Top 5 Best Uncredited Sci-Fi Movie Cameos

A movie “cameo” is defined as a brief appearance or voice part of a well-known person in a work of the performing arts, such as Stan Lee in any Marvel movie or Brad Pitt in Deadpool II.

Occasionally these cameos are of real-life people, such as Elon Musk in Iron Man II or the actual Apollo 13 commander James Lovell in Apollo 13.

These cameos are generally credited but the sometimes when the appearance is more of a ‘fan service’, the role will go uncredited, such as Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder, which made my previous list of the Top 7 Uncredited Movie Performances.

Here are Geeky Daddy’s Top 5 Uncredited Sci-Fi Movie Cameos!

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5 StarCar (from The Last Star Fighter) in Back To The Future II

This might be kind of a stretch to classify as a “cameo” and more of an “Easter Egg.” (Hidden item or message meant for audiences to find)

R2-D2 and C3-PO ‘Easter Egg’ in Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Actually, it is probably more of a “re-using an existing prop for cost saving purposes.”

But whatever it was, I was such a fan of The Last Starfighter movie growing up that I remember jumping out of my movie theater seat when I saw the Starcar appear on the screen in Back To The Future II.

And who knows, maybe a young teenager was being recruited to fight off an alien invasion inside the malt shop.

4 Ray Stantz in Casper

I loved the first 2 Ghostbusters movies! I didn’t think the 2016 reboot was bad, I just didn’t think it was good either. There is just something iconic and magical about Dan Aykroyd delivering Dan Aykroyd written lines.

That magic simply wasn’t there in 2016’s Ghostbusters…or 1995’s Casper.

3 Pac-Man in Tron

This is a cameo (possibly ‘Easter Egg’) that I completely missed the first half dozen times I saw Tron and probably would never have noticed it without the help of the internet.

In this scene you can clearly see the classic ghost chomping (Ghostbusting?) video game character Pac-Man on the Master Control Program screen. You can even slightly hear the classic “wocha wocha” sound.

2 Wolverine in X-Men: First Class

Still probably the greatest use of an F-Bomb in PG-13 movie history.

Wolverine’s reaction to being awkwardly approached by 2 men at a bar might be the best in character moment from FOX’s X-men movie (Now branded Disney X-Men Legacy) history.

1 Nick Fury in Iron Man

This was probably the most important uncredited cameo in movie history in that it helped launch an entire friggin’ cinematic universe that grossed over $18.2 Billion in ticket sales ($22 Billion when including Sony’s Spider-Man movies)!

What Uncredited Sci-Fi Cameos do you think we missed on our list? Comment below!

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