Guess The Name Of Geeky Daddy’s Newest Addition To The Family!

A few months ago, the Geeky Family lost our cat Snickers to lymphoma. It was especially tough because she and Lil’ G were BFF’s.

Recently, Geeky Mommy decided that our other cat Tibby (who I still want to re-name General Zod) has been too lonely and needed a new sidekick to hang around with (i.e. terrorize, beat up and act as his minion). She swears the addition of another cat has nothing to do with torturing my cat allergies…

Geeky Mommie Note: Our new kitty is a Siamese, which are low-shedding and better for people with cat allergies!

Enter our newest fluffy little bundle of joy:

new kitty

But what to name her? I briefly considered some of the top cat names from Japan such as Fuku (Lucky), but some seemed to really fit.

If there were 3 of them, I’d do with Tora! Tora! Tora! (Tiger)

Here Are My Top Ten Names We Considered For Our New Cat:

10: Faora (General Zod’s Wife)

The sleeves make the outfit. (image credit Warner Bros)

This would obviously be lost in translation without re-branding Tibby as General Zod, which as I already said, I am more than open to. The Terrance Stamp Zod from 1980’s Superman II and not the Michael Shannon version from 2013’s Man Of Steel.

9. Tribble


Who didn’t love those little trouble makers from the classic original Star Trek episode “The Trouble With Tribbles”. They even look like the little hair balls left around the house that love to torment my allergies.

8. Mogwai


I think Mogwai makes more sense for a female cat than Gizmo (which I think sounds more masculine). The name Mogwai comes from Cantonese folklore and is “a kind of demon held to be harmful to humans”. According to my cat allergies, there is no better name for a cat!

7. Jaina (Solo)

Jaina Solo

Jaina Solo, AKA ‘The Sword of the Jedi’, was the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia in the now defunct Star Wars Expanded Universe. She was smart, tough, an excellent pilot and written extremely well by author Karen Travis in the Star Wars Legacy of the Force series!

6. Takei


George Takei has a larger presence in pop culture today than he did in his Sulu days on Star Trek. Takei has always struck me as a good name for a pet. “Takei! Get off the damn counter!”

5. Krull


What science fiction fan is not familiar with the movie Krull? It totally ranks up there with Last Star Fighter as some truly cheesy 80’s sci-fi fun!

While maybe not the ‘cutest’ pet name imaginable, it does sound tough!

4. Tauntaun


Tauntaun fits for this cat for a couple reasons. The coloring is very similar between the feline and the trusty steed of our star-fairing heroes in Empire Strikes back. And we did pick up the cat in the middle of a Michigan snow storm!

3. Loki

Female Loki

As part of Marvel’s numerous attempts to increase their diversity in their comic books over the past decade, Thor’s stepbrother (and often arch rival) has recently reborn as a female human. Why? Because while Marvel’s cinematic universe can do no wrong, it seems as though their comic book universe can do no right.

2. The Kracken

Image credit:

The Kracken is a legendary sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. What does this have to do with a beige cat? Nothing. I just want to be able to walk in the house and say “Release the Kracken!”

1. Kneesaa (female Ewok)


Kneesaa was a female Ewok who served as Princess of Bright Tree Village.  Later, she became the Chieftainess of Bright Tree Village and wife of Wicket Wystri Warrick. (Geeky Mommy is more of a fan of this name than I am)

Please comment with your guess as to which name you think the Geeky Family ran with for our new addition!


Geeky Daddy’s Top Geeky Gift Ideas For Him

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to find the right gift ideas for that special Geek in your life.

This year, the Geeky team is going to breakdown our gift ideas into three separate lists: For Geeky Him, For Geeky Her and For Junior Geek.

Here are Geeky Daddy’s Top Ten Holiday Gift Ideas For Him.

10. Die Hard Christmas Sweater

I think we can all agree that it’s not really Christmas until we see Hans Gruber falling out of the 30th floor window of Nakatomi Plaza.


Well now you can dress the part, well at least the part of Karl’s brother Tony, who was the first of Hans crew to be offed by our hero John McClane in Die Hard.

die hard machine gun christmas sweater
Available on

This officially licensed sweater by Funny Threads Outlets is available on and is the best way to communicate to the entire ugly Christmas Sweater Party what you think the best Christmas movie of all time is!

9. Nixon Star Wars Inspired Watches

Whether you are a member of the Imperial Army or a “part of a rebel alliance and a traitor,” you still need to be at grandma’s on time for dinner. Enter your new best friends, Nixon’s line of Star Wars inspired time pieces!

All made of high quality stainless steel parts and with Star Wars inspired designs, these watches make awesome gifts for the Star Wars fan!

All designs are available on!

8. Doctor Who Socks

Like it or not, there’s a good chance of receiving hosiery as a gift for the holidays. And while Grayson would love socks as a present because they’re so fun to throw, chew on, and more, all you can do is hope that the socks you receive are a socking stuffer and not the main entree of your gifts.

Doctor whos
“What’s up docs?”

The popularity of Doctor Who seems to be at an all time high, based upon the amount of police call boxes I see at conventions. So let’s pay homage to the phone booth with these officially licensed socks!

dr. who police call box
Available on

7. Star Trek TNG Bluetooth® ComBadge

This is a must have for any true fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation!

Star Trek BlueTooth Communicator Exclusive

This ThinkGeek exclusive hooks up to your phone or device via Bluetooth® and has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. Once connected, one touch answers/ends calls, plays/pauses audio, or accesses Siri, Google Now, or Cortana. And, of course, a touch plays that classic communicator sound effect.

I would end every call with “Geeky Daddy out.”

6.  Super Mario Wall Mount Lamp

This custom lamp made of maple plywood and colored translucent acrylic is an awesome way to light up the gaming room of any vintage gamer!

Available on Amazon, this game room essential ships fully assembled to the U.S. and Canada.

The only thing that could make this lamp any cooler would be a push button on the bottom of the block that you could jump up to punch on and off!

5.Portable BBQ Grill Briefcase

Picture this: James Bond approaches Q and needs to be outfitted with kit to blend into a tailgate. Q says “I have just the thing for you 007, but bring it back in one piece this time!”

briefcase grill
Available on ThinkGeek

The Portable Briefcase Grill may look like a briefcase on the outside, but on the inside it holds all the right tools to grill you up a delicious meal. Open this little wonder to reveal a cooking grate and ash-catcher. With enough space to cook a meal for two, it will grill up just the right amount of food at the tailgate for Bond and the bad guy’s girlfriend (that Bond is probably going to nail 10 minutes after meeting).

Ok, so maybe it’s not for a State University binge-drinking type tailgate. Probably more of a corporate BBQ “hey, hit me up on LinkedIn so we can discuss the potential merger” type tailgate, but you get the idea.

4. Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

tetris lamp 2
Available at

While we do see Russia’s name negatively in the news a lot lately, it is important to remember that Mother Russia is also responsible for some of the 20th centuries greatest inventions! Such as the helicopter, synthetic rubber, television and, of course, Tetris!


These cool LED Tetris blocks light up automatically when stacked together and turn off when separated.

tetris lamp

And best of all, when you make a row of all the same color, they don’t disintegrate like they do in the actual game! Unfortunately, the blocks do not play the awesome soundtrack from the game.

3. Transformer USB Drive

Transformer thumb drive
Available on!

My favorite Transformer growing up was Soundwave! He was smart, loyal, had a cool voice and was incredibly useful on the battlefield thanks to the added punch of his cassette disciples such as Ravage.

Soundwave & Company

Now you can control your own Ravage with this amazingly detailed Ravage USB drive. Available in true 16 GB or 32 GB, this USB is the perfect way for any Transformers fan to back up off the cloud.

transformer thumb drive 2
Available on!

2. Star Trek: TNG Uniform Hoodie

Star Trek: TNG Uniform Hoodie - Blue, S
Available at

This Star Trek: The Next Generation hoodie from ThinkGeek is an essential for any Trekkie living in a cold weather environment! Not only do these full zip hoodies (with pockets) have screen-accurate colors and embroidered combadges – they have actual raised collars and rank pins!

The rank pins are extremely important if you plan on wearing the red hoodie on away missions! There is a huge difference between being the captain and the expendable!

1. CLUE: Game of Thrones Board Game

Game of Thrones Clue Game
Available on!

Now you can have friends over for game night and try to solve who killed your favorite Game Of Thrones character on the board game while watching the same characters getting offed on TV.

Game of Thrones Glue Game 2
Available on!

12 treasonous scheming suspects, 6 metal weapons and a double sided board (confines of the Red Keep or the streets of Meereen) are just some of the components of this modern take of the classic CLUE board game. Drink, know things and solve a murder all at the same time!

Tell us what gifts you like, don’t like or have gotten that you love!

Gifts Under $20

Geeky Daddy Movie Review of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn Director’s Cut 35th Anniversary Special


But seriously, this movie is 35-years-old, so if I am spoiling anything in this article for you, who’s fault is that…

Ask any Trekkie which is the best Star Trek movie ever made and the most predominate answer will always be Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn.

Well, that and that the paper used to print the script for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier should have been used for toilet paper instead. At least then, some use would have come from the trees it was printed on…

Side Note: All Trekkies know to stick with the even numbered Star Trek movies only.

star trek films

The History

The even numbered Star Trek movies also happen to be the only ones that Wrath of Kahns director Nicholas Meyer worked on. Coincidentally, I am sure this has something to do with him being  brought back to the Star Trek universe for the new Star Trek: Discovery series.

The story of how the best Star Trek movie was created really begins in 1977 with the release of Star Wars. Paramount Pictures saw the success (profits) of Star Wars and was desperate to ride it’s galactic coat tales, which lead to the release of the snoozer that would later became known as Star Trek: The Slow Motion Picture.


In an effort to correct their mistake, the studio turned to low budget producer Herve Bennett with $11 million (a quarter of Star Trek I’s budget) and asked him to write a successful sequel with more action (which couldn’t have been that hard to do) than the original movie .

The Good

Wrath of Kahn features the most well written script of any of the original Star Trek movies. Smart, fast paced dialogue between the perfectly characterized crew with the right amount of humor and just enough Shakespearian effect catches the original cast at the top of their game.

star trek II cast
Everyone looking somewhat serious…then there is George Takei

According to urban legend, Bennett binge watched the entire run of the original series, decided that Kahn was the best villain from the entire series and chose to write a revenge sequel to that episode (Space Seed).


(When Nicholas Meyer was brought on as director, he re-wrote much of the script but because Hollywood’s rule book for crediting writer’s has more layers and stipulations than Google’s search algorithm, he is not credited as a writer.)

All the returning crew member’s lines were perfectly written for each character with more subtle humor than I remembered. The interaction between the big three (Kirk, Spock & McCoy) felt unforced and flowed organically, even in the emotionally charged scenes towards the end.

Even in a seated position, William Shatner is overacting.

William Shatner puts on the best performance of his Captain Kirk career, dealing with his own mortality on so many different levels. From something as subtle as the need for reading glasses to meeting his resentful adult son to the death of his best friend (I warned you about the spoilers), The ‘Shat’ (over) delivers the perfectly characterized dialogue in the way only he could.

Star Trek has often been described as a soap opera in space and Ricardo Montalban’s revenge seeking Kahn is the best possible Shakespearian villain for this interstellar opera. Blaming Kirk for the death of his wife, Kahn’s obsession with revenge to the point of self destruction was an instant classic.

Montalban is possibly the only one who could have portrayed Kahn’s level of obsession, to the point of quoting Melville, without going over the top and coming off as cartoony. I found that his level of over delivery actually paralleled Shatner’s over delivery and helped sell the rivalry of him and Kirk. The Yin to Kirk’s Yang or the Boba Fett to Kirk’s Han Solo.

And nobody can rock an ascot like Ricardo!

James Horner’s score was another dimension of this film that distanced it from the others in the franchise.

Horner most famous work is probably from Titanic and his most unusual is probably still the bizarre metal oil drums on the Commando soundtrack, but this film has some of his most emotional work. The score was powerful at the right moments of battle and subdued and reflective at the emotional times of the movie. I want Scottie to play Amazing Grace on his bag pipes at my funeral!

Director’s Cut vs. The Original

The Director’s Cut opens with an entertaining William Shatner interview reminiscing about the making of Wrath of Kahn…and at times, The Search for Spock (Shatner got a little confused at times and was called out on it by the interviewer).

The most notable change of the film itself was not so much the additional material, of which there was not much of, but the modernization of the film coloring.

Star Trek II vs. Director's cut Even with the improved color definition, the discrepancy between early 80’s technology and current high definition was painful at times on the big screen.

Most director’s cuts are mostly additional scenes were cut for the theatrical release for good reason. Whether scenes are just unnecessary, lack quality, negatively effect the flow of the movie or for simple run time, the fact is most cuts are made for a good reason.

However, the few minutes of footage that were re-inserted into the Wrath of Kahn Director’s Cut all worked very well and assisted the flow of the film.

I enjoyed the extended dialogue where Bones explains to Kirk what reading glasses are and how they are used. Kirk’s extended interaction with Scottie’s nephew also helped to add more emotional buy-in and weight to his death scene later in the film.


I had hoped that the extended scenes would address a plot hole that always stuck out like a Darth Vader coplayer at a Star Trek Convention: If Kirk, Bones and Saavik were able to beam from the space station Regula I to the planet, how come they were unable to beam back aboard the Enterprise? Spock said the Enterprise did not have enough power to beam them back, but they were using the beaming platforms on Regula I.

Other Things I Noticed:

Sense of Mortality

It was impossible to watch the film without noticing how many of the cast are deceased. Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Ricardo Montalban, Bibi Besch, Paul Winfield, Merritt Butrick. It was a somber feeling.

Bacon sleeve:

It may just be because I was hungry at the time and unwilling to mortgage my home just to purchase a bucket of popcorn, but I thought Joachim’s arm looked like a huge strip of yummy bacon!

I picked up a bacon cheeseburger after the movie.

Parallel’s to Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

After the near franchise killing turd blossom that was Star Trek V: The Final Frontier bombed at the theaters, Paramount realized their best bet was to re-create Wrath of Kahn as closely as possible. (Even Shatner poked fun at #5 in the interview)

So the studio brought back Nicholas Meyer to write and direct Star Trek’s own version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens: a re-quel (or combination sequel and reboot)

Christopher Plummer delivered his lines with Kahn-esque enthusiasm.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country featured a very similar naval battle between the two vessels, an eccentric enemy captain repeatedly over articulating quotes from famous literature (this time Shakespeare as opposed to Melville),  a young female Vulcan Lieutenant on the Enterprise and Kirk coming to terms with his own mortality (again).

Free Shipping over $75

The Result

Any other Star Trek re-release, I may have thought twice about the cost of a ticket, but to seeing Kirk and Kahn match wits and over delivered dialogue on the big screen was only logical.

It was wonderful watching this well written sci-fi revenge classic on the big screen with a theater full of other geeks who appreciated these timeless characters.

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Kahn Director’s Cut scores a 4.5 our of 5 (More Than Babysitter Worthy) on the Geeky Daddy Movie Rating scale and a warm green on the Sidekick scale (mostly kid friendly).

Although Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn Director’s Cut had a limited amount of additional content, what was added did assist the story telling without disrupting the flow of the movie and the improved colorization was much appreciated.

Tell us your opinion of this film and make sure to check out other Geeky Daddy Movie Reviews.

Geeky Daddy Movie Rating (2)

Star Trek II

star trek II director's cut
Available on Amazon!

Geeky Daddy’s Top Ten Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Father’s Day (my first) is quickly approaching and people asking me for “geeky gift ideas for dad” recommendations.

Here are my top ten ideas!

Star Wars Death Star USB Wall Charger Star Wars Death Star USB Wall Charger Toys Games
Available on

Your father will see the power of this fully armed and operational wall charger! At just $10.99 the wall charger is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan from daddy’s little Padawan.

Coffee & Donuts DIY Coloring Book Tie

Available on

Is there a more traditional Father’s Day gift than a tie? Probably not, but we’re an nontraditional site!

Turn your basic tie upside down with a black & white tie that can be colored in with your choice of markers, bringing “Casual Friday” to a whole new level! The tie itself is machine washable, but be careful washing after coloring the tie…not all markers are created equal!

Star Trek: TOS Bluetooth® Communicator

blue tooth tricorder

The gift every Star Trek fan has been craving since they first watched Captain Kirk hook up with a hot alien female!

This officially licensed Star Trek Tricorder uses Bluetooth to pair with your cellular device, enabling daddy to simply answer calls by flipping open his tricorder and over acting just like his favorite space trekking captain. Your daddy’s very own Tricorder is also pre-loaded with 20 authentic sound effects and voice clips from the Star Trek universe, a unique stand to display the Tricorder when not in use and a hard case.

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch

back to the future watch
Available on

Back to the Future was an interesting father-son tale in that father and son are the same age and Marty had to help his dad with his game! Dr. Emmet Brown also played a surrogate father role, although it does seem kind of odd that the teenaged Marty was hanging out with the crazy old guy. And he did also share a kiss with his own mother and purchased the sports almanac that ultimately ended with President Biff. Maybe this wasn’t the best example, but the watch is pretty darn cool!

This officially licensed Flux Capacitor watch uniquely displays the current time and date and features a “time travel” mode. Plus, just like the DeLorean, it’s made of stainless steel! (No DeLoreans were hurt in the making of this watch, at least I don’t think so.)

Star Trek Kirk’s Command Chair Bean Bag Cover

star trek bean bag chair
Available on

Another officially licensed Star Trek product, Captain Kirk’s bean bag chair cover is the perfect place for dad to command space faring missions or watch football from on Sunday afternoons. It has faux communication controls in the arm rest so dad can contact Scotty in engineering! Ok, by “contact Scotty in engineering” I of course mean “yell for someone in the kitchen to bring him a beer”.

Heck, this unique chair is so cool, you could even watch Star Wars from it…just don’t tell any hardcore fans of either franchise about it.

Game of Thrones Dragonclaw Goblet Replica

game of thrones goblet
Available on

Drink deep from a goblet of the House Baratheon of Dragonstone.

With a resin stem shaped like a dragon’s claws and a glass bowl, this chalice is perfect for hosting parties in your own Chamber of the Painted Table or for a quiet dinner alone pondering the fate of your kingdom.

Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

tetris lamp
Available on

Remind dad of the good old days with his favorite old school video game. Seven Tetris piece interlocking LED lights can be stacked and separated and automatically light up when stacked together.

It also makes for an awesome interactive night light sharing some daddy-toddler time before bed. Thankfully, the lines do not disappear when stacked as they do in the game.

Awesome Mix Vol. 2 Cutting Board

guardians cutting board
Available on

Some daddies are experts in the kitchen. I am not one of them, but some are.

The Awesome Mix Vol. 2 glass cutting board has rubber feet to prevent sliding and is coated to be stain and odor resistant. Which is a great thing because who knows what kind of smells intergalactic veggies leave behind.

Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs with Sounds 

lightsaber tongs
Available on

Two things all guys love are grilling and making lightsaber sounds while doing whatever it is that we are doing.

These 22″ BBQ lightsaber tongs make their own authentic lightsaber sounds leaving dad free to concentrate on not burning dinner!

Slave Leia Costume

slave leia
Available on

“Slave Leia” is the pinnacle of sexiness for any fan boy ever so why not let daddy fulfill his adolescent fantasy on his special day by giving this to mommy to wear? (Or I guess some daddies could wear this also, I don’t judge.)

Hey, this is supposed to be “daddy’s day” right? Well click the link for a more descriptive review of this actual costume, I try to keep this site as kid friendly as possible.

Honorable Mention:

Who’s Your Daddy T-shirt

who's your daddy
Available on

You knew this would be on the list somewhere, so let’s just get it out of the way. Arguably the most famous disgruntled family in the galaxy’s history, the Skywalker’s are also the most famous father and son duo in the galaxy’s history. And this was all before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

This T-shirt is a great way for any Star Wars fan to display their pride in being a father and a Star Wars fan.

Find more great geeky gift ideas at Amazon or Think Geek. And ThinkGeek is offering a free Father’s Day T-shirt with any $50 purchase, so great time to go check them out!

Top 5 Geeky Pets I Wish I Could Have

Here in Geeky Manor we have some riveting dialogues. Most of the time GeekyMommie rolls her eyes, but every so often she gets into the conversation. After watching Lil’ G-Man’s interest in petting (and then trying to gnaw on) our kitties and dog, it spurred a conversation on fictional pets.

While there are some awesome fictional dogs (Brian from the Family Guy, Snoopy, Dog Wonder, Timber from G.I. Joe), fictional cats (Battlecat) and even fictional owls (Hedwig), I kept the list to include truly fictional critters.



What: These cute, teddybear creatures from the moon of Endor are quite controversial in the Star Wars universe, creating a huge divide in Ewok lovers vs. haters. Thanks Jar-Jar Binks for making Ewok haters dislike you more than said Ewoks. There’s also a great clip on How I Met Your Mother where Barney discusses “The Ewok line” – essentially how the year you were born determines your love or hate of Ewoks. The recording is awful, but it’s too funny not to share.

Pros: These guys are pretty cute (they’re basically walking shih tzus), can take down the Empire with sticks and stones and have an adorable language.

Cons: You need to build them a tree house, I’m not sure if these guys would really be interested in being kept as pets and curious as to the poop situation. Can you litter train an Ewok, or are they more like feral Ewoks that can just poop outside in the trees? I wonder what the city’s policy is for picking up Ewok poop. They also might try to eat you, so yeah, there’s that.

Still Want One:  Try this barrel of ewoks or Wicket by Build-a-Bear.

IMG_20170402_143317 (2)
Geeky Mommie shared her ewoks with Lil’ G. Yes, those are the Kenner originals!



What: The dragon dog from The Neverending Story (which seriously also looks like a shih tzu!).

Pros: It’s a soft, fluffy dragon that can fly! Imagine how awesome the commute to work would be on Falcor. He’s also a luckdragon who can breathe blue fire, so who needs karma when you have Falcor instead. He also doesn’t need to eat (Luckdragons are constantly drawing heat and air into their scales) so no worries about a huge food bill and therefore making him better than any other dragon. I’d also assume this means he doesn’t have to poop, so total win-win scenario.

Cons: Falcor is a pretty big dragon so you’d need a lot of space for him. Maybe an RV port or something? Although it might be cool if he just wrapped himself around your house – I don’t think any burglars would mess with your house then. And while you’d probably save a ton on the heat bill in the winter, you’re going to get hammered on the air conditioning bill in the summer. I also think that the vet bill would be pretty high and he was kind of a wuss when he needed to get shots.

Still Want One: Falcor is super hard to find – you typically need to find one on Etsy for big bucks. Here’s an imported version that still has a steep price tag, but not as expensive as some of the others! It might make more sense to just get some Falcor artwork for way less money.

Grayson on Falcor
Grayson taking Falcor for a test drive.



What: Adorable little purring/cooing balls of fluff that come in multiple colors made famous in the Star Trek episode “The Trouble with Tribbles”. Harry Potter kind of knocked these off with Pygmy Puff’s, although those have cute little eyes, come in pink and purple and don’t breed quite as quickly.

Pros: They’re just so cute. And purring is pretty relaxing. It also has no claws or teeth, so safe and fun for the whole family.

Cons: These guys multiply like crazy and eat everything in sight. Think that you’d be fine with just having one? Nope – they’re born pregnant so you’re going to have multiple Tribbles no matter what. You can always sell them off though for a profit.

Still Want One: Try Tibble Toy’s dual-sound tribble. The balls of fluff in multiple, standard Tribble colors has cooing and agitated sounds. Luckily this one just makes sound – it doesn’t eat all your food and reproduce like crazy.

Grayson had no trouble with this tribble.



What: A small, furry cross between a rodent, koala and a Furby that can walk on two legs, grasp items in its cute little hands and make adorable sounds and sing. They have giant ears and expressive eyes. Made famous by Gizmo in the Gremlins, Mogwai actually means “devil” and “monster” in Cantonese. According to the novel before the movie, they were created on an alien planet to be peaceful little critters. The creator messed up though and only 1% of mogwai are loyal, adoring pet-like creatures. The rest pretty much want to kill you.

Pros: They’re really tiny and portable, you can dress them up in cute little outfits, they understand what you’re saying to them and are just super cute. You could also put them in little Barbie Corvettes or G.I. Joe armored vehicles and race them around the house! It seems as though they’d be easy to litter train as well. If you wanted to be evil, they reproduce pretty quickly and you can definitely sell these guys for a nice profit.

Cons: They just have so many rules. No sunlight, no water and no eating after midnight. Although honestly, is it really that hard to follow the rules? But I’ve always been curious, when can they start eating? Six in the morning, eight in the morning? And can they have liquids other than water? If you get them wet with Mt. Dew or a 5 Hour Energy Shot, will you have a half dozen Mogwai bouncing off the walls?

Still Want One: Get the 6″ Mogwai like Grayson has and likes to face palm or pony up a few more dollars for a replica puppet. It’s a Mogwai puppet – stand by as we go buy this right away.

Grayson enjoyed face palming the Mowgai pretty much every time we tried taking a picture!



What: Yellow, cylindrical critters that do your bidding. Minions look mostly the same, but can have one or two eyes with goggles over them and typically wear little overalls.

Pros: They are really loyal and are great around the house. They can cook, clean, run errands and even take care of your kids. I for one would love a pet who can change my kid’s diaper. And while they love bananas, I don’t think the overall food bill would be that high. I also think they’re functional enough to use a toilet on their own.

Cons: They can just as easily destroy your house while trying to clean it. I also am not sure that Child Protective Services would approve of minion baby-sitters. They also might steal your clothing to try on.

Still Want One: Minions are hot stuff and you can get Minion anything (action figures, toothpaste dispenser , blankets, Tic Tacs), but you can find the plush version here.

Just need goggles and G-Man would be the perfect Minion.

Honorable Mentions

Baby from Dinosaurs

This is another critter that probably wouldn’t appreciate being called a pet, but it would be so worth it to hear him say “Not the mama” on a regular basis, especially because Lil’ G-Man can only say “dada” right now. All. The. Time. Never “Mama”…not that I noticed or anything…

Buckbeak from Harry Potter

Flying creatures are always a plus in my book, but he’s a little moody, could eat you and seems a little unsafe for babies.

Toothless from How to Train a Dragon

Another amazing flying creature who can also destroy your enemies, but as mentioned with Falcor, since he has to eat and poop, he’s less appealing. He’s also not soft and fluffy like Falcor or Buckbeak.

What do you think? Are there any fictional critters you’d want as a pet?

Written in collaboration with Geeky Mommie, which is why the word “cute” is used repeatedly. Don’t want to dampen my street cred.

You can shop for Geeky stuffed pets at our affiliate


‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Trailer Officially released!

I’m sure the Vulcan’s have a saying about good things coming to those that wait.

Well we have been waiting for a preview for the new CBS All Access series ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ for quite some time and the official trailer has finally launched!

As with most Star Trek series, the special effects and makeup look terrific. Michelle Yeoh acting is always wonderful and her English pronunciation has come along way. Overall, I am impressed with the trailer and am looking forward to the series!

I remember as a kid when my mother introduced my older brother and I to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Once a week we would all sit around a pizza, watch the further adventures of the U.S.S. Enterprise D and wonder if Troi and Riker were going to hook up that week.

U.S.S. Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation

I am hoping to have the same experience with Lil’ G and teach him that it is possible to be a fan of both the Star Trek universe as well as the Star Wars universe.

One glaring absence I noticed in the trailer was Jason Isaacs.  I wrote previously about the inclusion on Isaacs in the series and still list him as playing Captain Lorca. also shows the series as being 13 episodes long, but CBS has expanded the inaugural season to 15 episodes and even added a following discussion show called “Talking Trek.”

U.S.S. Discovery from Star Trek: Discovery

Having the series appear on CBS Access (CBS’s paid subscription service) only and not the television network itself is a risky gamble. It would not surprise me if CBS airs the pilot on network television before shifting it over to CBS Access to attain maximum exposure.

Will enough hardcore “Trekkies” be willing to subscribe to the service to get their Star Trek fix? The Star Trek brand does carry a ton of value with a loyal fandom, but I don’t know.

FOX has their new sci-fi Star Trek-ish adventure comedy coming out this Fall as well with The Orville starring Seth MacFarlane, which looks terrific, however FOX is taking the traditional distribution route and putting it on network television.

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Face The Darker Side Of Star Trek: The Next Generation This Free Comic Book Day

The “Mirror” universe was made famous for Trekkies in the original Star Trek episode Mirror, Mirror.   This is the universe where the Enterprise crew encounters darker versions of themselves.

Spock bringing back the Goatee before it was cool

Well this Free Comic Book Day (May 6th, 2017), readers will be able to tag along with the Next Generation crew as they encounter their mirror selves in Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken! This free issue will serve as a prequel to a new mini-series launching shortly from IDW where Captain Jean Luc-Picard will stop at nothing to get his hands on the Terran Empire’s latest starship, the Enterprise-D.

The Terran Empire is the darker Mirror version of the Galactic Federation of Planets.  In the Mirror universe, the federation seeks out new life and new civilizations…to conquer.

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Star Trek: Discovery Beams Up It’s New Captain!

Per Deadline, Star Trek: Discovery has landed versatile actor Jason Isaacs as it’s new captain, Captain Lorca.

Jason Isaacs

Star Trek: Discovery is set to debut this fall on CBS All Access although there has been talk of possibly airing the pilot on CBS television and then moving the series to their online property.

Jason Isaacs is a veteran actor of television (Awake, Dig) as well as countless movies (Harry Potter, Black Hawk Down, The Patriot, Green Zone).  He will play opposite lead Sonequa Martin-Green’ s Lt. Commander Rainsford.


Here is the series storyline, per

Set roughly ten years before the events of Star Trek the original series, and standing apart from the timeline of the current feature films, Star Trek: Discovery follows the crew of the starship USS Discovery, while exploring an event previously mentioned in the history of the original Star Trek timeline.

Sidenote: I think that was the hokiest title for an article I have ever written…

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Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Documentary To Tie-In A Mythical Season 8?

I am of the geeky generation that grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) and find that to be the best series of the bunch.  Although, I should also point out that I am one of the few who enjoyed the Enterprise series as well.

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 seems to have never resonated with the Star Trek faithful quite like some of the other series in the franchise.  At the same time, it was by no means a failure having ran for 7 seasons.

Ira Steven Behr, former executive producer of DS9, is putting together a documentary on the series with an interesting twist.  While like any other documentary on a television program, it will have interviews with the former cast, crew and fans, he has also gotten the original writers back together to write a season premiere for a mythical season 8 of the show.

Photo: Paramount

While all the other series focused on adventures the crew had traveling from world to world, Deep Space 9 (DS9) took much more of a long developing, character focused, soap opera approach. These stories were typically more drama focused with less action. This format works well on television today thanks to programmable DVR’s, On Demand and Netflix binging, but not at the time of DS9.

With TNG, Voyager, Enterprise and the original series, the episodes we mostly self contained stories with 2-part season ending “cliffhangers”.  This format required less of a commitment by the viewer and was easier to watch.

Would DS9 have performed better with today’s audience viewing habits as opposed to the mid 1990’s?  It will be interesting to see how this documentary handles that and other questions about the series.

The documentary DS9: What we left behind (a play on the title of the series finale What you leave behind) will be directed by Leonard Nimoy’s son Adam.  It is still listed as “pre-production” on IMDB, but Behr has said he plans to have it available for a Winter 2017 release. as a more in depth article available HERE.

Feature Image from Paramount