New Corvette May Have 1500 HP…But Still No Room For A Car Seat.

The fact that General Motors’ next model Corvette will be mid-engine redesign is nothing new…but the idea that it may be able to perform the Kesel Run in less than 12 parsecs is!

Blue shirt: “Quick! Get the cover on before dad finds out we borrowed the car without permission!” Black Shirt: “Dude, we are so fired.”

Corvette Action Center is reporting that the mid-engine C8 Corvette has not only been green lit, but it sounds like new Vette will be gunning for the Ferrari/Lamborgini market.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 11.57.04 AM Will the actual vehicle be released with 1500 HP? Very doubtful. But reportedly the design was revealed to GM engineers last week and the response was positive.


Car And Driver magazine has speculated that we would see mid-engine Vette as far back as late 2012, but the costly re-design of engineering such a change was pushed back do to government bail-outs, corporate re-structuring and so on.

Corvette Action Center recently caught pictures of what appears to be a mid-engine out for testing (or a Jimmy John’s run, we can’t be certain).

Before employees were able to conceal the vehicle, you can see that the new model appears to keep many of the same lines as the current C7 model Corvette.

mid-engine corvette
Image credit: Corvette Action Center

Unfortunately, I still don’t see any room for a child’s car seat.

Guess I need to continue waiting for the “family truckster” Corvette model to debut…

National Lampoon's Family Truckster
When will this be available in a 1500 HP version?

Feature Image credit: Corvette Action News



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