Burger King’s ‘Chocolate Whopper’ Hits The Test Market!

In an effort to piss off both cardiologists and endocrinologists, Burger is testing a Chocolate Whopper!

The Chocolate Whopper involves a beef patty that’s been coated in chocolate, with candied syrup as the “ketchup” and candied/chocolate items made to mimic a Whopper’s traditional toppings (onions, pickles, tomato, etc.).

The fast food industry is no stranger to interesting marketing gimmicks. Who could forget the “Popeye’s Emotional Support Chicken”, the “KFC Scented Candle” or the infamous “50 Shades Of Grey Burger King Meal.”

However, in regard to this new Chocolate Whopper, just check the wonderful footage. If you listen closely, you can almost hear your arteries clogging

The above video is concept launch material from 2018. The final product will vary.

Now the bad news: The Chocolate Whopper is currently only being tested in Taiwan.

The launch tweet is smothered with translation fails, but here is the meat of it:

“#BurgerKing returns to Tainan today !

It’s crazy to attract a lot of people to line up before nine o’clock!
Come and taste the Tainan limited edition “HERSHEY’S Chocolate Huabao”
directly with chocolate sauce + peanut butter + roast beef, salty and sweet wonderful combination!!!

The sweetness of peanuts over the chocolate is unexpectedly delicious. It is worth coming to try it during the opening period. Whopper buy 1 get 1 free…”

Will The Chocolate Whopper (in some form) make its way to the United States? One can only hope so!

Stay tuned to Geeky Daddy’s Junk Food News for updates!

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