Top Golden Girls Themed Halloween Costumes And Accessories!

2020 is slowly oozing along and October is finally upon us which means a couple things:

Time to start seeing Pumpkin Spice everything in the store:

Han Solo season is nearly upon us:

And, best of all, Halloween costume shopping season is upon us!

Image Credit: Houston Chronicle

A couple years ago I created a list of some of the Golden Girls Gift Ideas You Never Knew Existed and it surprisingly became one of my most viewed post from that year!

So lets take our favorite geriatric foursome to a Halloween party with The Best Golden Girls Themed Halloween Costumes and Accessories! (Obviously this list will contain affiliate links)

1 The Golden Girls Complete Wig Set

When I think of the typical “old lady” haircut, my brain goes to the Q-Tip inspired white afro my grandmother used to sport. Basically, Sofia’s hairdo, where it looked the exact same walking out of the ‘beauty shop’ as it did when she walked in.

This is the perfect group costume to thank your 3 BFF’s for being a friend. Synthetic fibers mean these 4 easy to maintain Golden Girl Wigs will be able to be used over and over again. I’m just waiting for a bar near me to have another 80’s themed night.

2 Officially Licensed Blanche Costume

Sophia was always the funniest of the quartet, Rose the most wholesome and Dorothy…ummm…I’m trying to find a better term than ‘The Enforcer’ of the group, but Blanche was the girl you wanted to party with!

Well now you can party like the lively southern belle with this officially licensed Blanche costume!  This ensemble has it all, including Blanche’s jumpsuit, jacket, necklace, belt, & earrings! (Note Wig not included)

3 Sophia’s Handbag

Picture it! Sicily 1937! You just arrived to the Halloween party all dressed up in your officially licensed Golden Girls Sophia costume and you go to put your keys in your…Prada purse? I don’t think so. The devil is always in the details!

Enter the most important wicker accessory in cos-play history: Sophia’s Handbag!

Don’t miss your chance to complete your Sophia look. Grab this handbag and you can now throw out all of the quick-witted comebacks and sarcasm you want! Made from real wicker and cord, this purse gives you the look and feel you need to complete Sophia’s look!

4. Sophia: The Godmother T-Shirt

The patriarch of the geriatric foursome is undoubtably Sophia Petrillo, she could even intimidate Vito Corleone!

Wait…was that “intimidate” or “imitate”?…either way, it makes for a cool shirt in Mens or Womens!

I especially love the ever present cheesecake dripping in (what I assume to be) fruit topping and not blood.

Either way, never mess with a Sicilian!

5 Geeki Tikis The Golden Girls Ceramic Mugs

What better way to ‘thank someone for being a friend’ than by offering up a toast of your favorite adult beverage in one of these awesome Golden Girls Geeki Tiki mugs?

Made from a durable quality ceramic, each mug is designed to deliver stunning details while also being durable enough to quench your thirst round after round! 

Sure you could enjoy your adult beverages in the Golden Girls Wine Glasses or Golden Girls Shot Glasses, but the Golden Girls Geeki Tiki Mugs are just more fun (especially with tiny umbrellas!)

The set is also offered in 3 oz Muglets!

Whatever your Halloween plans are this year, have fun, stay safe and remember the best way to thank someone for being a friend is to NOT let them drink and drive.

Side Note: My favorite Golden Girls Merch will always be the car sun shield!


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