Former Prison Guards Accused Of Forcing Inmates To Endure Hours Of “Baby Shark” As Punishment

Two former Oklahoma County detention officers are facing charges after being accused of punishing several inmates by forcing them to stand for extended periods of time and to listen to the popular children’s song “Baby Shark” loudly and repeatedly, according to court documents.

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I have a creative mind but even I couldn’t think up something that crazy!

(Admit it, you are already singing “do do do dododo da do”)

At least 4 inmates were the victims of this rather cruel and unusual punishment back in November and December 2019.

Former detention officers Christian Charles Miles and Gregory Cornell Butler Jr., along with their supervisor at the time, Christopher Raymond Hendershott, are charged with multiple counts, including cruelty to a prisoner, per court documents filed this past Monday.

Miles was interviewed and he confirmed that he and Butler systematically worked together to remove prisoners from their cells, handcuff them to bars (forcing them to remain in standing position) and crank the popular children’s song loudly on loop to “teach them a lesson.”

Apparently they felt that disciplinary action within the detention center was not working in correcting the inmates’ behavior.

No comment yet from Baby Shark copyright holder Pink Fong.

There is far more detailed information available at, but in short:

These 4 inmates were basically forced to endure a normal quarantine day with my toddler.


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