Geeky Mommie’s Shopping Hacks for Saving Money

In Geeky Mommie’s free time (hahaha), she learned how to save a few extra bucks. And now, she’ll share them with you so you can also get cash back and save money.

Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.


Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is an affiliate that gives you cash back at various retailers. For example, this Black Friday has 10% cash back at various stores like Gap, Macy’s, Ulta and more, and 15% cash back at kate spade, Toms, Lands End and dozens of others.

If you add the Chrome extension, it allows you to “open a shopping trip” and activate the cash back. They’ll also add in known coupon codes (honestly, this feature is a little wonky) to save you even more money without having to search for the codes.

If you sign up using my affiliate link, we’ll both receive $40 cash back with a $40 purchase (as of this writing, it was $40 – sometimes this amount changes). They send you a check on demand or automatically every few months. GeekyDaddy is always happy to see the checks and doesn’t realize the bigger they are, the more Geeky Mommie probably spent!

Coupon Cabin

I stumbled upon this one because I wanted money back at a big box store and Rakuten didn’t have a discount at that store. These are typically a bonus for a certain amount of spend as opposed to a percentage cash back, although some offers are for cash back as well.

I opted for an Amazon gift card with my cash back of $24.46. You can also get cash back on digital gift card purchases (stay tuned for more of that next) and they have a Chrome extension and app to add cash back and/or coupon codes. They don’t have a referral code for friends, but you can sign up at

Discount Gift Card Sites

Let’s say you have a shopping cart filled at a store and have your cash back from Rakuten or CouponCabin? Well, you can save even more money and double dip! You can buy an eGift Card from sites like or

You can look up the name of the store and see if they have any discounts. They have physical cards, but I typically buy digital ones so I can use right at that moment.

So for example, at Gift Card Granny, an egift card from the Gap is 8% off. So let’s say I have $50 in my cart at the Gap. I can pay $46 for the card, and get my 10% cash back from Rakuten. So my $50 order (which also includes all the normal coupon codes – currently 50% off, plus an extra 10%) only cost me $41. So I’ve saved nearly 20% on top of the nearly 60% discount with just a few extra steps.

Some cards offer cash back as opposed to discounts (e.g. Apple, Walmart), but it’s great if you’re buying for someone else or want a couple of extra bucks.

If you want to try GiftCardGranny, we both get $5 if you use my referral code in the link.

Happy shopping! I’ll add more tips later (such as tracking the best prices for items) but need to do some major shopping since these kids keep growing and need more stuff!


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