Updated: Winning Pepper Announced! Mtn Dew Hot Sauce Is On The Way!

Update: Per Yahoo, of the 3.800 votes, Habanero collected 37.4% of them and the victory!

If you are curious, Fatalii was the hottest option on the list and Habanero was the second hottest, ranking in at 200,000 Scoville heat units.

If 2020 were a condiment…

Mtn Dew has been expanding its product line into multiple verticals this year. We have already seen the introduction of the Dew-Garita: The first official Mtn Dew based alcoholic beverage (although I created quite a few unofficial ones in college).

Now enter Mtn Dew’s latest licensing promotion: Mtn Dew Hot Sauce!

Mountain Dew announced Monday that it has partnered with Cameroonian NBA All-star Joel Embiid and hot sauce retailer iBurn to develop a limited-edition Mountain Dew hot sauce.

In a poll launched on the brand’s Twitter Monday afternoon, Mountain Dew announced it was letting fans of the soda choose the base flavor for the concoction, with four heat options available — Peri-Peri, Fatalii, Habanero, and Datil. Out of the peppers on the list, Fatalii peppers are by and large the hottest peppers the company is offering, with Fatalii fruits coming in anywhere from 125,00 to 325,000 scoville units (SHU). In comparison, your avearage jalapeño hovers between 2,500 to 10,000 SHU.

Before you ask the obvious question: Yes, this is real life.

 iBurn owner James Beck, aka the Hot Sauce Boss, assured fans that it is real and they’re going to like the final product.

I am a huge Mtn Dew fan, but even I am like “ahhh….I don’t know about this one.”

Having said that, I can’t wait to try it! How about you?

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