8-Year-Old Wins National Mullet Championship

Jaxson Crossland, who has the perfect name to one day be a Texas high school quarterback, is the 8-year-old who won the USA Mullet Championship for the Children division!

“The contest has blown up with over 20,000 votes from all over the country,” USA Mullet Championships president Kevin Begola said in a statement. “During these tough times it’s important to have fun. This is exactly what 2020 needed!”

Jaxson used the $500 prize money to buy some boxing gear and classes.

credit: Zoe Shepherd (Jaxson’s mom) via CNN

But don’t worry about the title going to this 3rd grader’s head, he’s staying humble. When asked about signing autographs for is fans, he responded:

“I can’t give autographs right now, cause I don’t know cursive.”

Jaxson is not the first mullet champion to be crowned by Begola (who is out of Fenton Michigan which is not far from where I live), earlier this year, 28-year-old Brian “Big Country” Zuckschwerdt of Saginaw Michigan won “Best Mud Flap in Michigan!” with this 9 inch flowing lock!

Most ‘Murica Mullet Ever!

If you are curious, Zuckschwerdt did NOT use his prize money on boxing gear, but rather “PBR, fireworks and bad decisions.” Pure Michigan!

Last year I wrote about the Australia’s Mullet Festival and all those impressive hairdos from the land down under, but I gotta say, America just raised the bar!

Foster’s. Australia for Mullet

What you gonna do about it Australia!


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