Mario Lopez Is Actually Playing KFC’s Colonel Sanders In A Lifetime Movie

Yes, you read that title correctly and No, I did not make it up.

We are all used to the normal onslaught of seasonal holiday movies on Hallmark and Lifetime networks with the same re-used plots, sets and casts, so let’s at least give Lifetime credit for coming up with something new.

And that something new is the A Recipe of Seduction mini-movie airing on Lifetime this Sunday December 13th at noon that will deliver “mystery, suspense, deception, and ‘fowl’ play.”

If you are curious what a “mini-movie” is, based on the description it seems like a very polite, non-commercial way of saying “infomercial,” considering that it is co-produced by KFC and is only 15 minutes long.

Per A+E Networks marketing chief David DeSocio: “Through a terrific cast, and with a wink to the unique sensibilities celebrated in Lifetime movies, this co-production spotlights each brand’s POV and marries them in a fun and authentic way. A+E Networks delivers custom creative that our audiences and clients love.”

So maybe I will get a little KFC fix prior to kickoff this Sunday! Only mine will be delivered by Grubhub and not the Lifetime Network…


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