A Power Wheels Demolition Derby! Yeah, That’s Right. A Power Wheels Demolition Derby!

What fills a ‘Car Dad’ with more pride than watching their little toddler competitively race around the yard in their Power Wheel?

Well, I guess if the toddler disassembled the Power Wheel and modded it out installing a turbo-charger, intakes and a 4″ exhaust. That would definitely be a proud Car Daddy moment!

But another proud ‘Car Dad’ moment would be having your toddler win a friggin’ Power Wheel Demolition Derby!

Sept 20th, 2020, at the Ray County Fairgrounds in Richmond Missouri

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A sensible parent (i.e Not Me) might look at this and say “That may not be a very safe idea!” and they may have a point.

At the same time, this is a whole lot safer than half the stuff my older brother and I did with our Roadmaster Red Wagon in the empty construction field behind our house!

Not actually us, I just giggle whenever I see this…

I’m sure the kids are wearing seatbelts and you can obviously see them wearing helmets and there are adult supervisors in close proximity.

Having said that, I can only imagine what kind of creative Beyond Thunder Dome awesomeness director Ian Pfaff could do in an environment like this! (For example: This is what he did with his kids’ Little Tykes Cozy Coupes.)

If I were going to sign up Lil’ G-Man or Lil’ Linc up for one of these derbies, I’d send them in with the WALMART EXCLUSIVE 24 Volt Thunder Tank Ride-On With Working Cannon and Rotating Turret!

But that’s just me…I cheat….

Would you allow your kids to participate in a Power Wheel Demolition Derby? Let me know in the comments below!

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