Geeky Daddy Visits The Great Lakes Comic-Con

It is always fun to check out local comic book shows and the Great Lakes Comic-Con (held at Macomb Community College) is always a great time!


It is one of the medium size shows that is large enough to attract lots of vendors, a fun crowd and a couple recognizable celebrities, yet still have a low adult admission cost of $10.

This size show is so great for comic book collectors like me because we love to peruse the $1 and $0.50 comic book boxes looking for that diamond in the rough or the one missing back issue from a story arc. Vendors are more lenient negotiating for that “1st appearance” or key issue you are looking for because their cost for the booth is so much less than the larger conventions.

The Motor City Comic-Con, for example, is much larger with “A-list celebrities” that have guaranteed minimum fees that the convention needs to cover.  The money to pay these celebrities comes from higher ticket prices to the fans and increasing the booth cost to vendors. The result is that the larger shows have become more pop culture oriented as less comic book vendors are able to turn a profit due to the increased booth cost and less serious buyers in attendance.

Vintage toys are a blast to look at as well.  I was able to relive part of my youth looking at some of the vintage Star Wars, G.I Joe and Transformers toys.  The “oh wow, I had that He-Man toy when I was a kid and now it sells for how much?” moments are great and depressing at the sametime.

My older brother and I had both the Dragon Slayer and Roton

This was also where I heard my favorite quote of the day from over my left shoulder

“Careful, if you break anything, daddy has to buy it.”  CRASH!!! “uhhh….I guess daddy just bought something.”

Now, I know exactly what you are thinking…

“But Geeky Daddy, was Samurai Deadpool there?”

I am glad you asked.  Yes, he was….

Although, if this was Ryan Reynolds, he let himself go a bit…

Sometimes I will come to these shows wearing a suit and sunglasses.  I then approach kids dressed as superheroes and say “Hello, I would like to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative”. I get a variety of responses.

Cosplay is always fun for the adults as well as the kids.

Doc Oc with Silent Bob cosplay from Argo City Cosplay
Great Lakes Ghostbusters Coalition
Jeep Wagoneer Ecto-something….

Other highlights of the show were former professional wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts, a Free-Play arcade provided by Big Toys, free board games, the 501st Great Lakes Garrison, a robotics droid competition and more.

Local shows are always fun for geeks of all ages and a great way to help support local vendors.


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