“A Single Father Attempts To Cure The World’s Supply Chain Shortages With His Magic Rock Collection” & Other Marvel Movies Poorly Explained!

Lets have some fun with the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Can you guess these famous Marvel movies based solely off these extremely poor plot descriptions?

Scroll down slowly to avoid answer spoilers and remember to comment below with your score on this quiz!

1 A Single Father Attempts To Cure The World’s Supply Chain Shortages With His Magic Rock Collection

Source: Marvel

Answer: Avengers Infinity War

2 A One Percent-er Dad Throws Away His Spoiled Son’s Favorite Toy.

Source: Marvel

Answer: Thor.

3 Teenage Refugee Loses Both Her Moms And Relies On Two Adopted Wizard Dads to Protect Her From A Crazy Soccer Mom.

Source: Marvel

Answer: Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

4 A Ninety-Something-Year-Old Must Protect Best Friend From An Orphaned Billionaire.

Source: Marvel

Answer: Captain America: Civil War

5 After Being Paroled, A Thief Employs Insects To Commit Even Larger Crimes.

Source: Marvel

Answer: Ant-Man

6 A Distracted Driver Is Bitterly Stubborn About Being Forced Into A Career Change.

Source: Marvel

Answer: Doctor Strange

7 A Student’s School Field Trip Ends In Disaster After He Is Outed On Social Media.

Source: Sony

Answer: Spider-Man: Far From Home

8 A Military Vet Briefly Becomes King Of A Foreign Nation.

Source: Marvel

Answer: Black Panther

9 Two Of The Smartest People In The Class Secretly Build A Science Project And Immediately Regret It.

Source: Marvel

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

10 A Kid Has His School Dance Ruined By His Date’s Dad.

Source: Sony

Answer: Spider-man: Homecoming

Well, how did you do? Were you able to name them all?

What are some other Marvel Movies Poorly Explained?

Let me know in the comments below and check out some of our Other Lists!

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