Geeky Daddy’s Quick Tips For Pool Safety!

The month of May is quickly approaching which means a couple things:

Family time around the pool is fun but is still a time for parents to be vigilant about safety. Most of the content on my site is centered around sarcastic humor, but with a toddler in the house and a baby on the way, water safety is something we take very seriously.

Grayson wears his ‘Game Face’ at his Goldfish Swim School lessons.

Sadly, according to the CDC, since 2005, on average 2 children under the age of 14 die per day in non-boat related drownings. That statistic is nightmare inducing!

For this reason, Lil’ G-Man has been going to swim classes at Goldfish Swim School (Farmington Hills) since he was about 10 months old. They have a friendly well trained staff (all the swim instructors are Ellis water life-saving certified) that are extremely engaged and in constant supervision with their students.

Geeky Mommy and Lil’ G-Man

Their water conditioning system, small class sizes, attentive staff and low employee turnover (in 18 months, G has only had 2 different regular instructors) means Lil’ G-Man is relaxed and comfortable in the water.

While he will not be mistaken for Michael Phelps anytime soon, when he is near the side of the pool, he does go right into the muscle memory routine of “hand, hand, elbow, elbow, tummy, knee” which has been ingrained in him since lesson one and pulls himself right out of the water.

However that doesn’t mean that Geeky Mommy and I can zone out around the pool. Here are a few Quick Tips For Summer Pool Safety That We Should All Follow:

Children Should NEVER Be Around A Pool Unsupervised. This sounds like it should be followed with a “Duh!”, but you’d be amazed how often this happens.

At Parties Or Public Pools, Don’t Assume Another Adult Is Automatically Watching Your Child. We have all seen this at public places (malls, restaurants, stores…whatever) where the family walks in and all of the sudden the parents assume the child is no longer their responsibility and lets them run amuck. This results in the child becoming a major safety hazard to themselves and others (as well as the child becoming one of those entitled brats you fantasize about back-handing when no one is watching).

And they eventually grow into one of these…

Anytime Your Child Is Near A Pool, Require Them To Wear A Flotation Device. We got G-Man a Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper Lifejacket last year and he loves it. He still has the freedom of movement that all clumsy toddlers want, but this cute jacket also keeps him upright if he falls in the water. It is also one of the few child lifejackets to earn approval from the United States Coast Guard.

Available on

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need Before The Kids Get In The Water. Make a checklist ahead of time of things you may need like sunscreen, snacks, sunglasses and towels so you don’t need to run back inside. When a small child falls in the water, it is silent. You will not hear a loud splash from inside the house.

Leave Your Cellphone INSIDE. We all get distracted by our phones. Either from calls, emails, desire to check social media, engage in a quick Clash of Clans battle or just see what is new on, having a mobile device on you means a constant desire to engage with it. Leave it indoors so the temptation is not present to take your eyes off what is really important in life.

I hope everyone enjoys a fun and safe summer. Hopefully this list is helpful.

Any questions regarding swim lessons for children of any age, the Ellis Water Life-Saving System or just water safety in general, please call our friends Nikki, Renee or Keisha at 248-450-5251 or stop by Goldfish Swim School Farmington Hills.

The management team at Goldfish Swim school Farmington Hills

I also have a number of Goldfish Swim School Family Swim passes still available, please comment below or email me if interested.

The posts in this blog may include affiliate links. This means that when you decide to purchase anything through these links I get a small commission at NO extra cost to you.

This article was written in exchange for the experience of swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School.



  1. Great post! So needed as warmer weather is approaching. One of my biggest fears. The tip to leave your phone inside is a big one. It really only takes seconds for something bad to happen.


  2. These are wonderful tips. I love how you mentioned leaving your phone inside or putting it down, because you’re right…they can be extremely distracting, which is definitely something you don’t want to be when you have little ones around!
    -Madi |


  3. Really great tips. Wearing floaties when I was younger saved my life so I always think it is important to have them on.


  4. I saw a video on YouTube that asks you to spot the person drowning. It’s surprising how people think that they’re supposed to look for the one person who’s screaming and struggling because TV has made us believe that. In actuality it’s not.


  5. As a former lifeguard and swim instructor, absolutely to: Leave Your Cellphone INSIDE – being aware of what your kids are up to and being engaged is one of the best ways to keep them safe.


  6. Great information, especially the part about leaving the cellphone inside. It only takes a few minutes of distraction for disaster to happen. Your little guy is sure cute!!


  7. This is a very timely article. With the warm weather, children spend more time in the pool and you can’t be too protective.


  8. I remember being absolutely terrified for my kids at that age around the pool. I never left their side but I also helped them to swim. So it was a win win plus I had fun with them in the water 🙂


  9. These are all great water safety tips for kiddos! I also LOVE that you have had your little man in swim lessons from such an early age, I have so many friends who are waiting until their kids are older and “aren’t afraid of the water” and I think that’s a mistake.


  10. It is a very advantageous post for me. I’ve enjoyed reading the post. It is a very supportive and useful post. I would like to visit the post once more of its valuable content. Thanks for sharing this blog.


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