Want To Watch A Lego V8 Engine Blow At High RPM's?

How awesome are Lego’s Technic series?

Lego Le Mans

They are extremely detailed and perfect learning tools for young aspiring gear-heads or junior engineers. They contain working gears, levers, pistons and so on…I can’t wait till Lil G-Man is old enough to build these sets with daddy!

And how awesome is it to watch things blow up on You-Tube?

Here is a description of the video from SpeedSociety.com:

These guys have decided to build a few model engines and spin them up with an electric motor to see how much stress they can handle before flying apart. They start with a replica of a Honda four cylinder, attached to the motor and given a little nudge to get started. The engine looks amazing lifelike, considering everything is made from plastic and the whole thing fits in the palm of your hand. The revs are slowly increased as the tiny pistons pump ever faster inside the small plastic cylinders. It’s always cool to see how things look when camera frame rates cause them to speed up and slow down, as the pistons seemingly stand still at different points in the video despite clearly still spinning incredibly high.

It is amazing the things you find while being sucked deeper and deeper into the YouTube vortex…

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Lego Porsche
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