Dave (aka Geeky Daddy)

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I’m an accidental stay-at-home dad who loves comic books, sci-fi, useless trivia and the overall geeky culture. Think “Big Bang Theory” without the fancy degrees.

I’m daddy to 9-month-old Grayson, aka “Lil’ G-Man”. I picked the name based on Dick Grayson, Batman’s first Robin or more importantly, Nightwing. (Yes, my wife is very tolerant of me!)

Our mission is to create one hub for all things “Geeky” and “Geeky Parenting” for your enjoyment.

Please check back often for tips on how to raise a future geek and some basic geeky topics when you need some adult time. Also, some links are affiliate links, meaning that I get a commission if you buy something. It doesn’t cost you any extra and helps keep Grayson in Pampers, so thank you in advance if you do click and buy!

Geeky Areas of Expertise: Star Wars, Comic Books, General pop culture, military history (not exactly geeky, but know a lot)

Grayson (aka Lil’ G-Man)


Lil’ G-Man is about 20-months old (depending on when this was last updated) and is quite the dramatic little guy. He can go from smiley cute to rancor status in less than 12 parsecs, but the cute generally wins out. He loves eating, playing in his Batmobile, music, wrestling with his collection of Ewoks and drooling like Slimer from Ghostbusters.

Geeky Areas of Expertise: Unknown



Geeky Daddy’s better (and very tolerant) half and mom to Lil’ G-Man and his furry friends, Lindsey guests writes on occasion as she has a full-time job at geeky tech company.

Geeky Areas of Expertise: Fantasy, Technology, RPGs



Geeky Daddy didn’t want cats, but Lindsey did, so we compromised and got two. Tibby is a 10-year-old rescue cat who should have been named General Zod so that he could say “Kneel before Zod.” He’s quite the guard cat of the house, and is super protective of Lil’ G-Man.

Geeky Areas of Expertise: Villains, villainy and  using allergens as weapons of mass destruction

Uncle Josh

uncle josh

Uncle Josh (Lindsey’s brother) is a successful financial planner who also happens to have been a nationally-ranked Scrabble player! He collects baseball cards, pinball machines and weird clown art.

Geeky Areas of Expertise: Video Games, Pinball machines, baseball cards (borderline geeky), Scrabble

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