T-Shirt Design Tricks Your Toddler Into Massaging Your Back!

Some daddies are geniuses with ‘Daddy Hacks’. I’m not, but some are.

Ken Kawamoto, is one of those ‘Daddy Hack’ geniuses.

Not only is Kawamoto a Google software engineer (and my new idol), he also has a young son going through the same toddler “Train Phase” as mine.

Lil’ G-Man with his Brio Thomas The Train

However, unlike me, Kawamoto found a way to make this toy train phase work for him!

This genius designed shirts that, while plain and professional on the front, have a fun toddler party going on in the back They are like the mullet of toddler friendly adult clothing.

Where the real brilliance of Kawamoto’s design comes into play is as his toddler rolls the train along the detailed train track patterns, he is actually massaging the sore muscles in his daddy’s back!

The illustrated rail network includes signage designating stations named “Right Shoulder,” “Left Shoulder,”“Spine,” and “Lower Back,” and by requesting his son run his trains along certain routes, he can direct the massage to the parts of his body where he’s feeling the most tension. He’s even able to get a more vigorous massage by telling his son to “Send express train from Spine Station to Right Shoulder,” for example, which the boy amicably does by running the car extra-fast.View image on Twitter

Some Twitter uses had ideas for updates to Kawamoto’s designs, such as matching pants for hamstring massages and motorways for when your toddler outgrows trains.

Kawamoto did have a previous design that encouraged his son to take up rock climbing!

Kawamoto sells his shirts through Club T for 2,500 Japanese Yen (approx $22). The shirts are available in multiple sizes and colors and cuts are uni-sex so mommy can enjoy a massage as well!

A similar combination train track / car road shirt is available through Amazon as well!

Available on Amazon.com



  1. This is so cool! I have a niece that I would love to try this with. Thanks for the suggestion!


  2. I absolutely adore these! Totally hilarious AND actually really practical. I know a few dads that will be getting this for Father’s day!


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