Monday Morning Meme For February 27th 2017

Ok, I am a little late getting this published, but come on, have you seen the weather outside!

Last week we did not get a whole lot of response to Lil’ G-Man’s picture. Probably because nobody wants to make fun of a baby picture, but you do have his (geeky) daddy’s permission.

(I did get a few complaints from people that did not like the security measures with leaving a comment, but unfortunately, it is a measure I must take to protect against spam and possible obscene language)

Here is this week’s image:



So here are  few examples for this week’s picture for the Meme contest!




Please leave your comments below and feel free to have fun with this!

amazon-com-50-gift-card-in-a-black-gift-box-classic-black-card-design-amazon-com-gift-cards Gift card in a black gift box (various card designs)

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