Top Story Ideas For John Wick 5!

Obviously, Spoilers for John Wick Chapter 4 ahead!

But seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet, that is kinda your fault.

Initially Lion’s Gate wanted director Chad Stahelski to film John Wick Chapters 4 and 5 back-to-back, which makes sense from a cost saving point of view. Stahelski declined because he likes to take time off in between movies to work on perfecting his craft, which has noticeably improved with each John Wick Chapter. I read that Stahelski and John Wick lead Keanu Reeves plan to meet in Japan later this year to discuss various plot ideas and character directions for the series.

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The good news is that the Wick-Verse (as I am referring to it) is branching out with their first television mini-series, The Continental, coming to Peacock soon and the spin-off movie, The ballerina, next year. Chronologically, The Continental is going to take place in the 1970’s and sounds like it is going to be a ‘Winston’s origin’ story and The Ballerina movie is going to take place between the John Wick 3 and John Wick 4 movies.

Ok, all the people worried about John Wick 4 spoilers are gone now, right? Good.

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With John’s apparent demise at the end of John Wick 4 and all the ‘wink wink’ purposefully vague dialogue we saw between Winston and the Bowery King at John’s grave, the door has been left open for us to see John Wick return. With the amount of cash these movies are generating, my bet is we will be seeing baba yaga again.

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The bad news is that we are probably at least 3 years away from seeing a John Wick 5 in theaters, if at all. Remember, this means Keanu Reeves will be on the threshold of 60 years old at the time of filming a 5th chapter. Will he still be willing/able to perform the heavy training and stunts required of the character?

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Well Here Are Geeky Daddy’s Top Plot Ideas For John Wick 5:

John Wick 5: The Impossible Task

We know that John successfully performed an “impossible task” to leave his professional assassin career behind and be with Helen. But what was that “impossible task?” The elimination of an entire organized crime family? Toppling of a third world government? Find a McRib sandwich for a High Table member outside of the ‘limited time only’ window that McDonald’s offers?

In Chapter 2, when John arrived at the Rome Continental hotel, we saw that the manager Julius was fearful that John was there to assassinate the Pope. At the time, I just thought that was a humorous line, but did Julius have legitimate reason to be concerned? Was the assassination of some major political/religious leader the “impossible task” that John previously performed?

The movie would be a flashback opening with John first meeting and falling in love with Helen. John then request to leave the life of violence behind to be with his love, when he is given the “impossible task” by the High Table: The assassination of the Triad criminal leader known as The Emperor.

A high octane adventure ensures as John must work his way through increasingly more deadly Triad lieutenants across South East Asia. This would also give the audience a chance to be introduced to other Continental Hotels in exotic locations like Seoul, Tokyo or Macau.

The penultimate battle between John and the Emperor takes place at sunset on the Skypark of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

After the task is complete, John gains his freedom and marries his love Helen, who is revealed to be Winston’s daughter as he walks her down the aisle! This reveal would

John Wick 5: Favor for a Friend

Chapter 4 saw the killing of Charon (played marvelously by the late Lance Reddick), concierge to Winston and loyal friend of both Winston and John. Winston had Charon’s tomb inscribed simply with “Friend” and there is a touching dialogue in the film where John, Winston and the Bowery King discuss it.

In this plot idea for Chapter 5, Winston receives a chilling message from a rouge former High Table member feels Winston has gotten to big for his britches. Knowing Winston’s close relationship with Charon, he kidnaps the adult daughter of Charon and is threatening to torture her unless Winston surrenders management of the Continental to him.

Winston’s loyalty to his late friend compels him to seek out John, who has been living peacefully under a new identity, for assistance. John must channel his inner Bryan Mills (Taken) to slice thew numerous anonymous henchmen and hunt down the rouge High Table member to rescue Charon’s child.

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John Wick 5: The First Kill

In the event that Keanu Reeves does not wish to put his 60-year-old body through the rigors of months of training and filming of another John Wick thrill-fest, the character of John Wick is recast with a younger actor. Keanu Reeves returns to provide voice over narration at the beginning and end of the film. (It is not like he had all that much dialogue in the 4 films anyway)

A 20-something John Wick is sent by Winston (a digitally de-aged Ian McShane) on his first contract. While John is successful in the assassination, things quickly escalate as the mark is revealed to have been the son of a High Table member! With the assistance of a young recently hired Continental concierge named Charon, John discovers that he was used as a pawn of a rival High Table member who was looking to settle a score.

John, with the help of a Marcus (also a digitally de-aged Willem Dafoe), must find a way to prove to the grieving father that he was unaware of the mark’s true identity. All while he is being hunted by High Table foot soldiers of both the grieving father and the contract issuer who needs John silenced before the truth of the contract is revealed.

John Wick 5: The Mark of Cain

The movie opens with a cut scene of John and Cain after they fought their way up the stairs but before reaching the Sacre-Coeur for their duel before the Harbinger. We see that John promised Cain his marker if Cain shot to wound, not kill him, in their duel so he could lure the Marquis into taking part.

Akira Shimazu, daughter of Koji Shimazu and former concierge of the Osaka Continental, teams up with Akoni, last seen talking to Gianna in Chapter 2. They are holding Cain and John responsible for her father’s and Gianna’s deaths. They employ the help of the not so dead Cassain to kidnap Cain’s daughter and Winston, who is revealed to be Helen’s father (John’s father-in-law).

He is holding them in a Hell themed hotel in Tokyo named Hades, where he shows Winston the wicked scar on his chest from the knife John stuck in him as “a professional curtesy.” He uses that same knife to cut an ear off both Winston and Cain’s daughter.

Winston’s ear is sent to John with the message that he has 24 hrs to kill Cain or Winston dies. Cain is sent his daughter’s ear and is given the same 24 hrs to kill John or his daughter dies. John calls upon the help of his new ally Mr. Nobody (and his dog) to find out where Akira and Akoni are hiding their captors.

Obsessed with wanting revenge on John for knifing him and killing Gianna, Cassian goes rouge and hunts for John turning the streets of Tokyo into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

The movie climaxes with 3 simultaneous battles spliced together: Cain vs. Akira, John vs. Cassian and Akoni vs. Mr. Nobody.

John Wick 5: Ghost from the Past

This could be a way to tie the Wick-Verse together by mixing in characters from Peacock’s The Continental TV series with the cinematic characters.

A scarred villain named Kahn from Winston’s past, who Winston had left for dead during time period of The Continental, returns obsessed with seeking revenge against Winston. Kahn is now head of The Pinnacle, a private military company (PMC) and rival organization to the High Table with a seemingly endless supply of former special forces operators.

Winston seeks shelter from the Bowery King which leads to a massive battle in the bowels of New York City between the Pinnacle’s soldiers and the soldiers of the Bowery King.

Even with the Bowery King’s forces being decimated, Winston and the Bowery King escape and get a carrier pigeon plea for help to John Wick, who has been living a peaceful life under an assumed identity following his apparent death at the end of Chapter 4.

As opposed to being the hunted, as John has been for the last couple films, John is now the predator again and he must slice his way through The Pinnacle’s elite soldiers and kill Kahn before Kahn kills Winston.

What do you think of these plot ideas? What would you like to see happen in the John Wick Chapter 5?

Let me know in the comments below!

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