Geeky Daddy’s Dream Cast For A Robotech: Macross Movie!

Like many 80’s kids, Harmony Gold’s Robotech Saga was my introduction to the fantastical world of Japanese Animation (Anime).

While I enjoyed the Masters and New Generation Sagas, the Macross Saga will always be the first thing that comes to mind whenever I hear the word: ROBOTECH!

Talk of a big budget live-action Robotech movie is like the Punxsutawney Phil of Hollywood.

The rumors show up about once a year, pokes its head around, gets attached to a big name or two, then disappears into the black abyss of its cave again, not to be seen or heard from again for another 12 months.

Over the years, big Hollywood names such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Lawrence Kasdan and Steven Spielberg have been rumored to be attached to the property.

2022 is no different as Sony recently announced that they have signed Hawkeye show-runner Rhys Thomas to direct a new live-action Robotech Movie!

Will this project actually come into existence? Who knows.

But that doesn’t mean a boy can’t dream of seeing Zentraedi hunting Veritech Fighters filling the skies on the big screen sometime soon…or at least when COVID permits.

But who would be the best choice to lead Skull Squadron into battle? Who could nail the role of menacing Zentraedi invaders? And what about Minmei’s concerts? Can’t forget that proto-culture!

Well fret not Macross Maniacs. Here is Geeky Daddy’s Dream Casting for a Live Action Robotech: Macross Movie!

Tom Holland as Rick Hunter

The character of Rick Hunter needs to be a babyface, able to pull off the ‘bumbling everyman’ character, but still able to rise the occasion for heroic moments. Basically a fighter pilot version of Peter Parker…with ridiculous sideburns.

Seriously, those things would make a 1992 Luke Perry jealous

So who better for the role other than Peter Parker (of the MCU) himself: Tom Holland!

Ironically, Tobey Maguire, the initial big screen Peter Parker, was one of the names attached to a Robotech project in the early 2000’s.

A young Johny Galecki (Leonard Hofstetter from Big Bang Theory) would have been been a good fit as well, but I think he has aged out of the role at this point.

Melissa Benoist as Lisa Hayes

I striggled casting the role of Lisa Hayes more than any other character. Lisa is a strong, confident female lead from a military background but still maintains that ‘girl next door’ cuteness and vulnerability.

Melissa Benoist has shown her ability to play pretty much this exact character on the WB’s Supergirl. Lisa Hayes could be her breakout role for the big screen!

Taeyeon as Lynn Minmei

Whoever is cast as the musically talented Lynn Minmei needs have a serious set of pipes and be able to carry a tune.

Kaeyeon is huge in the K-Pop scene as the leader of the girl group Girls’ Generation and recently released her first solo album. She has the musical talent and presence to bring real life to Minmei’s songs.

Her popularity in the Asian music scene would also assist in box office draw in the ever expanding and lucrative Asian feature film market.

Initially I was thinking Qi Shu, until I realized that Transporter is over 20 years old!!! Time flies!

Patrick Wilson as Roy Fokker

Rick Hunter’s ‘Big Brother’ Roy is the stereotypical fighter pilot ace. The Handsome lady’s man that blurs the line between confident and cocky, cool under pressure and can pull off some bangs like nobody’s business! Think of Val Kilmer’s Ice Man from the original Top Gun.

Patrick Wilson is a versatile actor and I am picturing his Roy Fokker as a combination of Wilson’s roles as Ocean Master in Aquaman and Wilson’s Agent Lynch in the A-Team. With a little Vintage Val Kilmer tossed in.

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Vin Diesel as Britai Kridanik 

Vin Diesel not only nails the physically intimidating presence of the Zentraedi leader, but also the deep voice that the gigantic alien general possesses. Minimal CGI may be required to add hair to his head.

Side Note: Has anyone else noticed hoe much more gravelly his voice has gotten from the first Fast and Furious movie to the convoluted mess that was Fast 8?

Sam Elliot as Admiral Gloval

Speaking of deep baritone voice talents, Sam Elliot, who narrated the Dude’s adventure in The Big Lebowski (but will always be Wade Garrett from Roadhouse to me), not only nails Admiral Gloval’s baritone voice, but can also grow the thickest Amazonian Rainforest of a Mustache this side of Tom Selleck (who is our back-up choice for this role).

Elliot may be a little long-in-the-teeth for the role of Gloval, but I am pretty sure Elliot stopped aging sometime between filming Roadhouse and The Big Lebowski.

Zoe Saldana as Claudia Grant

Obviously Zoe Saldana as made a large enough name for herself in her other space fairing franchises (Star Trek & Guardians of the Galaxy) that a supporting role like Claudia isn’t realistic.

But, bear in mind, we are talking about our “Dream Casting” for a film about F-14 Tomcats that transform into gigantic mech robots that combat aliens in friggin’ outer space. All I’m saying is, suspension of disbelief, people, suspension of disbelief.

Tyler Labine as Ben Dixon

If you have never seen the ABC television show Reaper, drop whatever you are doing now and watch season 1! (Actually, please finish reading this article first, maybe click on an ad or two, then go check it out.)

It’s hilarious, well written and so well acted. All the actors are likable (even the Devil to a degree) and the performers nailed the roles. But none more so than Tyler Labine Ben’s loyal, lovable goofball of a sidekick “Sock”.

And what better way to describe Ben Dixon than as a “loyal, lovable goofball of a sidekick.”

Riz Ahmed as Max Sterling

Max Sterling is supposed to be an incredibly humble and socially awkward yet remarkably talented fighter pilot ace who’s un-distinguishable, generic looks have him blending into the background.

(Or at least as much as a dude with blue hair can blend into the background of a military force)

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Riz Ahmed came to my attention through his roles in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Jason Bourne. He definitely has the ability to play the un-assuming soldier who has more going on with him than meets the eye.

Karen Gillan as Miriya Sterling

Miriya was a beautiful female Zentraedi pilot who was considered one of their greatest warriors…until she defected to the humans after falling in love with Max Sterling while on a secret mission to assassinate him. You know, that old trope…

Karen Gillan nailed a similar ‘redemption’ role as the cold blooded killer turned hero Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Zac Efron as Lynn Kyle

Tall, dark and handsome, Lynn Kyle was the anti-war flowerchild who was also Rick Hunter’s competition for the love and affection of Lynn Minmei….his cousin (!?!)

I understand the dating pool aboard a space ship is probably rather small, but at least venture outside of the family gene pool you dirty hippie!

Zac Efron (Baywatch) has the physic and the acting ability to pull off Minmei’s self righteous dirty-minded cousin.

Simon Helberg as Exedore

Exedore was the loyal Zentraedi commander and advisor to Britai who later sided with the humans.

Scientific mind, slight build, goofy hair…No need to import any CGI or green screen make-up here. Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz from Big Bang Theory) fits the bill to a T.

Well, what do you think of my selections? Which do you approve of and which would you change?

Comment below with your suggestions and let me know if you enjoyed this content and I will make more. I am currently working on my Dream (Re)Cast for the 1987 G.I. Joe Animated Movie.

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