Top Ten Products For A Golden Girls Themed Party!

With the recent passing of America’s treasure Betty White, all four of the Golden Girls are now enjoying gossip and cheesecake at their kitchen table in heaven.

But that doesn’t mean the parties down here on Earth need to stop! Especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner!

Here are the Top Ten Products For A Golden Girls Themed Party!

(Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. And we would be extremely appreciative of it.)

1 Golden Girls Deluxe Party Pack For 8

Because you gotta serve your cheesecake on something.

This Golden Girls Deluxe Party Pack includes:

2 A Dozen Roses Yard Sign Set

How will anyone know where the party is out without yard signs?

These Dozen Red Roses scattered around your front lawn (or around the inside of your house) are the perfect way to communicate where the party is at! Or to play a Golden Girls scavenger hunt game around the neighborhood!

There are other Golden Girls signs to choose from and while technically this is a “Valentine’s Day Gift,” but c’mon, how could you throw a Golden Girls themed bash without your front yard decorated with A Dozen Red Roses! (13 piece set includes the “A Dozen Red Roses Just For You” sign)

Side Note: Prime Party (the maker/retailer for these signs) will Donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the Dozen Red Roses to the Morris Animal Shelter in Betty White’s name! 

3 Pin The Glasses On The Sophia Game

How can you have a party without a pin-the-tail-on-something game? Great for all ages but even better at a party with free flowing adult beverages!

Slam a few drinks, blindfold your friend, spin them around a couple times and send them on their way towards the poster of Sophia and let the laughs begin!

The Pin The Glasses On The Sophia game includes a 19.5″ x 27.5″ Sophia poster, polyester blindfold and 12 pairs of glasses (decals)!

4 Golden Girls Waterproof Bottle Labels

Sure they can be used on plane old bottled water, but what is the fun in that? Let the Golden Girls Champagne flow at your next Bachelorette Party!

This set of 16 (4 unique designs) 2″ x 8″ water resistant, self-adhesive labels are the perfect way to ensure that your Golden Girls party is complete to the finest detail!

5 Golden Girls Favor Boxes (8 pack)

Pop Quiz: At the end of the party, what is the best way thank someone for being a friend?

If you answered anything other than “A Golden Girls Favor Box,” you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself what kind of host you really are.

Send your guest home with a smile on their face with these 5″ x 5″ foldable Golden Girl Favor Boxes. Perfect for any milestone birthday party, bachelorette party, bridal shower or whatever else. (Slice of cheesecake not included)

6 Golden Girls Photo Booth Props

If you are going to have a Golden Girl’s party then you’ll need to invite the Golden Girls to the party.  This photo booth kit features assorted accessories and props that will create fun photo ops at any celebration.

7 Golden Girls Geeki Tiki Mugs

Enjoy a drink with the girls, maybe while playing Pin The Glasses On The Sophia, Bingo or just talking trash about Stan with these Geeki Tiki Golden Girls Mugs.

8 Golden Girls Printable Bingo Game

This Golden Girls Printable Bingo game comes with between 8 and 40 playing cards (depending on which set you purchase) and 42 calling cards. This game is super easy to print, prep and play.

Perfect as a regular Bingo game or personalizing into a drinking game, whether physically at a party with others or a socially distanced Zoom video call, (it doesn’t count as ‘drinking alone’ if you are in a video call with others right?), this game is a blast.

Or, for those less tech savvy and aren’t down with all this virtual stuff, there is this Golden Girls Deluxe Bingo Party Game

Everything you need to start playing right out of the box!  Includes 16 Colorful Bingo cards, 400 Bingo chips, 42 calling cards, and instructions.

9 Happy Birthday Yard Sign

Even after he retired, my grandfather used to always say on his birthday “another year closer to retirement”. Which he thought was hilarious…even though no one else did…things like that happen as you get old…

Printed with weather and fade resistant ink, this Happy Birthday sign, with its reference to Shady Pines, conveys a similar message in a much more humorous way. Looks great inside or outside!

Or…..You could 1 UP the signage game by getting a Customized Sign

10 Adult Golden Girls AOP Sleep Pants Or PJ Set

Let’s make it a Golden Girls Pajama Party! Because why just have a single theme to a party when you can have a double themed party!

Share your tea and cheesecake around the kitchen table at your Golden Girls Pajama party wearing these snazzy super-soft polyster/speandex mixed drawstring sleep pants!

Or this stylish unisex cotton/elastane Golden Girl Pajama Shirt and Pants Combo!

Or these Golden Girls In Space Lounge Overall Pants! Because….reasons.

What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!


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