Top 5 Most Awkward Christmas Gifts

Tis the season for gift giving!

I have already published list of the Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas For Kids or Their Geeky Daddies and Top Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Geeky Kids or Their Geeky Daddies.

(This list will include affiliate links that I may [hopefully] receive compensation for)

But what about the Gifts You Don’t Want To Find Under Your Christmas Tree?

Or, if you are like me, maybe you simply enjoy making others feel as awkwardly uncomfortable as possible.

(Obviously this list will include affiliate links that I may [hopefully] receive compensation for)

Here are the Top 5 Most Awkward Gifts You Don’t Want To Receive Christmas Morning!

5 Soaps or Deodorants

Want to make someone feel overly self conscious about their body odor? Then give the gift of personal hygiene products!

Seriously, how do you receive something like this and respond with anything other than “Thank you. Do I smell bad?”

And what the heck is “High Definition Scent” anyway?

4 Framed Photos Of The Giver’s Family

It is one thing to receive a picture frame with a stock photo in it of a fictional family enjoying their day at the beach, but why do I want pictures of your kids over my fireplace mantle?

I’m not sure I’d even want framed pictures of my own family for Christmas much less a framed photo of people I barely know or care about.

Then I need to make sure it is visible any time you come visit? No thank you. At that point, I’d rather have some…

3 Cheap Beer

If someone wants to gift me a bottle of Gentleman Jack, Woodford Reserve or some other nice whiskey, I’ll gladly accept with a broad smile on my face. I even understand the allure of a tasty out-of-market micro brew.

But there should be a special circle of Hell for people that give a case of Old Milwaukee or Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Seriously, if someone gifts you a twelve pack Coors Lite, either they are an alcoholic or they believe you are….

2 Nose Hair Trimmers

This one kinda belongs in the same silo as deodorant.

If you gift someone a set of nose hair trimmers, you are not directly calling them The Missing Link Between Ape and Man….but you are….

1 Bedroom Engagement Enhancers

By “Bedroom Engagement” I am obviously referring to sexual encounters and by “Enhancers” I am of course referring to silicon molded members with names like “Big Mondo,” “Steely Dan,” or “B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend)

This one would probably be the worst to unwrap Christmas morning while you are surrounded by your kids, family and in-laws.

Having said that, being able to annually remind someone of the Christmas morning when they unwrapped one of these in front of their closest loved ones is the gift that keeps on giving…

This thing just looks complicated…

What is the most awkward holiday gift you have ever received? Let me know in the comments!

Happily Holidays everyone!



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