Top 6 Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Gifts

Anybody can pop into a corner Rite-Aid on the way home from work on February 14th to snatch a bag or Hershey Kisses or red and white Haribo gummy Bears, but women want more than that on Valentine’s Day!

They want a gift with a greater longevity than a bag of seasonally wrapped Kit Kats that will simply taste stale by the time the snow melts.

So with that in mind…

Here are Geeky Daddy’s Top 6 Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

(Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. And we would be extremely appreciative of it.)

1 A Dozen Red Roses

Seriously, who didn’t love Betty White?

Let the world know that you love someone by sending them a Dozen Red Roses!

This amazing 13 piece set (12 Betty Whites and 1 “A Dozen Red Roses Just For You” sign) is the best way to let the entire neighborhood know that your special someone is loved by a fan of 1980’s sitcoms!

Side NotePrime Party (the maker/retailer for these signs) will Donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the Dozen Red Roses to the Morris Animal Shelter in Betty White’s name! 

2 Ugly Valentine’s Day Sweaters

People are familiar with the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” concept, well I say “Why limit unattractive apparel to just one holiday a year?” has an extensive line of His and Hers Ugly (and not so ugly) Valentine’s Day Sweaters to choose from!

3 A Personalized Romance Novel

What could be more romantic than having your special someone star in their own personalized romance novel!

Just a couple of the options

Book By You allows you to co-author a full-length novel by providing the names, characteristics and photos to create an amazing, customized gift for yourself or someone special.  Personalized romance, mystery, classic, teen and children’s books are available in paperback, hardcover and eBook editions. 

Just a couple more of the options

Whether your valentine is into “Hot,” “Paranormal,” “Humor” or pretty much any other genre, Book By You has over 30 different ways to personalize your romantic adventure….even including your dog or cat!

4 A Stuffed Version of Your Valentine’s Favorite Fur Baby

There are multiple sites that offer to make a stuffed “clone” of your favorite pet, but honestly, my wife and I have tried a couple of them with very mixed results…

I have found it safer (and less expensive) to roll with a trusted source like Stuffed Ark. They have a wide variety of plush dogs, cats, bears, llamas, monkeys, marine animals…pretty much any creature you can think of.

They may not have the exact likeness of your valentine’s favorite fur baby, but you are definitely going to get a much more consistent product.

4 Care Bears backpack

5 Care Bears Backpack

The world is finally opening back up again! People are going back to work and school again so what do they need? That’s right: Backpacks!

Make sure your valentine is full of sunshine, cheer and rainbows with a Care Bears Backpack! She will definitely be the talk of the office/classroom.

This officially licensed Cheer Bear Backpack is just the way to bring a smile to everyone who sees you.  Not only does this plushy Cheer Bear character have your back (literally), but the bag measures 8×20″ and can carry a ton of things!

6 Squishmallow 8 Inch Valentine Plush

With a look similar to the little candy hearts that only appear around this time of the year, these super soft marshmallow-like squishy bed buddies are the perfect gift for your Valentine.

Works as a washable travel pillow, movie buddy on the couch or to keep your special someone warm on nights that you can’t be with her.

ToyNK is even offering free shipping on these special gifts right now!

Well, that’s my list of Top 6 Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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