Top Ten (or so) Worst Yearbook Photos In The History Of The Internet & Geeky Daddy’s Advice To Keep Your Child Off This List

A little Geeky Daddy advice: Be mindful of what your kids wear or quote on picture day. Because the internet doesn’t forget.

Don’t let your kids make the same mistakes we did. You do not want to be stuck paying the therapy bills if your child becomes an internet meme in their future.

We have all looked back through our yearbooks and seen ourselves in (what we thought at the time) were some stylish threads.  Z Cavaricci pants in the early 90’s, plaid button downs in the “grunge” era, Mullets, women in shoulder pads that made the football team jealous…

Here is my list of the 10 or so worst yearbook photos on the internet and how to help your child avoid making the list:

10:  Make sure you child has NOT done any drugs on picture day

user uploaded to Ranker

9  If you child plans on using a quote, you may want to verify their source…

user uploaded to Ranker

or at least make the quote hardcore

User uploaded to Ranker


8  Proofread your child’s shirt before she leaves the house


7  See number 8….I am assuming the shirt said “EAGLE”?

Photo Imgur

6  Breathalyzer is never a bad idea on picture day 

User uploaded to Ranker

5 Be mindful of the background when posing for the camera

User uploaded to Ranker

4  If your school has a “no burka policy”, that may exclude chain mail

User uploaded to Ranker

3  If your child is going to roll with their initials, be aware of possible alternate meanings

Photo: Imgur

2  I am torn between a “hipster before hipster-ing was cool” joke and a “rainbow hipster” joke here.  Either way, just…no

User uploaded to Ranker

1.  You can never foresee future popular television programming but how did this happen?

Photo Imgur

Honorable Mentions

Best Troll:  I am guessing Stephanie was an ex girlfriend.  Or at least she is now…

User uploaded to Ranker

He might not be able to hit anything with a blaster, but at least this stormtrooper was facing the right direction


I’ve got nothing on this one.  Nothing at all

Photo Imgur

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