White Castle Closing For 4 Hours On Election Day To Allow All Employees To Vote

America’s 2nd most favorite place to stop on the way home from the bar is helping its employees exercise their right to vote this Tuesday.

Sorry, at 2 AM Taco Bell will always be #1 in our hearts and bellies!

White Castle announced that it is closing all of its locations for four hours on Election Day to give employees a chance to vote.

The restaurants will be closed from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m Nov. 3rd. and employees who are scheduled to work Nov. 3 will get those hours as paid time off. Aside from Christmas, White Castles are normally open 24 hours a day.

“We have decided to start a new tradition. Starting this year and going forward, White Castle will give team members time to exercise their right to vote in presidential elections,” President and CEO Lisa Ingram said in a statement.

While White Castle may not be my favorite hamburger joint (at least not while sober), I do want to give the company props for taking care of their employees in this way as this topic hits close to home for me.

(When I had my small business, I normally needed to work 16 hours on election days and vote absentee to ensure all my warehouse personal and sales staff had the opportunity to make it to the polls.)

I think I’ll be getting some sliders and crinkle fries for lunch today to support White Castle.

Who knows, maybe I will even bump into Harold & Kumar.

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