Geeky Family Needs Help Naming Our New Cat!

2 years ago I asked you for help naming out cat we rescued during a snow storm, and with your help, we settled on the appropriate name of Taun Taun!

Now I am calling on your assistance once again for help in naming Taun Taun’s new little brother!

We adopted this little guy from a nearby shelter earlier this week and are stumped trying to find the correct name for him.

(I’m not going with Toonces!)

So far his only personality trait that we are aware of is that he is timid. Like very timid. As in hiding under a bed for 2 days timid.

And since Geeky Mommie won’t let me name him “Chicken $#!T“, I am imploring your assistance!

So far our top runners are:

From Grayson:

Qui-Gon Jinn

Full Disclosure: My proudest moment as a parent so far was when Grayson suggested this as a name (completely unsolicited I might add) for the cat. In 15 years he could get offered a full ride scholarship to an Ivy League university, but this moment would still remain my proudest parenting moment.

Rancor Seriously, am I raising this kid right or what?

Batman Another solid choice from Grayson

Grayson Grayson tries to name everything “Grayson.” Kind of a big ego with this kid.

From Geeky Mommie

Falcor I like it but just feels more like a dog name to me

Wimpy Mommie is still upset that the kitty is hiding and she can’t snuggle him

Jawa Little mumbling timid character from Star Wars

Wampa A snow creature with claws so sharp they could even scare a Jedi

From Geeky Daddy

Shuriken a ninja throwing star and just fun to say


Chairman Meow


From Uncle Josh


Please comment below with your suggestions!



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