Lil' G-Man's Aces His 1st Report Card!

Grayson is barely over a year old and has already aced a report card! Sounds like he is taking after his mother and not me. Thank God for that! I am over forty and I haven’t aced a report card yet..

The ability to swim is obviously a very important life skill to have, especially in Michigan where there seems to be more lakes than there are potholes on Telegraph Rd.

Telegraph Rd or the surface of the moon?

I grew up in Iowa where coming across a body of water is about as common as coming across a Detroit Lions playoff victory.  Therefore I never spent much time in that water as a kid. Partially because of this, I am still not very comfortable in the water to this day. Fortunately, thanks to my love of pizza and cheeseburgers, I have plenty of buoyancy to rely on should I fall in the water.

Seriously though, we knew we didn’t want Grayson to be in the same boat I am in (get what I did there with the water reference there?) and wanted to get him comfortable in the water at as early an age as possible.

Enter Goldfish Swim School Farmington Hills and swim instructor Arman Ahrabian! Grayson has been attending regular Mini Swim Lessons with Arman since he was around 6 months old and loves splashing away in the 90 degree pool!

What a cool looking shirt!

Having the consistency of the same instructor for all that time has been great for trust building and comfort in the water.

Goldfish Swim provides regular progress report cards, filled out by your child’s instructor, to help you measure your child’s improvement. It helps to see how far his or her skills have come, as well as what he or she needs to work on.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 12.37.27 PM
Arman helping Grayson work on his kicks

In the age group Grayson is in for example, Mini 2 (16-35 months old), the wide range of skills the children are graded on include basic skills such as “comfort in water and class setting”, “tolerates kicking” and “successfully conditioned w/ water on face” to more complex combinations such as “underwater dip & rollover” and “climb out ‘fin, fin, belly flipper.”

For Grayson’s progress report, not that I am bragging or anything, straight A’s across the board with the exception of “Superman Glide.” But that is alright, we are more of a Batman household anyway. Just don’t tell my mother-in-law that, as far as she knows we drew the name ‘Grayson’ from “Literature.”

This article was written in exchange for the experience of swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School.



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