Top R Rated Movies That Became Cartoons!

The 80s brought us some amazing violent R-rated movies!

And, since the 80s was when pretty much anything got a kid friendly animated series and/or toy line, some of these R-rated movies got exactly that!

Here Are Geeky Daddy’s Top 5 80s R-Rated Movies That Became Cartoons!

1 RoboCop

Paul Verhoeven’s outlandishly violent dystopian cop movie RoboCop epitomized the decade of excess!

2 Police Academy

Police Academy gradually became more kid friendly with each subsequent sequel, but the original had plenty of adult humor and nudity.

3 Rambo: The Force Of Freedom

The world of Rambo ventured into cartoonish violence with the sequels, but the original First Blood movie doesn’t get the credit it deserves for being ahead of it’s time for its look at PTSD suffered by returning soldiers.

4 Conan: The Adventurer

“Crush your enemies
See them driven before you
And hear the lamentation
Of their women”

Not exactly a quote you’d think would spawn a Saturday morning cartoon.

Until researching this article, I didn’t know that Oliver Stone was a co-writer on Conan: The Barbarian.

5 Toxic Avenger

Not exactly an 80s blockbuster, Toxic Avenger picked up a cult following after its release, earning multiple sequels, a video game and this cartoon. There is even a sequel in the works with Peter Dinklage!

What R-rated movies that spawned cartoons have I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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