Geeky Daddy & The G-Man Visit The Selfridge ANGB Open House & Air Show

What better way to spend a sunny summer Saturday than an air show?

Up, Up and Away!

This past weekend was the Open House and Air Show at the Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Harrison Township, MI. The massive, century old Michigan Air National Guard facility is one of the few joint reserve force bases to house Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Air Force Reserve, Navy Reserve, Marine Corp & Coast Guard units.

The open house is a fun way for people to learn about military aviation history, see and climb inside many of the active duty and historical military aircraft, meet (and thank) active and retired military personal or just watch (and hear) some amazing stunt flying!

“Because I was inverted.”

The Thunderbirds capped off the event with their usual death defying stunts!

The show a little bit of everything, from World War I aircraft to the latest F-35 Raptor!

Lots of ground vehicles as well.

Grayson tried to make off with a Humvee, but his feet couldn’t reach the pedals…

“Where’s the seat adjuster on this thing?”


He most enjoyed the 40 MM grenade launcher, which had Geeky Mommie a little concerned and the Marines laughing.

IMG_20170819_154950 (1)

He was not overly impressed with the Coast Guard rescue copter…

“You’ve got yourself a fairly nice helicopter, but I have a bottle.”


We checked out the Marines’ Osprey VTOL aircraft,

And Lil’ G became very concerned when I placed him down and made my way towards the cockpit

“Ummm…is daddy certified to drive this thing?!?”

The Monday Morning Meme Me With Grayson this week also came from this excursion!

On a serious note, I am so glad we brought Lil’ G-Man’s Baby Banz ear protection! It got pretty loud when the F-16’s and F/A-18’s flew over head and we were surprised to see how many kids were there without any ear protection at all. We originally got the Baby Banz for 4th of July fireworks but they have come in handy so many times since.

baby banz ear protection
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The Michigan State Police had an exhibit as well with a vintage 1957 Ford squad car, underwater recovery team equipment and riot gear.

“Wow! This car is oder than daddy! Is that even possible?”


“Alright daycare germs. I’m ready to combat you now!”


Lots of cool stuff!

All in all, it was a fun day!

US Flag

baby banz ear protection
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