Top Ten Most Unique Ways Companies Are Telling Putin To Get The “F” Out Of Ukraine

By this point, people are familiar with how many large companies such as Apple, Microsoft and BP have taken stances against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

But how about some of the more creative or unique ones?

Here are The Top Ten Most Unique Ways Companies Are Telling Putin To Pull Out Of Russia!

1 Airbnb Houses Refugees

Credit: Credit: Jakub Porzycki / NurPhoto Via Getty Images.

Not only has Airbnb joined the long list of companies that have suspended all business within the country of Russia (and Belarus), but they are assisting displaced Ukrainians as well by offering free short-term housing to 100,000 refugees.

Social media groups have also been encouraging people to book Airbnb stays in the Ukraine, without actually staying there, as a way to financially support Ukrainian citizens.

2 SpaceX/Starlink Remains Active In Ukraine

I don’t think this gets as much attention as it deserves. We would not be hearing the brave stories of the Ukrainian citizens, armed forces or of the “Ghost of Kyiv” (the first European “Ace” since World War II) if it weren’t for internet access.

At the request of Ukraine’s vice prime minister and minister of digital transformation Mykhailo Fedorov, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Starlink, the internet service offered by SpaceX, is active in Ukraine, with “more terminals en route.”

This is also an area where I think Russia is making a massive mistake. By keeping their silence and firm grip on the media message, they are allowing the world narrative of the conflict to be dictated by their adversary. Old Skool U.S.S.R. thinking I guess…

3 Pravda Brewery Changes Their Recipe

Pravda Brewery, based in Lviv, Ukraine, has suspended its beer brewing operations and is now making Molotov cocktails (just bottles and labels I assume, I doubt they are running something like gasoline through their equipment) for residents to use against invading Russian forces. The labels on the bottles say “Putin is a dickhead.”

4 The Ukrainian Road Agency Gets Vulgar

Ukrainian 🇺🇦 road agency actively changes road signs to confuse occupying forces. This one they created for their online message:

The sign reads: ⬆️’Go f**k yourself’, ⬅️’Go f**k yourself again’, ➡️’Go f**k yourself back in Russia’

5 Google Disables Live Traffic Layers In Ukraine

Alphabet (AKA Google) disabled certain live traffic layers from Google Maps for the Ukraine. The fear is that updated information about traffic patterns (such as how busy stores are and locations of traffic jams) could be used to assist in missile strikes targeting civilians.

Google has also demonetized multiple Russian Youtube channels, apps and website ad placements.

6 Multiple New Movie Russian Releases Paused

Warner Bros paused the Russian release of it’s new Batman movie (creatively titled “The Batman”) and Sony has also paused it’s upcoming Russian release of their new Marvel movie “Morbius.”

Can you just picture a bunch of Russian military leaders gathered around a map deep in a hardened bunker plotting their next steps of the invasion of the Ukraine….then suddenly calling the whole thing off because they may miss out on seeing Jared Leto as a vampire?

7 Harley Davidson Pauses Russian Sales

“In light of the crisis in Ukraine, Harley-Davidson has suspended its business in Russia and all shipments of its bikes to the country,” a spokesperson said in an emailed statement to Yahoo Finance

Call me naive, but I had no idea that the Russian market was so important to Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer. But, per Bloomberg, 31% of their motorcycle sales last year came from Europe and the middle East. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a break down of exactly how many came from Russia itself.

8 Fedex, UPS, Mearsk Suspend Shipping to Russia

Fedex and UPS have stopped shipping parcels to Russia and the giant container shipping companies Mearsk (Denmark), MSC (Switzerland) and CMA CGM (France) have paused all non-humanitarian (such as food and medical supplies) shipments to and from Russia.

9 Switzerland Sanctions Russia and Russian Billionaires

In an unprecedented move, Switzerland (yeah, the “neutral one”) has frozen Russian assets in their nation which, according to the Swiss National Bank, is valued at around 10 billion Swiss Francs ( $11 Billion USD).

Obviously, billionaires are notorious for finding ways around sanctions or taxes and there are already many rumors about Russian oligarchs having moved assets into relatives names, but still, this is the same Switzerland that for decades helped hide wealth stolen by Nazis! How times have changed…

10 Pornhub Bans Russia (We Wish This Was True, But It Has Been Debunked)

There was a rumor going around that Pornhub was blocking Russian access.

Supposedly, when users logged on from Russia, rather than seeing the normal…umm..I’ll just call them “brief romance movies” they were accustomed to seeing, Russian users were instead greeted by a Ukrainian flag.

While I do not have a Russian VPN and I really wanted this to be true, multiple fact checking sites have debunked this as an untrue rumor.

But that doesn’t mean you still can’t support the effort by ordering an Ukrainian bride I guess…

From what I can tell, is still offering Ukrainian inventory…and the site is just as weird and sketchy looking as you’d think….

Just to be clear: I am NOT an affiliate or in any way connected with that site.

Honorable Mention: IJF Suspends Putin As Honorary President

Credit: Getty Images

Valdemar Putin loves him some Judo. He achieved his first black belt in the discipline at age 19, he currently holds an 8th degree black belt and attended the 2012 Olympics in London to watch the Judo matches.

The International Judo Federation officially suspended him the other day saying:

In light of the ongoing war conflict in Ukraine, the International Judo Federation announces the suspension of Mr. Vladimir Putin’s status as Honorary President and Ambassador of the International Judo Federation.”

While this is obviously more symbolic than anything else, Putin has used his experience with Judo in propaganda to support his tough guy image, so I do see the value in distancing Judo’s image from his image.

What are some other companies and creative sanctions you have noticed?

Let me know in the comments below! As always, and Likes, Comments and Shares are greatly appreciated!

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