in the year 1945 (not 2011)…but the audio they played on the radio was from a 1941 baseball game! A game that Steve Rogers attended!?!

“Popcorn! Get Your Popcorn Here!”

Cap recognized the game’s play-by-play which was how he was able to confirm something wasn’t right. Which lead to him busting a couple of SHIELD agents through some drywall and discovering that he was not in a mid-40’s military hospital and so on.

The selection of the audio from that particular game turned out to be a Steve Harvey Miss America level “Oops, my bad.”

I mean, Nick Fury is supposed to be The Spy. The Spy of Spies. The dude who is always ‘playing chess when his adversaries are playing checkers‘ type spy. To quote Tony Stark: “Even his secrets have secrets.”

Does this sound like a guy that would be 4 years off on the selection of a baseball broadcast that is a critical component of a deception?

A mistake like this is more like an error you’d find in an Austin Powers movie or an episode of Archer.

How could he make such an obvious ‘spy-craft 101’ error?

Unless it was on purpose…

Was Nick Fury Testing Captain America To Check If He Was Really A Skrull In Disguise?

Everything that happens within Fury’s sphere of influence is methodical and intentional, not accidental.

We know from 2019’s Captain Marvel movie that Nick Fury has been aware of the existence of shape-shifting Skrulls living on earth since at least 1995(Long Live Grunge Music!).

We also know that Fury goes through his day-to-day life with some serious trust issues. I mean, I look both ways every time I drive up to a roundabout and Nick Fury has even less faith in people than I do!

In my defense….

It also stands to reason that he would suspect the good fortune of having literally the greatest soldier in history falling into his lap at the exact time he is attempting to recruit a team of “individuals with extraordinary abilities” would be a little too fortuitous to believe.

I could definitely see his paranoia leading him to suspect this to likely be a Skrull trap, rather than Devine Intervention.

Selecting the radio broadcast from a baseball game the real Steve Rogers actually attended, to see if this Steve Rogers catches it, actually sounds like a very ‘Nick Fury-esque’ thing to do.

The revival of our nation’s greatest hero is a project that Fury would definitely micro-manage himself and not leave to some lower ranking SHIELD agents. Probably not even to agents he truly trusted like Phil Caulson or Maria Hill.

So I don’t see the selection of this particular game’s radio broadcast being a sloppy oversight by a summer intern who failed to proofread the broadcast dates on the audio tracks. Or by an agent who skipped so many history classes that they didn’t realize May 1941 was prior to the United States entry into World War II (official entry at least).

Did Fury select the radio broadcast from 1941 intentionally to determine if this Captain America was a Skrull imposter or if he was the real Captain America? Or was it simply a mistake by a sloppy SHIELD agent who has since been transferred to sanitation duty at some remote SHIELD facility?

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments!

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