Sneak Peak At New She-Ra Netflix Series Artwork (Updated)

Updated with newly released colored image

sh-ra colored
Not sure about the red leggings.

Netflix and DreamWorks got a lot of 80’s babies excited last week when they announced a new animated She-Ra series they are working for a 2018 release!

New She-Ra Cartoon

There were multiple new animated series listed in the press release, but She-Ra is the most recognizable name of the bunch.

she-ra 2
She-Ra holding aloft her Sword of Protection

The new series will be helmed by up-and-coming comic book Eisner Award-winning creator Noelle Stevenson. Stevenson is mastermind behind BOOM! Studios successes Nimona & Lumberjanes.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.36.58 PM

The other animated series announced by Netflix and Dreamworks were Trolls: The Beat Goes On!The Boss Baby: Back in Business, Harvey Street Kids, The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, Trollhunters (Part 3) and 3 Below.

The animation for the new series is definitely a departure from the 80’s classic look by Filmation. But as long as Dolph Lundgren doesn’t make an appearance, we’re game.


What do you think of He-Man’s twin sister’s new look?

guide to He-man & She-ra
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Will David S. Goyer Be Directing the Next He-Man & The Masters Of the Universe Movie?

Most of us remember (whether we want to or not) the horrible turd-blossom of a Masters of the Universe movie that was unfortunately defecated upon the Earth in 1987.


In that convoluted mess of a story, He-man and his friends came to Earth to team up with future Friends star Courtney Cox to battle Skeletor and his Star Wars inspired army over a space accordion that opened doors to other worlds by way of horrible synthesized 80’s music. (I didn’t make any of that up)

Which does make you wonder what dimension of hell a Flock Of Seagulls album would open a door to…

Anyway, lots of names have been circling around Mattel’s Masters Of The Universe reboot over the past couple of years.

Especially since a mysterious tweet last April appeared to confirm a release date.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 9.10.31 AM

Now, according to, talented Dark Knight trilogy screen writer David S. Goyer has entered into negotiations with Sony to direct the popular mid 80’s Mattel property.

dark knight trilogy

This would be a terrific hire for Sony, who has been attempting to get a Masters of the Universe project off the ground for nearly a decade. Previous names attached to the project included Charlie’s Angels director McG (who stepped aside earlier this year) and G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon M. Chu.

David S. Goyer’s impressive resume includes screenwriting for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, as well directing Blade: Trinity in 2004.

blade trinity

No word yet on any casting choices for our favorite Prince of Eternia. At one time there was a rumor circulating of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson having his name attached to the project, but I think there has been a rumor of his name being attached to every single other project that comes out of Hollywood as well.

Just so long as Dolph Lundgren is not allowed anywhere near the set.

“Dammit Dolph, don’t you dare come near another movie set again! Ever!”

Although I would be open to James Tolkan reprising his role of fiery detective Lubic!

“Hey! This Sucks!”
he-man costume
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Could We See UFC’s Sage Northcutt As Ivan Drago’s Son In Creed II?

Is there any better summary of the cold war than Rocky IV?

The perfect 80’s villain. The perfect 80’s hero. That awesome 80’s soundtrack.

Since pretty much everything else “80’s” has been making a comeback lately (Nintendo Classic, Cabbage Patch Kids, Trump), why not the Drago family tree as well?

According to, Creed II is set for a 2018 release with Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren all returning to reprise their roles in this decades spanning franchise.

The big news about Creed II to come to light recently is that UFC Lightweight Sage Northcutt has thrown his hat in the ring to play the spawn of Ivan Drago in the upcoming Creed sequel.


According to Northcutt:

“The new Creed 2 will premiere soon, so I auditioned for her. I sent a small tape so I hope it works. It would be great. To be the son of Ivan Drago in the movie? That would be fun.”

While the list of MMA athletes that have attempted to make the leap from the octagon to the silver screen seems to be ever expanding (Rhonda Rousey, Randy Couture, Bas Rutten George St. Pierre…), the list of those that have done so successfully seems to grow at a much slower pace (Gina Carano and ummm…).

Gina was the best addition to Fast & Furious 6

The physical resemblance between Sage Northcutt and the young Dolph Lundgren are uncanny, but are Sage’s acting skillz on par with his fighting skillz?

Sage Drago

I like this concept of opposing ideologies between the post cold war era offspring of these two 80’s fictional boxing titans, but this leaves to 2 big questions unanswered about this project for me:

Will we see a return of celebrity rehab staple Brigitte Nielson to the Rocky-verse as Sage’s mother?

*EXCLUSIVE* Brigitte Nielsen and husband Mattia Dessi out for a scooter ride in Studio City

And how about a return of awesome 8o’s synthesizer composer Vince DiCola!

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 3.02.38 PM
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Top 5 Worst Fighter Walk Out Songs Of All Time

With the big fight this past weekend (and the uber lengthy walk-outs both fighters had), it got me curious about the worst fighter walk-out songs possible.

“Your chocolate got in my peanut butter!” Your peanut butter got into my chocolate!”

Side Note: no boxing match will ever be as exciting as the Medieval Combat League! Where MMA meets LARP!


Makhloev vs Stadnichenko M1 Medieval YouTube

There’s the obvious choices like “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor for an accomplished striker or “Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent for an accomplished ground fighting expert.

Ideally, your walk-out track should get you “jacked up” and hyped for an epic “Battle of Helmsdeep” type confrontation.

And not a Zach Morris vs A.C. Slater confrontation…

While the addition of Guile’s theme music does help this clash of 90’s titans, I would still be hugely disappointed if I purchased this Pay-Per-View.

I wanted a list of songs more suited for the Zach Morris vs. A.C. Slater PPV than a vintage Mike Tyson PPV

Here are the top 5 Worst possible walk-out songs for a fighter:

5. It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls

Originally recorded in 1982, It’s Raining Men had already been turned down by big names of the day such as Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Cher & Barbara Streisand before The Weather Girls scored this knock out (all puns intended).

Prancing out to the Octagon to this (or better yet: the RuPaul 1997 release) pretty much assures you 1 thing: your opposition is going to think twice about whether or not he wants to take you down…

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 12.09.14 PM
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4. Glory of Love by Peter Cetera

Peter Cetera’s first solo hit after leaving Chicago (the band, not the city) was the theme song the the film Karate Kid II, as well as many weddings in the late 80’s.

In the film, our hero, Daniel, travels to Japan where he learns karate from a toy drum that he uses to defeat his enemy.

If you think that sounds stupid, that is simply because it is.

But at least the song was pretty good.

3. Physical by Olivia Newton-John

Obviously, optimizing this track as your walk-out song will require some serious teamwork and commitment from your corner.

Leg warmers will need to be worn by not only yourself, but all your corner men as well.

And at least one idiot will need to fake air guitar on a springy-Slinky-ish exercise type thing…

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 1.28.12 AM

2. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me by Boy George

This was actually used by UFC veteran Dave Herman for one of his fights.

While I thought is was hilarious, many hardcore UFC fans didn’t find the humor in it.

And if you take your time slowly sauntering up to the ring, forcing the audience (and your opponent) to listen to this song in it’s entirety, they will really want to hurt you!

1. Gummi Bears

There 2 types of people on this planet: Those who get this memorable tune (performed by music legend John Williams’ son Joseph) stuck from their head and those that, unfortunately, are deaf.

Let’s make a checklist of characteristics of non-intimadating songs and see how this theme from the 1980’s classic cartoon Gummi Bears stacks up.

Kiddie cartoon? Check. Disney owned property? Check. Named after a fruity flavored candy? Check. Written about a magical potion that enables you to bounce away and escape from hunters: Double check!


Doesn’t get much worse than that!

What do you think? Is there a worse fighter walk-out song than Gummi Bears?

Justin Lin’s Reboot Of Knight Rider Is Getting Closer! What Car Would You Like To See As KITT?

Word of the Knight Rider reboot has been doing figure-8’s around cyber space for a while now with few details confirmed.

We know that Fast and Furious 3 – 6 and Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin has partnered with digital network Machinima to produce the series remake and that the original Michael Knight himself, David Hasselhoff, will be on screen in some capacity.

A rare photo of Michael Knight using an early Apple Watch to order more hair product from Amazon Prime!

Just to recap Knight Rider for any Millennials that didn’t have the good fortune to be born in time to enjoy the 80’s, Knight Rider tells the story of a former police officer and Army Green Beret soldier who was shot in the head but saved by an elderly Montgomery Burns-ish billionaire and given a special Pontiac Trans Am named KITT, equipped with artificial intelligence and a cool looking steering wheel, to fight crime!

All while showing as much chest hair as possible.

How did someone come up with a show idea like that? There was a lot of cocaine in the 80’s!

Then unfortunately the 90’s came about and everything got all “X-Treme” and Team Knight Rider happened…

Like most fans of the original mid 80’s series, I have 2 burning questions about the reboot that I can’t wait to have answered:

  • What kind of car will Knight Rider be?

And, of course…

  • Will we needlessly see David Hasselhoff’s 64-year-old hairy chest?

Well at least we have an answer to the second question…YES!

hasselhoff shirtless
Taken while filming the reboot in California

While we still don’t know anything about the plot of the remake, or the second question:

What kind of car will Knight Rider be?

We know Justin Lin has a love for Nissan Skylines (who doesn’t?) and Dodge Challengers from his work on the Fast & Furious franchise.

skyline and challenger

So barring any kind of product placement deal with a car manufacturer, my money is on one of those two.

What car would you like to see made into a modern day KITT?

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 10.08.45 AM
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Your Awesome 80’s Childhood Toys Are Now In One Convenient Package!

Aww San Diego Comic-Con, I am always left in awe of your awesomeness.

No toy lines were more popular with boys in the 1980’s than Transformers, G.I. Joe and Mask! Well now they have all been brought together for a limited time!

The awesome people at Hasbro and their current comic book publishing partner IDW have teamed up to bring their new Revolution Toy set to the San Diego Comic-Con!

REVOLUTION Comic Action Figures CR: Hasbro

Revolution is an IDW’s comic book mega cross-over involving most of their licensed Hasbro properties, including Transformers, G.I. Joe, M.a.s.k. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand), Visionairies and more.

REVOLUTION Comic Action Figures CR: Hasbro

Why is Command is spelled with a “K” and not a “C”, because when your Camaro IROC can fly and shoot lasers, you can do whatever the Heck you want! That’s why!

Mask Camaro
“Hey ladies. Can I give you a lift?”

The Revolution Toy Package features characters from Transformers, G.I. Joe, Visionaries, R.O.M., Micronauts, Action Man and M.A.S.K based off IDW’s Revolutions storyline. The package includes:

  • Transformers – Jetfire
  • GI Joe – Roadblock
  • MASK – Matt Tracker
  • Action Man – Action Man
  • Rom The Space Knight
  • Rom – Dire Wraith
  • Visionaries – Leoric
  • Micronauts – Assorted Minis
The Micronauts sure are “micro”

This new Revolution Toy Package will be debuting at San Diego Comic-Con for $99.99 but will also be available in limited supply at

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 3.02.10 PM
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Top Five Cult Movie Soundtracks of the 80’s

I was re-watching Flash Gordon the other day and was enjoying the audible odyssey that is Queen’s work on the soundtrack, and it got me thinking about other great cult movie soundtracks of the 80’s.

So I compiled this list of the Top 5 Best Cult Movie Soundtracks Of The 1980’s.

(Criteria for the list: I excluded mainstream commercially successful movies such as Rocky or Top Gun.  While excellent flicks and soundtracks, they do not classify as “cult following” type movies to me, and hey, it is my list…)

5. Heavy Metal

heavy metal soundtrack

The best analogy for the experience that was 1981’s adult sci-fi/fantasy animated insanity would be to imagine spending a long weekend on a bad acid trip with Gary Busey in an old Vegas strip club. Only crazier.

The movie, like the magazine it was based off of, was a collection of short stories that combined for an orgy of violence, nudity and sexuality. Not Sidekick friendly at all!

Geeky Daddy Movie Rating (15)

But we are here to talk about the soundtrack, which was pretty darn good, and had lots of legal issues.  Major musical heavyweights of the time, such as Stevie Nicks, Sammy Hagar, Cheap Trick and Journey, were all featured on the soundtrack. Black Sabbath and Devo also had music used in the movie, but due to legal issues were not featured on the soundtrack until 1992. That was when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle creator Kevin Eastman purchased the Heavy Metal publication and settled the legal issues.

4. Transformers (1986)


I still get chills whenever I see Optimus Prime arrive at Autobot City saving the day to the tune of Stan Bush’s “The Touch”.

Or the level of despair when Optimus Prime died, which is too traumatic for me to post a video of…

Okay, now I need a minute to re-compose myself…

Okay, I’m back.  The Transformers soundtrack offered a terrific mix of Stan Bush’s inspirational songs “The Touch” and “Dare” with some heavy rock by N.R.G. and Spectre General.  Well…it seemed like “heavy rock” to a 9-year-old at least. And screams 80’s more than synthesized Vince DiCola Keyboards, whose work (with Frank Stallone) was also featured in Staying Alive and Rocky IV!

There is nobody I would trust more to create an 80’s montage soundtrack of me training to fight a Russian boxer than Vince DiCola!

Side Note: How much cooler was Optimus Prime than Rodamus Prime? Prime was the great self-sacrificing warrior leader while Rodamus was a precursor to the whining millennial.  Maybe that will be the topic for a future article…

The Transformers soundtrack did get a 20th anniversary re-release in 2007 with 3 new tracks by Vince DiCola and a reboot of the Transformer’s theme with Stan Bush.


transformers re-release
Prime still has “the touch”

3. UHF


The movie UHF was co-written by “Weird Al” Yankovic and his manager Jay Levey and is more of a montage of hilarious bits than an actual 2 hour movie with a…oh what’s the word for it…oh yeah, a plot.

The best parts of the movie, other than the soundtrack, were the early performances by Fran Drescher (pre The Nanny) and Michael Richards (pre Kramer and racist rant).

The soundtrack featured a collection of song parodies from artists such as Tone Loc, Dire Straits and R.E.M as well as UHF commercials such as Conan: The Librarian, Spatula City & Ghandi II.

The album was one of Yankovic’s few releases to not reach gold or platinum status, but this is my list with my choices…so there.

2. Batman (1989)


The Batman movie and soundtrack were both huge commercial and critical successes in the movie blockbuster summer of 1989. (While it’s not exactly a cult-classic, it’s geeky and thus made the list!) When Warner Bros brought Prince on to quarterback the soundtrack for Batman (with Tim Burton musical staple Danny Elfman), the idea was to use mostly existing Prince material and to have Prince perform the funk music and Michael Jackson performing the ballads.

But as with most things in regards to the 1989 Batman release (i.e. Bill Murray as Bruce Wayne), things changed quickly. In the course of just six weeks, Prince recorded the entire album of new music including unique hits such as Batdance.

Clips like this make you wonder how different the movie would have been if the studio had gone with their original casting ideas for the Joker, such as David Bowie and Tim Curry.

At one point, Robin Williams was actually signed on to play the Joker, but it turned out Warner Bros was just using him for negotiation leverage with Jack Nicholson. Warner Bros offered Williams the role of the Riddler for the sequel but at that point there was too much bad blood between Williams and the studio.

Many of the tracks, such as the Future and Batdance, featured spoken dialogue by Michael Keaton or other actors, which made for all kinds of  legal rights issues.  This is why the Batman music is not featured on other Prince albums.

Instrumentals were all written and composed by the talented Danny Elfman.

1. Flash Gordon


The Flash Gordon soundtrack was the second movie album produced Queen, the other being Highlander.  Queen’s unique theatrical style is part of what makes this movie’s feel so unique.

Per, Brian May, Queen’s guitarist and lead song writer, explained: “We saw 20 minutes of the finished film and thought it very good and over the top. We wanted to do something that was a real soundtrack. It’s a first in many ways, because a rock group has not done this type of thing before, or else it’s been toned down and they’ve been asked to write mushy background music. Whereas we were given the licence to do what we liked, as long as it complimented the picture.”

The Flash Theme was actually one of only 2 songs on the soundtrack to feature Mercury vocals, but nobody can think of the film without hearing Freddy Mercury singing his iconic “Flash! Ahhh!”

Honorable Mention: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

I left this one off the list simply because the album is really just one track, but a good one.

And who rocked the 80’s view of post-apocalyptic fashion better than Tina Turner?

What are your thoughts on my list?

Anything else you’d add to this list? Would you change the order? Did I not give Tina the credit she deserves?

Comment below.


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Looks like a Robotech Live Action Movie Is Getting Close…

The rumors of a Robotech live action movie have been circulating for almost a decade with names like Tobey Maguire, Lawrence Kasdan and even Leonardo Di Caprio attached.

But now that the rights have gone from Warner Bros to Sony Pictures, events behind the scenes have started to pick up the pace (finally). As reported on, Harmony Gold’s president of animation Tommy Yune does point out that Sony did not pick up any of Warner Bros previous work on the Robotech project. This means none of the previously plots or script ideas come into play and Sony is talking a page one rewrite.


Robotech fan James Wan will now be directing and he has some serious cache behind his name with recent successes like “The Conjuring” & “Furious 7” and the upcoming “Aquaman” for Warner Bros.  Wan was interviewed about his interest in this project back in March where he mentioned the Macross saga in particular

Director James Wan (Image Fredrick M Brown/Getty Images)

Macross was the most popular of the series with characters like Rick Hunter, Roy Fokker and Max Sterling, the large transforming fighter jets and massive SDF-1 Battleship (think S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier in space) that people think of when they think Robotech.


Robotech was actually comprised of three completely separate anime series (1982’s Super Dimension Fortress Macross, 1984’s Super Dimension Calvary Southern Cross and 1983’s Genesis Climber Mospeada) that Harmony Gold USA picked up the North American distribution rights to.  They then wrote alternate storylines connecting the three series and dubbed them in English with a whole new soundtrack. Unlike most cartoons at it’s time, Robotech dealt with many adult core values including love, war, insecurities, death and interracial relationships.


How Cool?

The end result was the Robotech series which was one of the pioneers credited with kicking off North America’s still growing interest in anime.

With the special effects available today and a strong character driven storyline, a Robotech live action movie could be incredible!

Also in recent Robotech news, Titan Comics announced that they have picked up the rights to begin publishing all new Robotech comics sometime this year.

I will keep you posted more movie news is released.


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SilverHawks Live Action Movie For 2018….Written by Jon Favreau?

SilverHawks was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, ranking up there with G.I.Joe, Transformers, He-Man, Thundercats and Robotech (my first taste of anime).

Although SilverHawks only ran for one season, it did pick up one heck of a following and hopes of a feature film have always been high among fans that grew up in the 80’s.

Comic Books Galaxy has an article stating that Warner Bros has green lit a SilverHawks movie to be written and directed by Jon Favreau.  The article goes on to state a script written by Favreau (while he was working on Iron Man) has already been submitted and approved.


If that was not enough to make you want to post a “Here take my money!” meme already, Comic Books Galaxy also list an all-star cast including Chris Pratt as Steelwill, Kate Beckinsale as Steelheart and Justin Timberlake as guitar playing Col. Bluegrass!  This sounds like a “too good to be true” cast so I have been researching further into this.



I have not been able to surface any corroborating articles to validate this yet. does not show any Silverhawks movie in any stage of pre-production and I did not see SilverHawks listed on any of these actors filmographies…but wow, would this be cool!

What do you guys think?  Have any of you heard any SilverHawk news?