Geeky Daddy’s Top Geeky Gift Ideas For Him

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to find the right gift ideas for that special Geek in your life.

This year, the Geeky team is going to breakdown our gift ideas into three separate lists: For Geeky Him, For Geeky Her and For Junior Geek.

Here are Geeky Daddy’s Top Ten Holiday Gift Ideas For Him.

10. Die Hard Christmas Sweater

I think we can all agree that it’s not really Christmas until we see Hans Gruber falling out of the 30th floor window of Nakatomi Plaza.


Well now you can dress the part, well at least the part of Karl’s brother Tony, who was the first of Hans crew to be offed by our hero John McClane in Die Hard.

die hard machine gun christmas sweater
Available on

This officially licensed sweater by Funny Threads Outlets is available on and is the best way to communicate to the entire ugly Christmas Sweater Party what you think the best Christmas movie of all time is!

9. Nixon Star Wars Inspired Watches

Whether you are a member of the Imperial Army or a “part of a rebel alliance and a traitor,” you still need to be at grandma’s on time for dinner. Enter your new best friends, Nixon’s line of Star Wars inspired time pieces!

All made of high quality stainless steel parts and with Star Wars inspired designs, these watches make awesome gifts for the Star Wars fan!

All designs are available on!

8. Doctor Who Socks

Like it or not, there’s a good chance of receiving hosiery as a gift for the holidays. And while Grayson would love socks as a present because they’re so fun to throw, chew on, and more, all you can do is hope that the socks you receive are a socking stuffer and not the main entree of your gifts.

Doctor whos
“What’s up docs?”

The popularity of Doctor Who seems to be at an all time high, based upon the amount of police call boxes I see at conventions. So let’s pay homage to the phone booth with these officially licensed socks!

dr. who police call box
Available on

7. Star Trek TNG Bluetooth® ComBadge

This is a must have for any true fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation!

Star Trek BlueTooth Communicator Exclusive

This ThinkGeek exclusive hooks up to your phone or device via Bluetooth® and has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. Once connected, one touch answers/ends calls, plays/pauses audio, or accesses Siri, Google Now, or Cortana. And, of course, a touch plays that classic communicator sound effect.

I would end every call with “Geeky Daddy out.”

6.  Super Mario Wall Mount Lamp

This custom lamp made of maple plywood and colored translucent acrylic is an awesome way to light up the gaming room of any vintage gamer!

Available on Amazon, this game room essential ships fully assembled to the U.S. and Canada.

The only thing that could make this lamp any cooler would be a push button on the bottom of the block that you could jump up to punch on and off!

5.Portable BBQ Grill Briefcase

Picture this: James Bond approaches Q and needs to be outfitted with kit to blend into a tailgate. Q says “I have just the thing for you 007, but bring it back in one piece this time!”

briefcase grill
Available on ThinkGeek

The Portable Briefcase Grill may look like a briefcase on the outside, but on the inside it holds all the right tools to grill you up a delicious meal. Open this little wonder to reveal a cooking grate and ash-catcher. With enough space to cook a meal for two, it will grill up just the right amount of food at the tailgate for Bond and the bad guy’s girlfriend (that Bond is probably going to nail 10 minutes after meeting).

Ok, so maybe it’s not for a State University binge-drinking type tailgate. Probably more of a corporate BBQ “hey, hit me up on LinkedIn so we can discuss the potential merger” type tailgate, but you get the idea.

4. Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

tetris lamp 2
Available at

While we do see Russia’s name negatively in the news a lot lately, it is important to remember that Mother Russia is also responsible for some of the 20th centuries greatest inventions! Such as the helicopter, synthetic rubber, television and, of course, Tetris!


These cool LED Tetris blocks light up automatically when stacked together and turn off when separated.

tetris lamp

And best of all, when you make a row of all the same color, they don’t disintegrate like they do in the actual game! Unfortunately, the blocks do not play the awesome soundtrack from the game.

3. Transformer USB Drive

Transformer thumb drive
Available on!

My favorite Transformer growing up was Soundwave! He was smart, loyal, had a cool voice and was incredibly useful on the battlefield thanks to the added punch of his cassette disciples such as Ravage.

Soundwave & Company

Now you can control your own Ravage with this amazingly detailed Ravage USB drive. Available in true 16 GB or 32 GB, this USB is the perfect way for any Transformers fan to back up off the cloud.

transformer thumb drive 2
Available on!

2. Star Trek: TNG Uniform Hoodie

Star Trek: TNG Uniform Hoodie - Blue, S
Available at

This Star Trek: The Next Generation hoodie from ThinkGeek is an essential for any Trekkie living in a cold weather environment! Not only do these full zip hoodies (with pockets) have screen-accurate colors and embroidered combadges – they have actual raised collars and rank pins!

The rank pins are extremely important if you plan on wearing the red hoodie on away missions! There is a huge difference between being the captain and the expendable!

1. CLUE: Game of Thrones Board Game

Game of Thrones Clue Game
Available on!

Now you can have friends over for game night and try to solve who killed your favorite Game Of Thrones character on the board game while watching the same characters getting offed on TV.

Game of Thrones Glue Game 2
Available on!

12 treasonous scheming suspects, 6 metal weapons and a double sided board (confines of the Red Keep or the streets of Meereen) are just some of the components of this modern take of the classic CLUE board game. Drink, know things and solve a murder all at the same time!

Tell us what gifts you like, don’t like or have gotten that you love!

Gifts Under $20


Cards Against Humanity Has Plans To Stop Trump’s Wall From Being Built!

“And it would have worked to if it weren’t for you pesky kids!” screams a rather upset Commander In Chief.

Will President Trump ever actually direct these words towards those pesky kids over at Chicago based Cards Against Humanity? Probably not but if it doesn’t happen, it surely won’t be do to a lack of effort on CAH’s part!

trumps cards 2
Probably “Fake News”

Cards Against Humanity announced on their website this week that they have purchased acres of land along the Mexican-United States border and retained a law firm that specializes in eminent domain in effort to halt the potential production of this massive (and expensive) project.

“Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans,” said Cards Against Humanity on its web site. “He is so afraid that he wants to build a twenty-billion dollar wall that everyone knows will accomplish nothing. So we’ve purchased a plot of vacant land on the border and retained a law firm specializing in eminent domain to make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for the wall to get built.”

A portion of CAH’s funding for their wall blocking project is coming from their popular annual holiday surprise gift package sales. The $15 holiday package includes six days of gifts sent out through December and this year’s package sold out in a matter of hours.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 1.25.55 PM

“On Day 1, all Cards Against Humanity Saves America recipients will get an illustrated map of the land, a certificate of our promise to fight the wall, some new cards, and a few other surprises.”

cards against humnaity
Available on!

The company also applied for a trademark for one of Trump’s favorite terms, “Fake News”.

If anybody reading this has never played Cards Against Humanity “party game for horrible people,” I highly suggest trying it out. It is a lot of fun, even while sober…


Big Lebowski Pinball Game Just Quietly Became The Rarest Non-prototype Pinball Game In The World…And Still Ties The Room Together!

This is an amazing story that you would swear was written by the Joel & Ethan Coen brothers themselves.

The Big Lebowski has become such an iconic piece of pop culture. It’s one of those films that you watch once, say “That movie kinda sucked!” but then find yourself quoting John Goodman’s Walter Sobchak repeatedly for the next week and a half. Before you realize what happened, you’ve watched the movie a dozen times…sometimes even while sober.


If you see a Big Lebowski pinball game in a bowling alley arcade, take a picture with it. And then try to scalp it off the owner because it is suddenly worth a small fortune!

The pinball game itself is something of an engineering marvel.  So much of the movie’s characters, one-liners and themes have been creatively encompassed into the game. Complete with a rug that rolls back with each ball strike to reveal a hidden trap door, a fully functioning bowling alley and, of course, the dude’s car.

Big Lebowski Pinball Machine New 32 Impossibly Rare eBay
“The Rug does tie the room together…”

big lebowski car

There is even an actual runner that shipped with the game to tie the room together!

big lebowski rugs
Fits underneath the game

But all that is not what makes the Big Lebowski on of the most sought after arcade collector items…

“New $#!T has come to light.”

big lebowski shit

It took Dutch Pinball of the Netherlands nearly three years to bring this pinball game to market.  They fought through licensing issues, design delays and renegotiations with production vendors (most notably ARA) attempting to fill their limited edition 300 promised purchase orders.

However on March 25th, 2017, Dutch Pinball emailed the 300 people with outstanding deposits that they have CEASED production and will NOT be filling their remaining backorders due to a dispute with their their chief vendor ARA. Higher than anticipated production cost, devaluation of the Euro and other factors are believed to be the source of the dispute.


It is believed that of the 300 units ordered, ONLY 36 HAVE ACTUALLY SHIPPED!

3 dozen shipped globally is an incredibly low amount of pinball machines making The Big Lebowski one of the scarcest (non-prototype) pinball machines ever!

Mint condition pinball machines are extremely rare and sell for a premium at hotly contested auctions because pinball machines commonly get severely beat up and abused at bars, bowling alleys and arcades.

Of the 36 units shipped, it is unknown how many are in the wild (arcades, bowling alleys, pubs…) vs. private residences, but one thing you could bet Donnie’s life on: The Big Lebowski just became one of the most sought after pinball machines in the world.

Now ARA does have 40 units available for shipment (per the Dutch Pinball email) which could possibly come to market someday. However even if this does unlikely happen, depending on legal proceedings between the two companies, it won’t happen anytime soon.

For Dutch Pinball’s sake, I hope they figure something out.  There is a ton of upfront R & D cost involved in designing, coding, building & prototyping a pinball game that cannot be recouped on the sale of just three dozen units.

Pinball News has an in depth article from last year about the level of development & sophistication put into the production of the Big Lebowski pinball machine here. Real fascinating.

Sidenote: I really want to see the Coen Brothers put together a heist movie where somebody steals this rare pinball machine and holds it for ransom.

big lew
POP figures available on



Man From Singapore Dies Of A Heart Attack After Catching Rare Pokemon Go Character

Rocketnews reports that a 67-year-old Singaporean man died of a heart attack after finally catching a rare Pokémon that he’d been after for a long time: Lapras.

The Lapras doesn’t even look remorseful

When Pokemon Go first launched, there were numerous reports of injuries (and even rare deaths) of players wrapped up in the game, so unaware of their surroundings, that they walked right into traffic, off cliffs or possibly onto Clint Eastwood’s lawn!


It even got to the point that the Japanese government created a safety campaign for Pokemon Go players.

This latest incident does not involve poor situational awareness but is still sad and tragic.

Liang Weiming was playing Pokémon GO at the Marina Bay Sands high-rise resort hotel in Singapore on February 26 when the people he was with say he caught a Lapras and then suffered a heart attack. Witnesses say it happened immediately after he realized he caught the Lapras.

His wife says that her husband suffered from heart disease, and that he had been a fan of Pokémon GO since the day of its release. He had caught over 200 different species and made it to level 28 in the game. The fact that she even knows how many species and what level he was shows how often they must have spoken about Pokemon Go and that, when it comes to gaming, age is just another number.

Courtesy of


It is important to note that Pokemon Go has gotten kids healthier as well by getting them to go outside and exercise.  But parents: make sure you are teaching your kids about situational awareness at all times.

Sidenote: My wife plays Clash of Clans a lot and I have no idea what her stats are or even her clan name.  Does that make me a poor spouse?




Greatest Pen & Paper RPG’s

Full Disclosure:  I was never much of a “Pen & Paper RPG” guy. It always seemed to much like doing homework, especially when all my comic books were sitting close by.

But, I did have plenty of friends that enjoyed the tabletop RPG’s and tried their best to get me to partake whenever possible…mostly because they needed an extra person.

What do you think of this list by Ranker that currently has the original D&D in first place with twice as many votes as the second place game?