Castlevania Show coming To Netflix This July! (Updated With A Kick Butt Trailer!)

Updated May 25th

We have more specifics now…and a bad-ass “Vampire Hunter D”-ish trailer!


Netflix’s official release simply stated “Castlevania season 1, part 1, coming to Netflix in 2017”, which is vague to say the least. We now have an exact date of July 7th, 2017.

Although Netflix has not confirmed, it does look like Castlevania will be an animated mini-series produced by Wow out of Vancouver. (Obviously, this has since been confirmed!)


Producer Adi Shankar did announce on Facebook about a year ago that she was working on a Castlevania TV mini-series:


The Globe and Mail reports that Wow (formally Rainmaker out of Vancouver) will be producing the series.  Wow is fronted by MIchael Hirsh who is well known in Canada’s animation business.

I am most excited about the series being written by Warren Ellis, one of my favorite comic book authors.


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