Could We See A Return Of The Incredible Wizard Magazine!?!

Anyone that collected comics in the hay day of the early to mid 90’s is familiar awesomeness that was Wizard Magazine!

wizard 50

Wizard Magazine: A Guide To Comics originally launched in 1991, just in time for the rise of the independents such as Image, Valiant, Malibu and so on. Wizard magazine was the go to source for industry news, updates, exclusive previews, creator interviews and a monthly price guide. Comic enthusiasts like me read it cover to cover!

However 2000, between the comic book industry’s drastic slow down and the rise of the internet, magazine publication simply was not as profitable as it once was. Wizard ceased publication to focus solely on their conventions.

wizard 219
Who didn’t love the Joss Whedon/ John Cassaday run on Astonishing X-Men? is reporting that someone has licensed the Wizard Magazine name and is preparing for a new publication launch!

If anybody would have inside info on a new Wizard Magazine, it would be Bleeding Cool, which was formed by Wizard alumni William Christensen and Mark Seifert. 

There is still no word yet on if the new product will be a print magazine, a website, an app or some combination of the bunch, but I can’t wait to find out!

wizard women
Remember Fairchild of Gen 13?

Wizard World Chicago is coming up at the end of August. Could an announcement be coming up?

Keep tuned to Geeky Daddy for more info!

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Geeky Daddy (Mostly Spoiler Free) Movie Review of Spider-Man: Homecoming

Obvious Warning: Possible Spoilers ahead.

We try to leave massive spoilers out of our reviews, however if you are super paranoid about having details about a movie spoiled for you, you probably shouldn’t be reading a review of the movie.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the sixth Spider-Man film to be released in recent memory with the 3rd different actor (Tom Holland) taking over as our friendly neighborhood web-slinger. We did get an entertaining and true-to-source-material sneak preview of Holland’s version of Peter Parker in last year’s Captain America: Civil War, which left most of us fanboys with high hopes for Spider-Man: Homecoming!

The Story

Thankfully, the producers of Spider-Man: Homecoming did not feel it necessary to subject us to a 2 hour re-telling of Spider-Man’s origin. I think everyone who would be in market to purchase a ticket for a Spider-Man movie is familiar with Peter being bitten by a radioactive spider and Uncle Ben’s speech about great power and great responsibility. Spoiler: That speech has nothing to do with any rice recipes.

spider rice

I have never understood why studios feel they need to re-tell origins of well known heroes with every casting change. If it is a new or relatively unknown character (Star-Lord) I get it, but is there anyone born in the western hemisphere in the last 50 years who does not know Peter was bit by a radioactive spider, Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered or Superman came from another planet?

Although we still don’t know what happened to Peter’s parents…or do we...

In Homecoming, Peter Parker must protect the city of New York from an evil super villain arms dealer who is using alien technology left over from the battle of New York (The first Avengers movie) to create futuristic powerful weapons. All this while trying to balance a mild mannered high school life, get the attention of the girl he likes and get ready for (you guessed it): The Homecoming dance!

The Players

As I mentioned earlier, this was the second time we have see Tom Holland as Spider-Man/Peter Parker and I gotta say: I love this kid in this role, especially as Peter Parker! Holland looked and acted as you’d expect a true 15-year-old would in multiple situations.

“Don’t call me Garfield”

I’ve heard a few people complain that there was too much “high school” in the movie, such as Parker video blogging himself at the beginning of the film. But it is a film about a high school kid and that is what high school kids do.

This movie did a much better job of capturing a more realistic “Peter Parker high school life” than the previous films. Parker is constantly being put into complex situations where he needs to make tough choices between high school life (such as competing in the academic decathlon) or rushing off to fulfill his Spider-Man duties. Choosing between having fun with your friends or performing your chores is something most teenagers (and even young parents like myself) can relate to.

While I did miss hearing J. Jonah Jameson barking orders at him, I did enjoy the supporting cast of Parker’s high school classmates. From his comedic buddy Ned to his new romantic interest Liz. I was uncertain about the re-invention of Flash Thompson’s character from the typical “jock” bully to being more of an intellectual fellow geek, but it worked out well and assisted with the story telling.  Why would the school bully have so many classes and events with Peter, Ned and the other advanced placement kids?

Spiderman 2

This movie was also successful in conveying Spider-Man’s humor and wise-cracking without it being overly done. Spider-Man’s humor is supposed to be a PG rated Deadpool (actually, I guess Deadpool is the R rated Spider-Man since Spider-Man came first and Deadpool is based off of Spider-Man). There is a fine line between funny sarcasm and plot distracting wise-cracks and I think this movie got it right.

I was also unsure about the re-casting of the typical geriatric Golden Girl-ish Aunt May to the younger MILF-ish Marisa Tomei, but it actually worked out very well. A whole lot more can be done story wise with a younger Aunt May (relationships, work, Peter’s friends having a crush…) who is of the right age to have a high school kid.

aunt may
“It’s May. Ms. Parker if you’re nasty” …Did I go too far with the Janet Jackson reference?

The Bad (guy)

I love Michael Keaton in pretty much anything he has ever done (except maybe Working Stiffs with Jim Belushi). However I never thought much of the comic book character the Vulture, so I was apprehensive of how this was going to turn out.

But my apprehensiveness (Srabble triple word score there!) was completely unfounded as Keaton put forth his usual convincing, high energy performance.

The best villains are always the ones you can relate to on some level or at least sympathize with as to why they are doing what it is they are doing. Keaton has a natural ability of just being relatable and this shows through in his portrayal of big government stiffed working class hero Adrian Toomes.  Keaton actually makes you feel bad for Toomes to the point where you want to like the guy.

“I’m (still) Batman.”

Toomes gradually becomes more cold-blooded throughout the movie but still holds onto his “nothing is more important than family” code, which is displayed in the scene where he is dropping Parker and his daughter off at the homecoming dance.

At this point, he knows Parker is Spider-Man but is also thankful that Parker saved his daughter’s life earlier in the movie. He respects that Parker keeps his identity close to the vest to protect his loved one and lets him go, basically stating “you stay out of my way and I will stay out of yours”. (SPOILER: they do not stay out of each other’s way.)



The Not-So-Good

We don’t need to make Spider-Man into “Iron Man 2.0”, so why try to so hard to do so?

I might take some heat for this, but I thought there was a little too much Tony Stark in this movie. I understand that Stark is playing the part of the surrogate father figure in Spider-Man’s life, but I felt he just popped up a little too often and sort of interrupted the flow of the movie a bit. Granted, part of the screen time may have been due to Robert Downey Jr.’s contract.

And this was never even in the movie!

I was also not a fan of having artificial intelligence in Spider-Man’s suit. It did provide some comic relief and an easy way for the writer’s to communicate information to the audience (i.e. Damage Control’s warehouse), but it was a little too Iron Man-ish.

The Result

I really enjoyed Spider-Man: Homecoming and would rate it a close 2nd to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 as my favorite Spider-Man films. There was plenty of action, well timed humor, well written characters and terrific performances all the way around.

Keaton gave us a Vulture that was cold-blooded, relatable and scary. The movie also set itself (and a future villain) up very well for the sequel. While the sequel will be a couple years out, we will see Holland’s Spider-Man in next year’s Avengers: Infinity War.

Spider-Man: Homecoming earned itself a 4 out of 5 on the Geeky Daddy Movie Scale and Kid Safe on the Geeky Daddy Sidekick Scale (Violence).

Geeky Daddy Movie Rating (2)

Geeky Daddy Movie Rating (3)

Do you agree? What did you think of Spider: Homecoming?

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GeekyDaddy’s Top 7 Choices To Play Carnage In The Upcoming Venom Movie

According to the HollyWood Reporter, the plan for the new Venom movie is to have Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock face off against a yet to be casted Cletus Kassidy – aka Carnage!

They are also reporting that the plan is to bring Tom Holland’s Spider-Man into the film as well to keep this Spider-Man spin-off as part of the Marvel cinematic universe.

spider-man, venom & carnage
“Clowns on my left, Joker’s to my right…”

Venom and Carnage will most likely be computer generated, so it stands to reason that their human hosts will get the majority of screen time, making the proper casting of these characters extremely important (ahem…Topher Grace…ahem).

While I think all of us who are familiar with Eddie Brock’s character in the comics can agree that Tom Hardy is a better choice than Spider-Man 3’s Topher Grace, who do you think should be cast as Spider-Man’s psychotic super-powered ginger enemy, Carnage?

First, let’s review his alter ego, Cletus Kassidy. Cletus Kassidy was a serial killer and Eddie Brock’s prison cellmate in the Marvel comics. When the alien symbiote, Venom, merged with Brock and broke him out of prison, part of the symbiote was left behind and merged with Kassidy, creating Carnage.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 12.23.33 AM
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His powers are similar to Spider-Man and Venom’s except Carnage is stronger, able to shape shift and plant (generally not happy) thoughts into people’s minds.


Here are Geeky Daddy’s Top 7 Actor’s we would like to see play Cletus Kassidy on screen:

Cameron Monaghan (Gotham/Shameless)

Not only does Cameron Monaghan have all the physical traits of Kassidy (skinny ginger), but, as we saw in “Gotham”, he also can pull off one hell of a psychopath! Who wouldn’t want to see two of Batman’s greatest villains (Bane & Joker) also go head-to-head as two of Spider-Man’s greatest villains!

Before anyone gets concerned about being able to cast the same actor as a character in two different superhero universes, remember Chris Evans has done exactly that within the same superhero universe… just people choose to forget the movies in which he played the first role because, you know, they sucked.

Marvel Stuff

Shamus (WWE Wrestler)


Is this dude the scariest (and palest) red head on the planet or what?

While I am honestly not familiar with the acting skillz of Stephen Farrelly (A.K.A. Shamus of the WWE), Dwayne Johnson has shown that a successful transition from the squared circle to Hollywood is possible.

Although my all time favorite wrestler-as-an-actor scene will always be Hulk Hogan as Thunder Lips in Rocky III.

Michael C. Hall (Dexter)


Mostly known for the title role in “Dexter” from 2006 to 2013, Michael C. Hall has experience playing a quirky character with an indifference to life and death. Aside from voicing Batman in Justice League: Gods and Monsters, we have not heard much from Hall in the past couple years, but hey, maybe he will be well rested.

Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen, Robocop)

“Did I leave the iron on?”

While the film The Watchmen was met with mixed reviews, the performance of Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach was not. He nailed that role and was probably the most well received character in the film.


Somewhere between his Rorschach and his Mattox in the 2014 Robocop remake lies a Kassidy just clawing to be released onto the world!

Walton Goggins (The Shield, Justified)

walter goggins

This may depend a little bit on what the studio chooses to do with Kassidy’s character, but Walton Goggins has the versatility to pull off any type of villainous role.

He also possess an underutilized sense of comedic timing which we have only really seen in his sole appearance on “Community”. (Side note: Who else misses that show?)

Marvel Stuff

Finn Balor (WWE Wrestler)

I don’t know much about his acting chops and I was hesitant to have two WWE performers on a short list, but how could I ignore that Venom make-up.

Jim Carrey

This guy still exists right? I’ve always preferred the Jim Carrey roles that were slightly more grounded in reality (Liar, Liar or Mr. Popper Penguins) to his over-the-top characters (Ace Ventura or Cable Guy), but over-the-top could be exactly what the part of Cletus Kassidy needs. Carrey has been trying to move away from comedy lately and this could be a good option. It also could be his chance for redemption after his Riddler performance in Batman Forever. I wasn’t even going to mention this as I’ve tried to forget the Joel Schumacher Batman movies ever existed, but figured I’d mention it.

Who would you most like to see cast as Carnage in the new Venom movie?

Please comment with your suggestions!



Will We Learn That The Winter Soldier Killed Spider-man’s Parents?

After re-watching the Captain America movies, something stuck out to me I had missed before (but a quick Google search shows that I was not the first to notice it).

While going through the activation words that cause Bucky Barnes to snap into the Winter Soldier, a few of the words stand out from the rest.

The words flow as follows: Longing, rusted, furnace, daybreak, seventeen, benign, nine, homecoming, one, freight car.

activation words

On the surface, the words look completely unconnected and could have just as easily been muttered by a stoned Gary Busey attempting to recite our national anthem or a person suffering from Turrets Syndrome.

gary busey

But do the Marvel producers ever do anything random? They have previously done such a thorough job of making sure every bit of dialogue is premeditated and purposeful. What can these seemingly random words mean?

The couple of words that stand out to me are “nine“, “freight car” and most noticeably “homecoming“.

Nine would most likely be referring to Hydra itself which, according to Greek Mythology has 9 heads.


Freight car could be referring to the fall from the train Bucky took in Captain America: The First Avenger. It is the last time we saw Bucky as himself and how he came into being in Hydra’s possession who later turned him into the Winter Soldier.

bucky freight car

Homecoming is the most noticeable of the activation words. Homecoming is the name of one of the most famous Spider-man comic book story arcs, as well as the name of the upcoming new Spider-man movie.


Is it possible that Homecoming was also an assassination mission from Winter Soldier’s past? We have already seen that he killed Tony Stark’s parents on a previous mission.

In the Marvel comic book universe, Peter Parkers parents, Richard and Mary Parker, were both C.I.A. agents who were murdered by Hydra’s leader: the Red Skull. Richard was even recruited into the C.I.A. by Nick Fury himself!

In the Marvel Cinematic universe, the Winter Soldier had been the premier assassin for Hydra. Could he have been responsible for the Parkers’ deaths as well?

winter soldier 2

What do you think?

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Spider-Man Homecoming Official Movie Trailer

I’m excited for the new Spider-Man movie.  I thought Tom Holland really nailed the Peter Parker role in Captain America Civil War.  Robert Downey Jr. is always entertaining as Tony Stark and I love the casting of Michael Keaton as Vulture.

The action and special effects look great.

It looks like Marvel is trying hard to weave Spider-man in with the rest of their cinematic universe, which is terrific.  Really helps to build the anticipation for Avengers Infinity War (which Spider-Man will be a major part of).

The only thing the traditionalist in me is uncomfortable with is Marisa Tomei as Aunt May.  Aunt May has always been more Golden Girl-ish and Marisa Tomei brings a little too much hotness to the role, but this could make for some funny dialogue with womanizer Robert Downey Jr.


Spider-Man Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7th, 2017. Spiderman Toddler Socks 6PK 2T 4T Clothing
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