Monday Morning Meme Me With Grayson For Aug 21st

Good morning everybody!

This past weekend, the Geeky Family headed off to the Selfridge Air Force Base Open House & Air Show.

Selfridge Open House

It was a huge show with lots of stationary aircraft and vehicles to walk through and explore, plenty of aerial stunts and lots of fun!

Geeky Daddy and Lil’ G-Man near the cockpit of a Marine Corps Osprey.

(Sidenote: I am so thankful we brought his Baby Banz Ear Protection! I couldn’t believe how many children were there with no ear protection at all! We originally got ours for 4th of July fireworks, but they have come in handy so many times since. They are available on and

baby banz ear protection
Available on &

One of the vehicles we walked through was the Marine Corps’ Osprey, that is where this week’s Monday Morning Meme Me comes from.

Cast your vote below for this week’s winner and make sure to scroll through the site for previous winners.

Option A:

meme aug 21st E

Option B

meme Aug 21st D


Option C

meme Aug 21st c

Option D

meme Aug 21st B

Option E

meme Aug 21st A

Option F

meme Aug 21st F

And of course, last week’s winner:

Meme Aug 14th 6




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