Forget The Cheetos Mac ‘N’ Cheese, Get Me The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Beer!

I have been hearing a lot this week about the new Cheetos branded Mac ‘N’ Cheese.

Soooo……what color is your poop afterwards?

But I have my eyes on the Forth Worth Texas brewery Martin House and their latest creation: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos beer!

Per the Martin House press release: The Fiery Crunchy Cheese Bois is a spicy sour ale with a healthy 5.2% alcohol by volume.

Unfortunately, their new creation is only available in their taproom for to-go purchases.

I did get lucky recently when a friend of mine in Australia hooked me up with some of the Australian exclusive Mountain Dew Energized Doritos!

So, I guess what I am saying is, who in the Fort Worth area wants to hook a Geeky Daddy up?

And, just to clarify, no one is saying you can’t combine the Cheetos Mac ‘N’ Cheese with Cheetos beer…

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