Geeky Daddy & The G-Man Visit Motor City Comic Con Day 3

Day 3 (Sunday) is the last day of the Motor City Comic Con and mostly known for children’s cosplay and as being the best day to score deals on merchandise, toys and those hard to find back issues needed to complete old runs or story arcs. In my case, it was the purchase of one of my comic book “Holy Grails”, Captain America #100 from April 1968! Yeah!

cap am 100

You can view our articles about Motor City Comic Con Day 1 and Day 2 here.

I attend day 3 of conventions lone wolf (sans Geeky Mommie and Lil’ G) since they find me flipping through boxes of old comic books about as exciting as watching artificial grass grow. So I am behind the camera for all of today’s cosplay pics.

But let me get back on topic…

Harry Potter, Hermione & Hedwig

Cosplay wise, the heroes definitely outnumbered the villains today. Lots of Captain America’s created a very patriotic setting.

But the Empire did still have a strong presence.

We had plenty of heroes from the 80’s!

And some scary characters as well.

Plenty of sci-fi cosplay.

And lots of anti-heroes that blur the lines between good and evil:

All types of characters from TV, comics, movies and video games:

Here are a few of the highlights of my trip to Motor City Comic Con Day 3:

While walking around, I shared a wisecrack with a person walking just behind me. As we rounded a corner, I heard cheering and somebody yelling “Wheaton!” Turned out the person I was joking with was the bearded Wil Wheaton of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Big Bang Theory fame.

I was approached by a young lady and asked if I was single. For a moment I thought “Hey, Geeky Daddy’s still got it!”  Nope, turns out one of the start-ups at the show is an app for geeky dating and they wanted me to fill out a profile.

I bumped into the cutest little Wonder Woman at the show! Our good friends Chris & Sheila’s daughter Abby in full armor and looking tough! She actually is pretty tough too, having taking some classes at our local Krav Maga studio.

Abby can be very intimidating

I was unfortunately unable to stay for the kid’s cosplay contest, but based on what I saw walking around, I’m sure it would have been a great show!

Hope everyone has enjoyed my commentary of the 2017 Motor City Comic Con!

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  1. I’m the Hermonie up there with my husband and daughter. Could you please email me that pic? We didn’t get a good one before our owl lost her cool.


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