Curious How Many Wonder Woman Costumes To Expect On Halloween? Google Trends Has Your Back!

Wonder how popular a certain character is going to be this Halloween? Or, more specifically, how popular that particular character is going to be this year in your specific area?

Well the data collecting minds at Google have made it easy to figure it out this year with their Fright Geist dashboard.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 1.39.51 PM

Simply choose from their expansive list of costume ideas (as general as “Pirate” or as specific as “Harley Quinn”) and you’ll be able to see how popular that costume is, it’s national rank, searches by city, search trends of the past dozen years and category popularity.

Google Trends is like having your own personal Bat-computer!

For example, with Wonder Woman we can see that she is trending more popular than ever and comic book characters are making up about 11% of all costume searches this year!

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 1.32.14 PM
Wonder Woman results

What will Google think of next!


Disabled Engineering Student May Be The Greatest Mad Max Cosplayer Ever!

Florida engineering student Ben Carpenter was born with spinal muscular atrophy but he is to awesome to let that keep him down.

mad max cosplay 6
Ben Carpenter

He decided to convert his wheelchair into the best Mad Max cosplay we have ever seen!

mad max cosplay 5
Even Tom Hardy would be intimidated

This even tops Ian Pfaff’s Little Tykes toddler Mad Max Cosplay!

toddler mad max
Unfortunately my son won’t get anything this creative from me…

To the back of his wheelchair, Ben can attach either a chariot or a buggy, depending on how much room the cosplay venue allows.

mad max cosplay 3

His friend Amy usually accompanies him in the buggy or chariot.

mad max cosplay 4

Somebody please get George Miller to write this kid into the Mad Max: Fury Road sequel!

The entire Geeky Family congratulates Ben on not letting his disability get in the way of being one kick-ass cosplayer!

Well done Ben!

Thank you Bored Panda for this find!

Side note: Check out the Black & Chrome edition of Fury Road! It’s awesome!

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 2.39.51 PM

Geeky Daddy & The G-Man Visit Motor City Comic Con Day 3

Day 3 (Sunday) is the last day of the Motor City Comic Con and mostly known for children’s cosplay and as being the best day to score deals on merchandise, toys and those hard to find back issues needed to complete old runs or story arcs. In my case, it was the purchase of one of my comic book “Holy Grails”, Captain America #100 from April 1968! Yeah!

cap am 100

You can view our articles about Motor City Comic Con Day 1 and Day 2 here.

I attend day 3 of conventions lone wolf (sans Geeky Mommie and Lil’ G) since they find me flipping through boxes of old comic books about as exciting as watching artificial grass grow. So I am behind the camera for all of today’s cosplay pics.

But let me get back on topic…

Harry Potter, Hermione & Hedwig

Cosplay wise, the heroes definitely outnumbered the villains today. Lots of Captain America’s created a very patriotic setting.

But the Empire did still have a strong presence.

We had plenty of heroes from the 80’s!

And some scary characters as well.

Plenty of sci-fi cosplay.

And lots of anti-heroes that blur the lines between good and evil:

All types of characters from TV, comics, movies and video games:

Here are a few of the highlights of my trip to Motor City Comic Con Day 3:

While walking around, I shared a wisecrack with a person walking just behind me. As we rounded a corner, I heard cheering and somebody yelling “Wheaton!” Turned out the person I was joking with was the bearded Wil Wheaton of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Big Bang Theory fame.

I was approached by a young lady and asked if I was single. For a moment I thought “Hey, Geeky Daddy’s still got it!”  Nope, turns out one of the start-ups at the show is an app for geeky dating and they wanted me to fill out a profile.

I bumped into the cutest little Wonder Woman at the show! Our good friends Chris & Sheila’s daughter Abby in full armor and looking tough! She actually is pretty tough too, having taking some classes at our local Krav Maga studio.

Abby can be very intimidating

I was unfortunately unable to stay for the kid’s cosplay contest, but based on what I saw walking around, I’m sure it would have been a great show!

Hope everyone has enjoyed my commentary of the 2017 Motor City Comic Con!

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Geeky Daddy & The G-Man Visit Motor City Comic Con 2017 Day 2

Saturday (day 2) tends to be the busiest of the three days for the Motor City Comic Con and this year was no exception! At 3 p.m., the line for advance ticket holders to get in the door was still 500 people deep…easy!

There are a few reasons why Saturdays have the most visitors. The first obvious reason is that people are off work and their kids are out of school.

Another is that many media celebrities don’t arrive until Friday evening because they spend the week working on current television productions, movies or other projects. Once at the Con, some celebrities do so well selling autographs and photo shoots on Saturday that they simply prefer to head home Sunday and not spend the extra day away from their families.

IMG_20170520_112307 (1)
Geeky Mommie, myself, G-Man and our good friend (& celebrity chaperone for the Con) John Carra.

It is always a little exhilarating to see stars such as Ron Perlman or Lou Ferrigno in person, but it is important to remember that, in most cases, they are regular “Fanboys” and “Fangirls” like the rest of us.

I remember a couple years ago at the Motor City Comic Con, I was looking at some He-man art at an artist booth when I overheard the person next to me negotiating a trade with the artist.  Turned out the gentlemen to my left was Cary Elwes (Princess Bride)!

He was on break from his own booth, so he put on a cap and was checking out the show. He was a fan of the artist and was trading some personalized autographed headshots made out to the artist’s daughter for some original sketches.

Pretty darn cool!


cary elwes
“As you wish.”

As I mentioned in my post about Day 1, my favorite part of any Con is the cosplay and the people watching!

So with this being Lil’ G-man’s first Comic Con, we knew we needed to have him in costume!

Happily arriving at the Con

Plan A was for me to be dressed in Luke Skywalker gear and wear Lil’G on my back dressed as Yoda (ala ‘Empire Strikes Back’). Unfortunately, this morning G was not having it with the headgear (probably because it covers us his amazing hair), so we had to change plans.

“Fussy baby, I am.”

So Geeky Mommie and I pulled an audible and raided the basement’s Halloween cabinet for costumes. It was decided that a Ghostbuster and Mr. Stay Puft would be our alias’ today and it could not have gone any better!

Comic Con 2017
“He is sooo cute! Oh, and there is a baby too!”

We toured the convention center to the nonstop sounds of “What an adorable Mr. Stay Puft!”, “Look at the Mini Mr. Stay Puft!” and “Ahh..How cute!” The last comment I am assuming were mostly directed towards me and not G, but who knows…

We met the genie from Pee Wee’s Playhouse, who entertained Lil G with a fun game of Peek-A-Boo.

PeeWee's Playhouse
“Mecha Lech Hi Mech Hinnie Ho”

We had a quick interview with Nick Moretti of Comics, Beer & Sci-Fi, that should air sometime in the fall! Thanks Nick!

Geeky Daddy, a tired G-Man, Nick Moretti with a complete rando looking on…

We met other real Ghostbusters (who put my store bought costume to shame).

We met multiple agents of the Empire.

Thankfully, there were also heroes there to keep us safe! Lil’ G loved all their lightsabers, so we know he’s for sure my kid!

We met a Guardian of the Galaxy (that Grayson wasn’t sure what to think of…)

And various other heroes & villains!

We even met a couple of real @$$holes…from ‘Spaceballs’

Who made that man a gunner?!?

Ever since we found out we were expecting a little Padawan, I had been looking forward to taking him (or her) to their first Comic Con! The experience of seeing all the vintage toys and Golden-Age comic book covers, the thrill of flipping through the $0.50 comic back issue boxes, and the camaraderie that all the cosplayers show to each other is something that must be experienced at least once.

Lil’ G-Man stayed awake for the whole event like a trooper but was fast asleep in his car seat before we even pulled out of the parking lot.

Shhh…The baby is sleeping.

Overall, I think the whole Geeky Family had a great day!

Stay tuned for notes on Motor City Comic Con 2017 Day 3!

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Geeky Daddy & The G-Man Visit Motor City Comic Con 2017 Day 1 (Updated with more Cosplay)


Today was day 1 of the 2017 Motor City Comic Con and, of course, Geeky Daddy was there!

motor city 3
Geeky Daddy & Uncle Josh with The Hillsdale Batman & Supergirl

Uncle Josh joined me on today’s trip to the ‘Con’ and Geeky Mommie and Lil G will be joining me tomorrow.

Around 200 comic book, collectible and vintage toy dealers, independent artists and writers, comic book and media celebrities and crafters were there to showcase their talents and inventory.

Geeky Daddy with the talented Tiffany of Penguin Attacks Studios

This was Uncle Josh’s first Comic Con and what I was most interested to introduce him to was the wonderful world of Cosplay! I described Cosplay to him as people who enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters.

He was confused at first, but as you can see from the pictures, caught on quickly!

motor city 9

We had a fun time and met an interesting and diverse cast of characters!

Can’t wait till tomorrow when Geeky Mommie and I take Lil’ G to his first Comic Con!

Stay tuned for more!

Updated 5/20/17 with more cosplay!

Captain Rex was in the house!
“Multi Pass Corben Dallas”


We raced and I won!
Odd couple
With Wolverine & Catwoman

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Cosplay Carefully: RCMP Respond To ‘Fallout’ Video Game Cosplay Bomb

If you are going to dress as a post apocalyptic character from a video, I highly recommend you do not simply wander the streets in costume.

According to CBC, a man dressed in cosplay as a character from the post-apocalyptic video game Fallout, complete with gas mask, ammo belt and armor, aroused a bit of concern from resident and multiple calls to the Royal Canadian Mounted police.

Complete with “New California Republic” flag. Source Kyle Martel/Facebook

At least 8 officers responded with weapons drawn and observed the Fallout fan walk into Lynn Alterations. Police vacated local businesses and called Lynn Alterations.  The owner, Hoa Huynh, was preparing to take measurements when he got the call asking if he could see any wires.

The police asked Huynh to leave, which he did, and then they made contact with the suspect. Through conversations, they were able to determine that he was wearing a costume and posed no threat to anyone…except maybe other cosplayers.

Source: William Vavrek Photograghy

What appeared to be a bomb turned out to be a number of Pringles potato chip cans taped together and covered with silver paint.

The suspect was briefly held but released without charges.

RCMP could be seen laughing about the situation afterwards. Source: William Vavrek Photography

Geeky Daddy’s Tip of the Day: If your cosplay involves explosive devices, belts of bullets or a gas mask and you are not standing directly in front of a fan expo, You should probably not wear it wandering down a main street.

Or do your own alterations.

Or buy your Fallout Cosplay from Amazon! Veteran Ranger Helmet Deluxe Riot Armor Mask Fallout Cosplay Props Xcoser Clothing
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Geeky Daddy Visits The Great Lakes Comic-Con

It is always fun to check out local comic book shows and the Great Lakes Comic-Con (held at Macomb Community College) is always a great time!


It is one of the medium size shows that is large enough to attract lots of vendors, a fun crowd and a couple recognizable celebrities, yet still have a low adult admission cost of $10.

This size show is so great for comic book collectors like me because we love to peruse the $1 and $0.50 comic book boxes looking for that diamond in the rough or the one missing back issue from a story arc. Vendors are more lenient negotiating for that “1st appearance” or key issue you are looking for because their cost for the booth is so much less than the larger conventions.

The Motor City Comic-Con, for example, is much larger with “A-list celebrities” that have guaranteed minimum fees that the convention needs to cover.  The money to pay these celebrities comes from higher ticket prices to the fans and increasing the booth cost to vendors. The result is that the larger shows have become more pop culture oriented as less comic book vendors are able to turn a profit due to the increased booth cost and less serious buyers in attendance.

Vintage toys are a blast to look at as well.  I was able to relive part of my youth looking at some of the vintage Star Wars, G.I Joe and Transformers toys.  The “oh wow, I had that He-Man toy when I was a kid and now it sells for how much?” moments are great and depressing at the sametime.

My older brother and I had both the Dragon Slayer and Roton

This was also where I heard my favorite quote of the day from over my left shoulder

“Careful, if you break anything, daddy has to buy it.”  CRASH!!! “uhhh….I guess daddy just bought something.”

Now, I know exactly what you are thinking…

“But Geeky Daddy, was Samurai Deadpool there?”

I am glad you asked.  Yes, he was….

Although, if this was Ryan Reynolds, he let himself go a bit…

Sometimes I will come to these shows wearing a suit and sunglasses.  I then approach kids dressed as superheroes and say “Hello, I would like to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative”. I get a variety of responses.

Cosplay is always fun for the adults as well as the kids.

Doc Oc with Silent Bob cosplay from Argo City Cosplay
Great Lakes Ghostbusters Coalition
Jeep Wagoneer Ecto-something….

Other highlights of the show were former professional wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts, a Free-Play arcade provided by Big Toys, free board games, the 501st Great Lakes Garrison, a robotics droid competition and more.

Local shows are always fun for geeks of all ages and a great way to help support local vendors.