Did The Door Just Swing Wide Open For Alcoholic Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze’s?

The rumor of Taco Bell dropping their exclusive Baja Blast Mountain Dew flavor has had the Mountain Dew community freaking out for a couple weeks now. Especially with this potentially bad news coming on the heels of all the other Taco Bell drive-thru influenced menu shake-ups this year.

But could this be paving the way for some Alcoholic Baja Blast goodness?

Taco Bell launched their exclusive tropical lime flavored Baja Blast Mountain Dew in 2004 and it was so successful that Taco Bell upped the ante with a Baja Blast Freeze in 2012.

Image: TacoBell.com

Unfortunately, according to multiple rumors (that Mountain Dew’s parent company PepsiCo won’t confirm), Taco Bell‘s exclusive contract with the popular Baja Blast is set to expire soon.

Fortunately, PepsiCo (also the parent company of Frito Lay, Doritos, Cheetos and other snack brands) recently partnered with the fully-liquor-licensed Buffalo Wild Wings to be their exclusive soft drink provider. The partnership opens doors for all sorts of new co-branded products.

This year we have already seen the introduction of Red Lobster’s New Mountain Dew Margarita (creatively titled the Dew-Garita).

With Buffalo Wild Wings, anything from “Dorito Crusted Boneless Wings” to “Cheetos Flavored Hot Sauce” are now on the table (all puns intended). As we have already reported, Limited Edition Mountain Dew Hot Sauce is already a thing!

Since this new partnership also provides access to Buffalo Wild Wings‘ stocked bar, could an alcoholic Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze really be that far away? Lets hope not!

Suddenly, despite the dystopia that has been 2020, I am excited for what the future holds!

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