The White House Fine China Serves Fast Food Again!

The White House fine china and silver platters were topped with McDonald’s Big Macs and Chic-Fil-A sandwiches for a second time this year, but it was not for the SuperBowl Champion New England Patriots as I previously thought it would be.

Although, McDonalds was #7 on my list of Fast Foods The SuperBowl Champions Would Likely Share With The President, so I had the right fast food chain, just the wrong championship team.

This week, the champion North Dakota State Bison football team visited the White House and dined on the finest hamburgers from the Golden Arches and the crispiest fried chicken sandwiches Chic-Fil-A could provide.

“We could’ve had chefs, we could have, but we had fast food – because I know you people,” President Donald Trump said to laughter.

North Dakota Players browsing the menu. (Getty Images)

Trump encouraged the team to “go and eat up,” noting that he would have a sandwich at the podium himself, but it would cause “too big a stir” with the reporters present.

President Trump also suggested part the the decision to serve the fast food was to support American businesses, saying “We like American companies, OK?”

(Associated Press)

The White House previously served fast food on White House fine china when the Clemson Tigers Football Team visited the President after winning the NCAA Division I Championship. The White House kitchen staff was on furlough at the time due to the government shutdown and President Trump paid for fast food to feed the players himself.

While the decision was peculiar (to say the least), winning a major championship and the traditional accompanying White House visit is a once in lifetime event…unless you are Tom Brady I guess.

This President does deserve credit for making sure that the government shutdown (regardless of who was to blame) didn’t rob these kids of that unique experience.

Those that follow me know my feelings (or lack there of) towards the virtual minefield that is “politics” and politicians on both sides of the aisle. About as trust worthy as all those African Princes who really need my financial help!

I am going to end this article with these socks that I simply thought were funny. “Exercise” vs. “Extra Fries”. Get it?

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  1. These images really raised eyebrows. I guess everyone has their own unique style of entertaining. I would have chosen a nice chicken or steak dinner, colorful veggies, and delicious salad, and a bevy of scrumptious desserts!


  2. I must say we all have our own opinion on what a good meal is. It was frustrating to me that even if the government shut down was happening this president can afford a chef and honor these guys the way the past presidents did. Give these guys a meal they would never forget, trust me these guys won’t forget this but this is something every college student can afford. I also find it interesting that the eating healthy initiatives the government pushes on the kids and schools were completely ignored… a little sad in my opinion. I just expect more from the president…


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