Geeky Daddy & The G-Man Visit Motor City Comic Con 2017 Day 1 (Updated with more Cosplay)


Today was day 1 of the 2017 Motor City Comic Con and, of course, Geeky Daddy was there!

motor city 3
Geeky Daddy & Uncle Josh with The Hillsdale Batman & Supergirl

Uncle Josh joined me on today’s trip to the ‘Con’ and Geeky Mommie and Lil G will be joining me tomorrow.

Around 200 comic book, collectible and vintage toy dealers, independent artists and writers, comic book and media celebrities and crafters were there to showcase their talents and inventory.

Geeky Daddy with the talented Tiffany of Penguin Attacks Studios

This was Uncle Josh’s first Comic Con and what I was most interested to introduce him to was the wonderful world of Cosplay! I described Cosplay to him as people who enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters.

He was confused at first, but as you can see from the pictures, caught on quickly!

motor city 9

We had a fun time and met an interesting and diverse cast of characters!

Can’t wait till tomorrow when Geeky Mommie and I take Lil’ G to his first Comic Con!

Stay tuned for more!

Updated 5/20/17 with more cosplay!

Captain Rex was in the house!
“Multi Pass Corben Dallas”


We raced and I won!
Odd couple
With Wolverine & Catwoman

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