Taco Bell Launches $10 Taco Subscription Service!

Finally a subscription service I can get behind!

For $10 a month, Taco Bell customers can get one taco per day for 30 consecutive days. The new national program, called Taco Lover’s Pass, is available to purchase beginning Thursday January 6th for members of its rewards program and have downloaded the Taco Bell app.

So basically the subscription will pay for itself as long as you make a run for the border at least 5 times over the course of the month. (I would probably make my money back after a week and a half)

A variety of tacos are included in the subscription, including a soft taco, spicy potato soft taco (which I have never heard of), crunchy tacos and its Doritos tacos (YES!!!).

Once a customer subscribes to it, a special section within the app is unlocked and customers can add a taco to their cart during the checkout process.

This has nothing to do with anything. I just thought it was funny.

Taco Bell tested the program in Arizona in September 2021 and found an increase in downloads of their app by 20%.

Do you plan on subscribing to the Taco Bell Subscription service?


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