Chadwick Boseman, MCU’s Black Panther, Passes Away At 43

Man, 2020 just sucks.

photo credit:BusinessInsider

Chadwick Boseman, best known to geeks like me as The Black Panther from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and one of the funniest SNL Black Jeopardy episodes of all time, has died yesterday after a 4 year battle with colon cancer.

Here is the message from his official Twitter account:

According to the Twitter post, he died at home with his wife and family present. The announcement goes on to thank fans for their love and prayers and to ask them to respect the family’s need for privacy.

Boseman continued to work and appear in multiple films around a hectic chemotherapy schedule and multiple surgeries, carrying on as a true to life super hero, until his stage IV diagnosis.

I was unaware of Boseman’s medical condition at all until recently when he appeared much slighter in a social mediapost.

photo credit:

Chadwick Boseman was 43 years old.

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