Lil’ G-Man Is Now A Published Blogger!

As most of you know, aside from writing for Geeky Daddy, I’m also a contributing author for Detroit City Mom’s Blog.

Detroit moms blog

This month, I decided to let Lil’ G-Man take my spot and write about what he wants to accomplish in 2018!


While some of his goals are realistic, such as seeing what lies beyond the baby gate (he was inspired by Aragorn’s speech at Helms Deep).


Others may be a little to lofty, such as strapping a saddle on the kitty and riding him into battle.

Please take a moment and read through what Lower Case G has planned for the year!


We Tried The New Taco Bell Nacho Fries And Thought…

For years now I have thought that McDonald’s has had the market cornered on fast food fries. Their taste, crunchiness and saltiness could often be imitated but never duplicated.

mcdonalds fries

But today I swung by my local Taco Bell (because what better post workout meal is there than greasy tacos and nacho cheese?) and picked up an order of their new Nacho Fries.


I did not splurge on the Supreme Nacho Fries, but rather the $5 Nacho Fries box, which included an order of Nacho fries, Cheesy Gordita Crunch (my favorite), Doritos shell taco and 21 oz soft drink.

My order looked slightly different than the marketing photography. Can you guess which is which?

After trying the fried potatoes that were lightly dashed with Mexican seasoning, my honest reaction was…eh.

They were not bad but not especially satisfying either. A couple were crispy but for the most part the sogginess of them was closer to the consistency of cooked spaghetti than crispy french fry.

While I would probably still rate them above whatever it is that Burger King passes off as french fries, I don’t think McDonalds needs to worry about losing much of their potato market share.

I still hold that if the Golden Arches ever decides to bring the Japanese Chocolate covered fries to the states, they will inherent 100% of my fast food business!


End result: While I will still make frequent runs for the border to obtain my Cheesy Gordita Crunches, I will probably pass on the Nacho Fries.

Have you tried Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries yet? What did you think of them?

Taco Bell Spicy Ranch Sauce
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The New XFL Football League: Then vs. Now

This past Thursday Vince McMahon, chairman and founder of the WWE, made official what we all suspected back when he cashed in around $100 million worth of WWE stock last December: He is officially relaunching the XFL Football League!

“My fellow football fans…”

When McMahon cashed in the stock and formed his new Alpha Entertainment, he also filed for new trademarks for the XFL, so this announcement was expected eventually. The original trademarks lapsed between 2002 and 2005.

“How could this possibly go wrong?”

Vince gave a lengthy interview to ESPN following this announcement, but I am going to attempt to quickly sum up for you what we learned vs. what I partially expected us to learn.

Complete with a nifty new logo (courtesy of Alpha Entertainment)

What We Learned About The 2020 XFL:

  • There will be 8 teams across the country in a 10 game schedule beginning in January
  • 40 player roster per team
  • Players will not be allowed to use the playing field for social or political stances
  • No one with a criminal record will be allowed to play (which rules out a ton of existing on-field talent)
  • Goal of 2 hour run time for all games
  • No cheerleaders or previous XFL gimmicks


What We Would Have Learned If This Were The Gimmick Filled 2001 XFL:

  •  Players would be encouraged to drink alcohol on the field and fraternize with the cheerleaders (who worked week nights at local gentlemen’s clubs)
  • Concussion Protocol? Nah. You would need to be concussed to play in this league
  • Helmet-to-Helmet hits not only allowed, but encouraged. (Where else would you hit people?)
  • Previous criminal record not required, but a plus!
  • Concealed Carry on the field? Hey, it’s a constitutional right
He hate me
But did he really?

In all seriousness, the odds are surely stacked against the XFL. No other league has competed with the NFL and come out on top (USFL, World League, original XFL) and WWE does not exactly have proven success record outside the ring (original XFL, WWE Studios).

marine 5

But the landscape is different now than it was in 2001. Vince and company have debacle of the XFL‘s sole previous season under their belt to learn from. They also have 2 years to develop and fine tune their product before bringing it to market, as opposed to last time where they had less than a year to prep.

The NFL also has had consecutive years of declining ratings. Between players kneeling during the national anthem (which Vince said will not be tolerated in the new XFL), the frequency and length of commercial breaks, the league’s friction with (Vince’s friend) President Trump and the confusion of what the hell is a catch anymore, aggravation among fans is at a all-time high.


“People don’t want social and political issues coming into play when they are trying to be entertained,” McMahon said. “We want someone who wants to take a knee to do their version of that on their personal time.”

In the XFL‘s previous incarnation, ownership was equalling split between the WWE and NBC Sports. This time, Vince’s new Alpha Entertainment will have total ownership and control.

“I can say, ‘Here are the rules, and as long as you are playing football in the stadium for us, you follow these rules.'”

The rise of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and (cough) WWE NETWORK (cough) bidding on live sports also means there are many more options for distribution.

But more viewing options also means more competition. McMahon was adamant that the WWE talent will be kept separated from this new venture. Will the league be able to get a foot in the door of fan’s living rooms without established, well known personalities helping to promote it?

Remember when Vince and the ‘Donald’ had the stupid “Shave Your Head” match?

While the XFL will still need to compete with the NFL for on and off field talent, beginning the XFL season after the conclusion of the NFL’s is a smart move to avoid competing head-to-head for viewership. This was something that the USFL understood when it began operations in 1983.


The USFL was successful until Donald Trump (then owner of the New Jersey Generals) pressured the USFL to move their season from the Spring to the Fall in order to directly compete with the NFL in 1986. Unfortunately, the NFL had deeper pockets, more talented players (with a few high priced exceptions) and simply a better product than anything the USFL could put on the field, which led to the quick demise for the USFL.

I’m not saying the USFL would still be in business today if they hadn’t moved their schedule, but they did prove that there is a large enough market for successful late winter/Spring football. If McMahon can assembly a quality product (with some decent on-field talent this time), I think this venture has potential.

Win or lose, one thing is for sure: When Vince McMahon puts all his might behind something, he makes it entertaining!

What are your thoughts on his new XFL?

this was the XFL
ESPN 30 for 30 available on
who killed the USFL
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Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds To Star In CLUE Re-Make!

Deadpool in the dining room with a Super Soaker!

deadpool super soaker
Pardon me, Col. Mustard.

Deadline recently broke the news that Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds recently signed a new 3 year contract with FOX and first of these upcoming projects is the re-make of the 1985 Tim Curry classic CLUE.

Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will be joining Reynolds to provide their maximum effort to the script of the live action Hasbro board game property.

The original release was known for it’s originality, including it’s 3 very different endings. We don’t know yet if something similar is planned for this edition, but with this creative trio helming the film, who knows what we can expect!


It has net been revealed yet which character Reynolds will be portraying, but I am hoping to see him bring new life to Tim Curry’s Wadsworth, the extremely sarcastic butler. It would also be cool nod to the original film to see Curry brought on the remake for a cameo or as another character, such as Col. Mustard.

With Disney’s recent acquisition of FOX’s movie properties,  a Hydra Bob cameo wouldn’t outside the realm of possibilities as well…

Deadpool’s $783 million gross profit made it the highest grossing rated R film of all time and FOX has high hopes for the sequel, which is scheduled to release this May with director David Leitch (Atomic Blonde & parts of John Wick) at the helm.


Marvel Stuff

Taco Bell Will Be Adding Fries To Their Menu Later This Month

We have all been there. The craving hits you for a Taco Bell lunch but you also have a desire for a side of fries from our friends at the golden arches. What to do?

Both of course!

I am not ashamed to admit that I have been known to make a ‘run for the border’ for a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and then shoot to the McDonalds across the street to pick up a large side of crispy golden brown french fries for the same meal.

Actually, I probably should be ashamed to admit that. But I am also I guy that spent his college years utilizing Tortino Pizza Rolls as toppings on my Hungry Howies Pizzas…

pizza roll pizza
We won’t talk abut the “Pit Bill” stickers…

If you think that sounds nasty, that simply means you haven’t tried it yet.

But the fast food gods have heard our pleas and in their infinite wisdom have blessed us with a new limited time offering: Taco Bell Fries!

taco bell fries

You heard that right! On Wednesday the chain announced that U.S. customers will soon be able to order Nacho Fries for just $1. According to Taco Bell, the fries will have “a bold Mexican seasoning” and be served with a “warm Nacho Cheese dipping sauce.” You had me at “Fries.”

Customers can also order “Supreme” fries for $2.49, which come with toppings like beef and Pico de Gallo, or “Bell Grande” fries for $3.49.

taco bell fries

Taco Bell’s fries will be available for a limited time beginning January 25.

While fries will be new to it’s U.S. customers, Taco Bell has long served fries at international stores in countries like the United Kingdom, Korea, and Japan. The chain, owned by Yum Brands, also tested fries last spring in select California and West Virginia locations.

Southern California also recently saw the opening of it’s first liquor licensed Taco Bell! But no location will ever top the Las Vegas Strip Taco Bell where you can tie the knot while chowing down on your Taco Bell catered reception! (Just the classy wedding reception your new in-laws were hoping for)

You know this marriage is going to last!

See you at the Bell!

Taco Bell Sauces
Make your Taco Night a Taco Bell Night at home with these sauces available at! Or just steal a ton of packets from your local Bell…

Star Wars The Last Jedi: In Defense of Holdo

OBVIOUSLY MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. Do not read if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

The first time I saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I really hated this character. Vice Admiral Holdo appears out of (seemingly) nowhere to take command of the Resistance after Leia’s brush with death. We’re given a quick back story that she was the hero of a previous battle and that’s that.

vice admiral Holdo

Her command doesn’t last very long as the fleet (all three vessels of it) is wiped out within an hour of screen time of her assuming command after her escape plan goes awry.

But, upon further review, would her plan have worked if not for Poe’s self-entitled insubordinate meddling?

First let’s set the scene.

The remnants of the Resistance fleet were being chased down by the First Order’s larger, more powerful but slower capital ships. Our heroes only had enough fuel remaining for a single jump to light speed but were hesitant to make the jump because they knew the First Order could track them through light speed (which is a new technology).


So Vice Admiral Holdo has a plan to load the remaining Resistance personal into cloaked life boats as they pass a planet with an old rebel base. The goal is for the First Order to follow the now empty Resistance cruiser past the planet, unaware that the Resistance personal were transferred there.

Holdo decides to keep this plan compartmentalized to herself and not share it with the rest of the team. At first I thought this was a bad idea and where the plot begins to break away from previous Star Wars movies, where the pilots were always briefed with the ‘big picture’ by their superiors.

Commander Poe, who had been demoted earlier in the movie by Leia for losing his wing of pilots after pressing an attack on an enemy Dreadnaught (disobeying a direct order to break off), takes exception to being kept in the dark.  Untrusting of Holdo and believing she actually has no plan of escape at all, he sends Finn and Rose to find a splicer (hacker) and sneak onto the lead Imperial Star Destroyer while he leads a mutiny on board their cruiser. GeekyMommy says that it’s like he was trying to “Mansplain” a better plan and when she wouldn’t listen to him with his superior male intelligence, he ran amok. (GeekyMommy’s words, not mine!)


Holdo later regains command and continues her plan to sneak the resistance fighters onto the planet. Her plan quickly goes to Hell in a hand basket however when the First Order ships adjust their fire to target the shieldless cloaked shuttles full of Resistance personal as opposed to the now decoy cruiser. Holdo then goes out “Like A Boss” in probably the coolest space Kamikaze scene ever put on screen.

holdo beer

But upon further review…

Holdo’s compartmentalizing the information is not only the right of any leader of a military unit, but also actually makes a great deal of sense since she already knows her fleet is being tracked, but not sure how.

What is the source of the leak? Could there be listening devices on board? Perhaps a member of the crew is actually a traitor and relaying information to their pursuers? With these questions in mind, it makes sense to keep as many people on a ‘need to know’ basis as possible.

need to know

Her plan was actually working well until the First Order discovered the cloaked shuttles moving away from the cruiser to the planet.

How did the Imperials discover the cloaked ships?

The Imperials captured Finn, Rose and the morally agnostic hacker DJ because the idea that 3 people could sneak onto a massive Star Destroyer and hack their computer system is the space equivalent of an Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary!

hail mary

D.J. then sells the resistance plan to the Imperials who begin immediately destroying the defenseless shuttles full of Poe’s friends.

How could you not trust this face.

D.J would not have been on the Star Destroyer in the first place to have been captured if not for Poe making moves without consulting his superiors. And even after being captured, he would NOT have able to reveal the cloaked shuttle to the Imperials if the details of the plan had been kept compartmentalized as Holdo wanted. She didn’t want to tell Poe about the plan, and the second she did, he essentially gave it to the enemy!

The components of the equation that led to the Imperials discovering the cloaked shuttles were all in play because of Poe’s impulsive actions.

Poe really is the poor-man’s Han Solo. Solo was famous for “never tell me the odds” but then beating the odds. Poe wants to be that guy, but really needs to listen to the odds.

han solo

The End Result

Obviously, we are talking about hypotheticals in a fictional story, but by all accounts, Holdo’s plan of escape for the resistance would have worked had Poe followed the orders of those in command above him. Her plan was working in fact until D.J. (who Poe placed on the Star Detroyer) with the information of the escape plan (that Poe leaked to him) was utilized by the enemy.

While I still question Holdo’s actions after the launch of the cloaked shuttles (Why not jump to lightspeed so the Star Destroyers follow? Move the cruiser into a blocking position to shield the shuttles? Make her Kamikaze run immediately after the 1st shuttle was fired on), she did have a workable plan in place that would have worked if all her commanders had followed the Bill Belichick-New England Patriots motto of “Just Do Your Job.”


So my initial impression of Vice Admiral Holdo as being the goat of this whole film was actually incorrect. Poe’s feeling of self-entitlement, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants attitude and laissez faire approach towards information security lead directly to the deaths of multiple shuttles full of his friends.

As for why couldn’t Holdo’s role be held by Leia or Admiral Ackbar, the person in charge had to be someone we didn’t know and didn’t necessarily trust. How many of us were duped by Poe’s dumb plan and thought what he was doing was right? We would have trusted Leia or Ackbar without question, but our lack of knowledge of Holdo, and perhaps even her clothing that doesn’t exactly speak military strategist, made us fall into that trap.

Also, other arm-chair quarterbacks wonder, “Well, if Holdo didn’t trust Poe, why didn’t she put him into the brig?” Poe hadn’t done anything brig-worthy and with the limited number of resistance fighters (Rose said she had just put 3 in the brig earlier that day), she couldn’t afford to lose someone who could actually fire a gun in the right direction (unlike say, Stormtroopers). He was stuck on a ship in the middle of space with a fleet of First Order ships following them – what trouble could he get into? It’s like trusting a toddler in a “childproof” room. Apparently a lot!

What are your thoughts on Holdo? Did she get a bad rap? How about Poe?

Star Wars The Last Jedi
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Geeky Daddy’s Top 5 Tips For Winter Water Safety

Most of what we do here at Geeky Daddy is “Geeky” oriented and looked at from a humorous point of view. At least what counts as humor to us.

But we take the “Daddy” part seriously as well, especially in regard to children’s safety.

With the recent blast of Hoth planet-like weather we have been seeing in Michigan lately, we thought we should take a moment and go over some Winter Water Safety tips to make sure all our younglings outside are playing safely. So we talked to our friends at Goldfish Swim School and they gave us some recommendations.


Here are Geeky Daddy’s Top 5 Winter Water Safety Tips Courtesy of Goldfish Swim School:

1. Stay Off Unfamiliar Ice

This sounds like an obvious one, but when temperatures reach this low, children often just assume that the pond or lake is frozen enough for a pick-up game of hockey.


Unless a lake or pond has been designated for skating and is certified for thickness and safety, stay off of the ice. Never walk on rivers or retention ponds, and remember that ice thickness can change on different parts of the water, and can be affected by conditions over night.

2. Have An Emergency Plan

Plan and practice what to do if someone falls through ice. Teach children not to panic if they fall through the ice; slow, calm movement helps retain body heat, which is critical as the body loses heat more than 30 times faster in cold water than cold air. Call paramedics right away even if the child appears OK, don’t take chances. Learn infant and child CPR. Keep rescue equipment, a phone and emergency numbers nearby.

3. Ensure Adult Supervision is Present

Children shouldn’t play outside alone, especially in cold climates. A drowning child usually cannot cry or shout for help, so never turn your back on your child around water, including ice.

cousin eddy
and don’t pick just any parent…

Assign a designated watcher so there are never questions about which adult is responsible for watching the child. Also, establish a buddy system with one or more friends and have them look out for one another.

4. Make Swim Lessons a Priority

As young as four months old (or when they establish head and neck control), enroll children in swim lessons. Teach children water acclimation and aquatic survival skills designed to help them survive should they reach the water alone.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 12.37.27 PM
Lil’ G-Man practicing his kicks with Mr. Arman

We have had Lil’ G-Man enrolled at Goldfish Swim since he was 6-months-old and he loves it. He won’t be challenging Michael Phelps to a race any time soon, but he is already very comfortable in the water.

5. Have Conversations with Caretakers and Kids

If your child goes to a friend’s house to play, ask the adult what kinds of activities they will engage in, and specifically, if they will be around water/ice, and make sure the children are supervised. When traveling to relatives’ and friends’ homes, they may not understand the importance of keeping gates closed, doors locked, etc. This can be especially true when being left in the care of older relatives.

Start a conversation with your kids about water safety and share tips with them about what to do if they fall into water.

This article was written in exchange for the experience of swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School.

swim diapers
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The Joy of Cooking: Porg Edition. The Top 5 Porg Recipes!

Regardless of whether you loved Star Wars: The Last Jedi or despised it, we can all agree on a couple things:

  • At least we were not subjected to the idiotic Jar Jar Binks or had our intelligence insulted with terms such as “Younglings” & “midichlorians”
  • The Porgs are pretty darn cute and look tasty!

One of the more entertaining scenes from the latest Star Wars movie was when everybody’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbecca, was roasting himself a Porg dinner over an open fire in full view of the Porg’s extended family.

“Is he roasting Daryl!?!”

Watching the scene made me laugh and wonder if the Disney merchandising machine hadn’t already struck a deal with Buffalo Wild Wings on a cross promotion (I may or may not have stopped for an order of wings on the way home from the theater).

But how would Porg taste? Like chicken? Duck? Is Porg “the other white meat”?

And what would be the best way to prepare a Porg dinner?

Here are Geeky Daddy’s Top 5 Recipes For Porg

1. Deep Fried Porg

turkey fryer
Turkey Fryers for the easiest prep!

Inserting the words “Deep Fried” in front of anything is pretty much guaranteed to make it taste better.

“Hey Dave, want to try a taste of this shoe leather?”

“What? No!”

“Are you sure? I just fried some up.”

“Well I guess I’ll give it a shot. A little taste can’t hurt.”

I’d imagine the prep would be pretty easy too! Snag a Turkey Fryer kit off our friends at and follow this simple recipe, replacing the turkey with our friendly neighborhood porg.

2. Porg Fajitas


Who doesn’t love fajitas? There’s nothing better than the aroma and sizzling sound of a fresh plate of fajitas being served to your table! Especially when enjoyed with a fresh Colt 45 cerveza!

lando bar
“Hey Finn, say ‘Hi’ to your mom for me.”

Follow this recipe for some flavorful Porg Fajita (substituting the chicken for Porg obviously) and make sure to enjoy it with a beer out of this awesome Han Solo in Carbonite fridge available on

3. Porg Cordon Bleu


I am not the biggest fan of French cuisine (I mean, how many uses for mayonnaise are there?), but any chance to combine chicken, ham, cheese and frying, I am game to try.

iron man gif

Porg Cordon Bleu (which translates to English as “Porg blue ribbon”) consists of Porg pounded flat and wrapped around ham & cheese, then pan or deep fried. Based on the size of the average Porg, these may end up being appetizers as opposed to a main course.

“What are you doing Dave?”

Think of this as more of the “pizza roll” of the French cuisine Porg options.

2. BBQ Porg Wings


Whether hitting the high end night clubs in the Cloud City of Bespin or a hole in the wall cantina full of scum and villainy on a middle of nowhere planet like Tatooine, there in no better bar food than wings!

Whether you enjoy Buffalo style, Korean BBQ or Habanero Mustard, it doesn’t really matter because you are going to end up spending time in the same scary cantina bathroom later on anyway…


And who knows more about bar food, diner bathrooms and looking like a character out of a Sci-fi movie than Guy Fieri! What he lacks in fashion knowledge he makes up for in food knowledge!

How do you take anything this ICP reject-looking dude says seriously?
BBQ sauces
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1. FRENCH’s Crispy Onion Porg

frenchs chicken big

How awesome are FRENCH’s crispy fried onions? As a simple cooking ingredient, a topping on a cheeseburger or by itself as a snack, so long as you don’t plan on making out with somebody in the next 20 minutes, it is the perfect food!

“Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?”

This simple recipe (taken from FRENCH’s website) has only 4 ingredients, 2 of which are “Porg” and “Porg’s egg”.

french onion
Available on Amazon!

Why was Luke fishing with a 50 ft spear when he could be spending his years of self imposed exile munching on the delicacy that is porg meat? It’s not like that scene advanced the plot of the movie or anything…

Honorable Mention:

“Low-Odor Fried Porg Homestyle” From Japan

KFC Japan

Apparently commuters traveling home from the busy Shinjuku subway station in Tokyo Japan don’t enjoy the smell of deep fried chicken goodness after a long day’s work.

So the space age engineers at KFC developed an “low-odor” fried chicken that they are selling at a temporary KFC location within the Shinjuku train station.


So how about transitioning this technology into some “low-odor fried Porg”? Not that Luke needs to worry about upsetting any neighbors or anything, but still advancements in technology is a good thing right?

Right? Like technology to remote pilot a starship maybe? Or maybe A.I programs for self-driving cars that could reprogrammed for space cruisers…

vice admiral Holdo
“Why didn’t I think of that…”

What do you think? What Porg recipes that I leave off the list that you’d like to try?

KFC Launches New ‘Low Odor’ Fried Chicken For Tokyo Subway Passengers

Tokyo has some of the most considerate public transit passengers in the world and I have witnessed this first hand when we visited the Land of The Rising Sun a couple years ago.

People simply ride quietly and everybody watching their cellphones (which is pretty much everyone under the age of 90) uses an ear piece to avoid noise pollution.

tokyo subway

Well now KFC Japan is doing something about odor pollution on the subway!

Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station will have a temporary KFC location serving their new “Low-Odor Fried Chicken Home Type.”


Passengers will now be able to eat on the train without nauseating the passengers around them! When you get home and nuke your meal in the microwave however, it’s different story.

The fact the KFC is selling this new revolution in fast food solely at this busy train station may be a signal that many Tokyo train passengers don’t actually enjoy the smell of fried chicken on their way home. Who knew.  Especially in the nation that developed KFC Fried Chicken-Scented Bath Bombs!

KFC scented bath bomb
If you really want to get a date with a hungry person
chicken fryer
Fryers Available on!

Are We Going To See A Return Of The XFL?

The NFL has brought back the “End Zone Celebration.”

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles

Well whoop-dee-crap.

With hot tubs full of bikini clad models, the XFL really knew how to celebrate in the end zone!

XFL hot tub

Recently chairmen and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment Vince McMahon sold 3.34 million shares (approx. $100 million) of the WWE to help fund his new venture Alpha Entertainment LLC.

On December 16th of this year, that same Alpha Entertainment filed for five trademarks with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office, including the XFL. The company also sought to trademark “URFL.”


According to ESPN, the filings seek to trademark the XFL as a professional football league and also cover merchandise related to the league. Previous XFL trademarks were abandoned over a period of time from 2002 to ’05.

The original XFL, a joint venture between the WWE and NBC television, debuted to impressive ratings back in 2001. However, with it’s goofy gimmicks, personalized jerseys and horrible on field play, those same ratings fell quicker than a Hardy Boyz nose-dive off the top turnbuckle and the league barely survived its inaugural season.

He hate me
But did he really hate you?

WWE and NBC lost approximately $35 million each, after taxes, on the league.

Coincidentally, this is happening at the same time that Jerry Richardson, the majority share holder of the NFL‘s Carolina Panthers, announced his intent to sell his stake in the team at the end of the season. He announced his intention to sell shortly after allegations of workplace misconduct came to light in a Sport Illustrated article.

Is is possible Vince MacMahon’s Alpha Entertainment has an intention to attempt to buy into the NFL franchise? I would say doubtful at best, but never put anything by the “boss.”