Cocoa Snow Fell On A Swiss Town Yesterday. Who Ordered The ‘Chocolate Nuclear Winter’ in 2020?

2020: The Year of Mayhem continued yesterday (August 19th) for the small town of Olten, Switzerland. 

“All right, Raise your hand if you had the 2020 square “Chocolate Nuclear Winter In August!”

Disaster Bookies Are Making A Killing This Year!

Although this event could better be categorized as a “Tasty Mishap” rather than “Devastating Event.”

Per the Associated Press, the Lindt & Spruengli chocolate factory had a slight problem with its ventilation system while it made roasted cocoa nibs, and a combination of HVAC issues and high winds left a light sprinkling of cocoa powder on the surrounding streets. 

A Lindt & Spruengli representative said that “one car was lightly covered” and it offered to cover the cost of cleaning any affected property.

So maybe the “Chocolate Nuclear Winter” was a slight exaggeration. This event sounds more like the introductory chapter of a corny Hallmark Christmas Movie rather than a Dwayne Johnson natural disaster flick.

Don’t Watch Any Of These.

After all, his cocoa mishap is nothing compared to the 2018 chocolate delivery truck spill in Werl, Germany that left literally a ton of liquid chocolate (in some areas over 4 inches deep) all up and down the road.

In that event, the fire department, armed with axes, shovels and blow torches, were required to dispose of all the quickly hardened chocolate.

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