Cosplay Carefully: RCMP Respond To 'Fallout' Video Game Cosplay Bomb

If you are going to dress as a post apocalyptic character from a video, I highly recommend you do not simply wander the streets in costume.

According to CBC, a man dressed in cosplay as a character from the post-apocalyptic video game Fallout, complete with gas mask, ammo belt and armor, aroused a bit of concern from resident and multiple calls to the Royal Canadian Mounted police.

Complete with “New California Republic” flag. Source Kyle Martel/Facebook

At least 8 officers responded with weapons drawn and observed the Fallout fan walk into Lynn Alterations. Police vacated local businesses and called Lynn Alterations.  The owner, Hoa Huynh, was preparing to take measurements when he got the call asking if he could see any wires.

The police asked Huynh to leave, which he did, and then they made contact with the suspect. Through conversations, they were able to determine that he was wearing a costume and posed no threat to anyone…except maybe other cosplayers.

Source: William Vavrek Photograghy

What appeared to be a bomb turned out to be a number of Pringles potato chip cans taped together and covered with silver paint.

The suspect was briefly held but released without charges.

RCMP could be seen laughing about the situation afterwards. Source: William Vavrek Photography

Geeky Daddy’s Tip of the Day: If your cosplay involves explosive devices, belts of bullets or a gas mask and you are not standing directly in front of a fan expo, You should probably not wear it wandering down a main street.

Or do your own alterations.

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