Mountain Dew Margarita!?! I’m Off To Find The Nearest Red Lobster (Something I Never Thought I’d Say)!

2020 may be on the road to redemption after all!

The DEW Garita is the first official cocktail made with MTN DEW and will start rolling out at select Red Lobster locations this month (Please be Michigan…Oh please, oh please, oh please). It will be available at Red Lobster restaurants nationwide by the end of the year.

According to the press release, the carbonated cocktail is made to pair perfectly with Red Lobster’s popular cheddar bay biscuits. The release also says there are plans for other PepsiCo inspired drinks as well, but I honestly lost interest and stopped reading after the Friggin’ DEW Garita!

Along with the exclusive cocktail, other PepsiCo products will now be available at Red Lobster locations like Bubly sparkling water, LIFEWTR, and Tropicana drinks.

PepsiCo and Red Lobster may just turn out to be the Heroes the World needed for 2020!

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