Fan Theory Friday: Luthen is a Jedi in Hiding

Ok, I will be the first to admit that I am not exactly batting a thousand with my ‘Fan Theory Fridays.’

I was wrong (At least so far) about Hawkeye being a Skrull.

I wasn’t even close on Rey’s parentage in the sequel trilogy, although I still think Kennedy and Johnson pivoted from the original plan on that one.

I am going to give myself partial credit for my Winter Soldier Theory. While I was correct that he did kill a fellow Avengers’ parents, I thought for sure it was going to be Peter Parker’s mom and dad.

I’m still sure that Ewoks ate Stormtroopers on Endor.


Welcome to Today’s Fan Theory:

Luthen from Disney+’s Andor Series is a Jedi in Hiding!

credit: Lucasfilm

The ongoing Star Wars Andor series has been a little polarizing in the Star Wars community.

Hardcore Star Wars fans love the ‘slow burn’ of the story’s pace and the world building of the Star Wars universe beyond just Skywalkers, Jedis and lightsabers.

But the casual Star Wars fans are asking “Hey, where are the Skywalkers, Jedis and lightsabers that I am familiar with? Is this still Star Wars without them?”

credit: Lucasfilm

SIDE NOTE: One thing I am sure both sets of fans enjoy about the series is that we have finally moved away from Tatooine! Holy Crap, for ‘a planet that farthest from a bright center of the universe’, a whole heck of a lot seems to happen there!

Well what if we have already seen a Jedi in Andor? I think we have and I have a couple reasons why!

My Theory:

Luthen Rael from Disney+’s Andor Series is a Jedi in Hiding!

1 Luthen Sure Loved Himself Some Kyber Crystal!

credit: Lucasfilm

When Luthen passed his Kyber crystal on to Andor, he spoke about how precious it was to him. It’s meaning to him went beyond monetary, although he did tell Andor not to accept less than 50,000 credits for it. The Kyber crystal was “worth more to him.”

credit: Lucasfilm

We also saw Luthen with a collapsible walking stick while he was in disguise on Ferrix. Was that simply a prop for his costume, or was that a way to walk around with his lightsaber in disguise. He could have easily have popped in his Kyber crystal into the staff to activate the lightsaber if the ‘S‘ really hit the fan.

2 The Jedi Slabs In His Antique Shop!

credit: Lucasfilm

These tablets stood out to me the most simply because their existence and what they represent would not be known very far outside the Jedi inner circle.

The three hands on the slab represent the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit…errr…I mean The Father, The Daughter and The Son. They represent the Light side of the Force, the Dark side of the Force and the Balance of the Force. We previously saw these symbols in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels.

But aside from Jedi or Sith, who else would understand the significance of these tablets?

While researching for these slabs in Luthen’s shop, I came across a Youtube video from Star Wars Explained that caught both Jedi and Sith Holocrons in Luthen’s shop as well!

Image credit: Star Wars Explained on YouTube

3 His Unbridled Hatred For The Empire!

Luthen really has it in for the Empire, to the point of ‘collateral damage be damned.’

Even Mon Mothma was like ‘Damn. Simmer down, dude!’ What could possibly be his reason for hating it so much? I mean he seems to be doing pretty well financially at least.

credit: Lucasfilm

Well revenge is a powerful motivator and having around 10,000 of your closest fraternity murdered would certainly do it!

4 In Rogue One, Cassian seemed to be at least somewhat familiar with the lore of the Jedi.

Credit: Lucasfilm

At the time of Rogue One, Casssian had already been a member of the Rebel Alliance for some time. At least I assume so because he had achieved the rank of Captain and was entrusted to accomplish an important mission by himself.

So it is entirely possible that he became educated about the Jedi and their ways during his time with the Alliance between the Andor series and the Rogue One movie. But it is also possible that he actually met a Jedi before….such as Luthen (whom I’m about 99.98% sure won’t be alive when the series wraps up).

Now is all this proof that Luthen was a Jedi? No, of course not. He may have simply been close to a Jedi, been in a weekend bowling league with some Jedi or possibly he worked as a 3rd shift janitor in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant polishing floors.

But it is my theory that Luthen Was A Jedi.

From a continuity point of view as well, having Luthen be a Jedi would also help to tie in the prequel trilogy with the Rogue One film!

Those are my thoughts. Do you agree that Luthen could be a Jedi in hiding? Do you think I am way off? Would it upset you if a Jedi was included in the Andor series?

Let me know in the comments!

As always, and Likes, Comments and Shares are always appreciated!



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